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  • electronic devices, cell phones, and sleep

    Using Electronic Devices Decreases Sleep Quality

    In this technological society, most people love the comfort of their screens.  Devices are used at all hours of the day and night.  Who hasn’t crawled into bed with their […]

  • sleeping woman

    Late Bedtime May Exacerbate OCD Symptoms

    New research out of Binghamton University in New York found that people with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) who go to bed later have lower perceived control over their obsessive thoughts. […]

  • School students and Sleep

    Poor Academic Performance Linked to Irregular Sleeping Patterns

    In prior studies, scientists analyzed different variations of sleep patterns, including data on quality of sleep, sleep and wake times, as well as number of hours slept.  Evidence suggests that […]

  • sleeping woman

    Body Temperature, Sleep, and the Circadian Rhythm

    An early study published this week in Neurology, a journal of the American Academy of Neurology, showed that brain injury patients have fluctuating body temperatures that are directly related to […]

  • diabetes and sleep

    Depression Linked to Diabetics Who Prefer Later Sleep-Wake Times

    New research finds that type 2 diabetics who prefer evening activities and consider themselves night owls are more likely to have symptoms of depression than early birds.  This is true […]

  • sleep deprived

    What Happens to Us When We Don’t Get Enough Sleep

    Not getting enough sleep can leave us feeling tired and irritable the next day, but it can do more to us physically and mentally than we may realize. You have […]

  • circadian rhythm

    How to Adjust to Night Shift

    When we think of a full-time job, many of us think of a typical Monday through Friday, 9-5 schedule. But a lot of people don’t have this schedule. Millions of […]

  • Gender and Sleep

    Gender and Sleep

    The Biological Sleep Clock Differs in Men and Women A new study published in the journal, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), September issue, has found that women […]

  • circadian rhythm

    Sleep Loss and Circadian Clock Have Different Effects on Brain Regions

    New research has emerged that maps the effects the circadian clock has on different regions of the brain.  The new study shows: How the brain can keep up performance throughout […]

  • Strengthening Circadian Rhythms through Mapping of Neural Networks

    Most people feel groggy after hopping time zones.  This is the body’s response to the temporary mismatch between the new local time and the body’s natural 24-hour circadian rhythm.  This […]