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Snоrіng іѕ caused by the vibration of the ѕоft tіѕѕuеѕ in the back of the mouth thаt occurs as a rеѕult of a partial оbѕtruсtіоn оf the airway. It is often secondary tо thе movement of the ѕоft tіѕѕuеѕ of thе palate, uvulа, tongue аnd tоnѕіlѕ relaxing durіng ѕlеер.

The Zyppah anti-snoring mouthpiece utilizes a unique tongue stabilizing feature. Like most stop snoring mouthpieces, the Zyppah works by moving the lower jaw forward. This process creates a larger airway which reduces air resistance, turbulence, and snoring.

The name ‘Zyppah’ is ‘Happy Z’ spelled backwards. Zyppah was created by a dentist and is cleared by the FDA for snoring. Like other snoring devices, Zyppah is worn at nighttime. It comes in one size and fits most mouths because it is a ‘boil and bite’ device. By heating the oral device, the thermoplastic becomes compliant and allows the teeth to create an impression. This mold fits the individual and is less likely to become displaced during sleep. It also comes in several color combinations.

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How is Zyppah Different From Other Snoring Devices?

Zyppah has the tongue strap which aims to keep the tongue down, or from sliding to the back of the throat. The tongue plays a significant, but not exclusive, role in snoring. 

The Zyppah snoring mouthpiece is not adjustable. It stays fixed in one position. Zyppah devices do not articulate at the posterior joint – this means that when your mouth opens, the device does not open with it. It only works when your mouth is closed.

This brand of devices comes in a few different color combinations aimed at different populations. At the time of this publication, there was no white or clear version of the snoring device. Zyppah also comes in the Zyppah Pro version which has several models that resemble other professionally made sleep apnea oral appliances. However, a key difference is that the Zyppah Pro devices contain the same tongue retaining strap as the regular Zyppah snoring mouthpiece.

Zyppah is a trademark owned by Zyppah and is not affiliated with American Sleep Association.

There are many options available to help with snoring.  To learn more and research, visit Sleep Association’s reviews of anti-snoring devices and mouth guards

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35 thoughts on “Zyppah Snoring Mouthpiece

  1. Kelly Reply

    After reading all the previous reviews I have decided to throw in my two cents worth. Yes, it’s not for everyone, but I have had great success with it. My husband was becoming concerned that I had sleep apnea as I snored a lot and sometimes quit breathing for a few seconds or until he woke me up. I did the sleep study but did not qualify for a CPAP (which was fine with me). My doctor said a mouth guard may help, so I talked to my dentist who said it would cost around $500 and check with my insurance. The insurance would cover a mouthguard but it required an oral surgeon to make the device. After calling about 5 or 6 oral surgeons in my area I found there was no such thing as an oral surgeon that makes mouth guards. So I stumbled across an ad for ZYPPAH, read the reviews on the website and figured it was worth a try for $100 since I wasn’t having any luck any other way. I have been very happy with it. Yes, it’s not the most comfortable thing in the world, but you get used to it, yes there is a tendency to drool, yes it takes some getting used to having the band across the tongue. I would not recommend it if you have a sensitive gag reflex. I don’t use it every night – only when my husband wakes me up and tells me I need it, but it works when I do use it. It’s worth the $100 and I’m planning to order a second one to have waiting when the first one wears out.

  2. Stephanie Mancina Reply

    My ENT recommended I get a Zyppah to wear at night saying I wouldn’t wake up as much throughout the night because I’d getting more air. Unfortunately I wake up MORE wearing the Zyppah because my mouth dries up constantly causing me to wake up to take it out and drink water. I’m thoroughly dissatisfied with the Zyppah.

  3. Jamie Reply

    If you’re ok with not snoring, and waking up in pain, or jacked up teeth, this is for you. Having had perfectly straight teeth, I’ve used the Zyppah, and now my bottom teeth are starting to turn and lose its shape.

  4. Joseph M Nabywaniec Reply

    Your better off sticking a piece of dogshit in your mouth. Its an absolute scam. Go buy a $10 mouth piece at cvs

  5. RP Reply

    I have to say, I tried using other anti-snoring devices and found Zyppah worked for me. The very first night I used it worked. However, I did wake up a few times to find my mouth was completely dry. In addition, when I removed the device in the morning, my TM joint was in pain. The pain did subside after a few minutes. My teeth felt a little sore as well. As I have been using for over 3 weeks now, no snoring at all, some discomfort in TM joint on left side and soreness in teeth. I still think it works and will continue to use. I did contact customer service via Facebook chat and email and they did respond to my questions after a few days.

    • Gloria Reply

      I’m experiencing tooth soreness as well. Is it worth continuing with the Zyppah?

  6. Bill B. Reply

    I bought one a few weeks ago, unfortunately it didn’t fit well. Now I’m trying to contact costumer service to get refund. They are ignoring my emails. No answer on phone calls, can’t leave a message cuz it’s full. Be ready if something go wrong. Unreal to reach them.

  7. Ernie S. Reply

    Please do not order this product, the customer service is the worst I have experienced and they DO NOT return any emails or phone calls after numerous attempts. I wish there was a way to report them.

  8. Paul Reply

    Zyppah works for me. The tongue strap took some time to get used to. I would wear the device a few minutes during the day to get used to it. The first couple of nights I took it out in the middle of the night. Now there are no issues at all. Sometimes my lower jaw slips slightly out of the mouth piece but the tongue strap still keeps me from snoring. I don’t think a device without the tongue strap would work for me.

  9. Kevin Reply

    They are lying con artists. I tried to return it 40 days into the 90 day period and they ignored me. When I finally got a response, several months later, they said I was outside of the return period. I provided documentation of the numerous emails sent to them and they have yet to reply. They are complete liars and shysters. Do not make the same mistake I made.

  10. Michael J Hargrove Reply

    Do not purchase this unit they have the worst customer service ever I purchased and have been trying to return because it don’t fit and they will not respond to me

  11. Tom Reply

    I ordered a Zyppah on June 3rd. I finally received it 7 weeks later. There was now way it would fit in my mouth. Even worse, if you have even the slightest gag reflex, that strap that is supposed to hold down your tongue down will make you gag in the worst way. So they sent me a return authorization and I sent it back that day. 8 weeks later, no refund. BUYER BEWARE!!! Terrible service.

  12. Heather Reply

    Dangerous product. Pieces of plastic broke off in my mouth while I was sleeping. Customer service is a joke. The phone number is not in service and the email response I received stated that they don’t have access to my purchase information because it is with another company. They must sell customer information.

  13. Rob Reply

    DO NOT purchase this product. It does not work and irritates your teeth and gums. AND they DO NOT stand behind their product. Sent back within the 90 days and a month later still no refund. BEWARE

  14. Jesse Reply

    Zyppah is one of the worst products, you spend a hundred bucks for a product to keep falling and not even being able to serve its purpose. What a waste

  15. Sherri Pedoto Reply

    I used Zyppah for a couple of years to help with my snoring. During a routine visit to my dentist, it was discovered that my bite had shifted so much that my rear teeth no longer were meeting and my front teeth were hitting each other so much that they were all loose. This discovery lead to my starting $5000 worth of orthodontia work to correct the problem. Prior to starting with the Zyppah, my bite was fine. Buyer BEWARE.

  16. Adam Reply

    How the hell can you sleep with this thing in… The strap makes it impossible to swallow so my mouth fills with spit until it drools or I take the piece out nearly choking and gagging … Wtf …. First night with this and obviously I can’t sleep or I wouldn’t be writing a complaint on this review page at 2 am …. Not happy not even a little bit … Is everything bought and sold online bullshit nowadays ????

  17. Patricia Reply

    My husband bought me a Zyppah to stop snoring, but the tongue strap makes me gag as soon as I put it in my mouth. I keep trying , but almost throw up right away. Also there’s $20 devices that work much better. This was an expensive experiment.

  18. Tim Dupler Reply

    I tried the Zyppah and agree that the reviews are clearly internally hyped. Not only does the product cause you to drool, it keeps your mouth open so your mouth dries out inside causing you to wake up and have to drink water and moisten the inside of your mouth. Not a realistic sleeping product.

  19. Nelson Reply

    I’ve had the Zyppah for over 2 years and so far so good, takes some getting used to in the beginning but the device works.

  20. Steve Reply

    My wife got me a zyppah to cut down on snoring for a cruise we just went on. It worked, but I found myself handling it a lot.

  21. Cory Reply

    Used PureSleep mouthpiece for a few years and it worked pretty well. Thought I’d try the ZYPPAH because of the tongue strap. The moving the jaw slightly forward is basically the same with both devices. However, the tongue strap does help even more for me (my wife says I would sometimes snore even with the PureSleep, but now I don’t at all unless really congested or it falls out). Tongue strap does take some getting used to and can make you want to gag until you figure out how to relax. Both devices will make your teeth and jaw sore at first since you basically have a mouthpiece in your mouth all night. If you’ve ever had braces you understand the soreness and that it goes away eventually (not quickly, but it does go away after a month or two). The results have been great for me. I’m just about to order my second ZYPPAH because I now like the tongue strap better and the profile is better too (I can more easily close my lips over the mouthpiece without it feeling like I’m stretching my lips over a giant mouthpiece). You do need to reorder periodically just because although you brush them every morning, they get a chalky look to them over time.

  22. Jeffrey9 Reply

    Zyppah does have a somewhat unique look to it with the horizontal strap thingy. I wonder how much quiter snoring is with that

  23. Susan Reply

    My Husband used his Zyppah last night for first time and had it on all night. Sadly, he continued to snore ALL night long! I was so disappointed I recorded him snoring on my cell phone so I could show him and let him hear that it didn’t work at all. We were both disappointed. We take turns sleeping on the sofa in the loft. I have to close the bedroom door he snores so loud you can hear him through the whole house. I don’t know what his problem is. But not only does he snore LOUD but he also breathes so fast. Even when he is not snoring he is breathing like he is running a marathon all night long! Something not right.

    • Darlene C Reply

      You need to get your husband to a sleep specialist – but first to an ENT- he not only has sleep apnea, but also may have a deviated septum. Either way, get him to the doctor soon.

  24. Donald Gross Reply

    I’ve successfully used Zyppah for 3 years. Reordered twice and while the product works at stopping my snoring, there could be a couple improvements. 1. The jaw of the piece should be tapered to match a jaw and 2. Recently I’ve developed a percent line on my tongue and have very raw inside lips and cheeks, sensitive to all spice, pepper, soda.
    The product really works well for me otherwise.

  25. Jay Reply

    I researched and researched and researched the Zyppah and never found anyone with anything negative to say about it. Was so excited. Then I got it, and it’s so big that it makes me gag. I can’t have it in my mouth for more than 5-10 seconds without feeling like I’m going to throw up. I didn’t read that anywhere on a review. How on earth can I be the only person to have this problem? Inquiring minds want to know….

    • Andy Reply

      Was the opposite for me, not wide enough. if I had one side in line with my teeth, the other side only made it about halfway over my teeth on the other side. Would be nice if they had sizes.

  26. Chet Desmond Reply

    It would be nice if this device was comfortable and helped with Sleep Apnea. But it’s not indicated for sleep apnea therapy. That’s as important in stopping snoring.

  27. Renita Coleman Reply

    I found the Zyppah too uncomfortable to sleep with. Their reviews are nothing but glowing; they did not”approve” my review. So you are not getting a reflection of reality. It made my jaw sore, teeth hurt, and never stopped drooling. It says to take it out and put back in if drooling. How can you sleep doing that? I saw another review that says not for use with crowns or bridges, which I have. They never mentioned that.

  28. David Sherwin Peterson Reply

    I have been told by one of my patients who has been using your device with success, that you need a Utah or Wyoming go to guy. I am interested. I have practices in both states. I am licensed in Utah, Wyoming and California.

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