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  • Ask The Sleep Doctor

    Ask The Sleep Doctor

    Dear Dr. Rosenberg, My eight-year-old son was recently diagnosed with sleep apnea and our pediatrician recommends an adenotonsillectomy. Our son has problems with behavior and is hyperactive. We were told […]

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    Nightmare or Night Terror?

    Waking up at night suddenly because of a bad dream can be terrifying. For many people, it is a nightmare, but for some, it’s a night terror. And if these […]

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    Night Terrors? Sleep Walking? Don’t Lose Sleep When Your Child Has These Common Sleep Complaints!

    What are parasomnias? Parasomnias are common sleep disruptions that can occur when a child is falling asleep or waking up.   Parasomnias occur at the transition of deep sleep and consciousness […]

  • Songs About Sleep

    Sleep is an important part of our popular culture. For centuries, people have included references to sleep in music. In order to provide a comprehensive database of ‘All Things Sleep’, […]

  • Dangerous Dreams: REM Sleep Behavior Disorder

    REM sleep is the stage of sleep when we have our most vivid dreams. Our bodies were ingeniously designed  to have “atonia,” or complete lack of muscle tone, during REM […]