Sleep Apnea Oral Appliance Industry is Booming

Over the past three years, the sleep apnea oral appliance (OA) industry has appreciated significant gains.

A few small sleep apnea dental device makers have been acquired. Others have seen year over year increases in unit sales. New startups are trying to take advantage of the demand.

ResMed Corporation acquired Narval CC, which was the first CAD/CAM sleep apnea oral appliance. This year, a Canadian company, Panthera Dental, successfully FDA 510-K for their new CAD/CAM oral appliance, the D-SAD (Digital Sleep Apnea Device).

Mitsui Corporation, through its Whole You subsidiary acquired the Respire sleep apnea oral device.

Meanwhile, SomnoMed Corporation has seen steady increases in the sales of its SomnoDent series of ‘Continuous Open Airway Therapy’ products and sleep apnea devices.

With Medicare approval for reimbursement of OA’s, this sleep apnea treatment option has become very popular with dentists and businesses that cater to dentists.