Traumatic Brain Injury Recovery Related to Better Sleep

Sleep and brain

Many traumatic brain injury (TBI) patients also experience sleep disturbances, especially with regard to their sleep-wake cycle.  New research reports that these two conditions should be treated simultaneously for optimum recovery.  These findings are published in the online journal, Neurology, from the American Academy of Neurology. One of the lead authors of the study, Nadia Gosselin, PhD, from the University… More →

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Why is Sleep Important?

Falling asleep and in a deep sleep

Why do we sleep? Why is it important? Sleep is essential for survival, and many of us could use a little more. While the precise function of sleep is not entirely understood, researchers have several theories why it’s so critical for our well-being. What Happens During Sleep? Every night you leave wakeful consciousness and descend into a state of sleep.… More →

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Top 10 Sleep Tips – How to sleep better

Top 10 Sleep Tips – How to sleep better Keep a regular bedtime – go to bed at the same time. More important than #1, wake up at the same time each morning. Don’t read in bed or watch T.V. in bed Avoid alcohol and coffee after 4 pm. Get brisk morning exercise No phones or gadgets in the bedroom… More →

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