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Whole You is a healthcare business owned by Mitsui Chemicals corporation of Japan. Whole you recently entered the sleep apnea market by acquiring Respire Medical, which a sleep apnea oral appliance company in the United States.

whole you respire medical appliance
Whole You Respire Medical sleep apnea appliance

Respire Medical,  a sleep apnea oral appliance dental device company located in the U.S. offers the Respire Blue Series, Respire Pink Series and Respire Daytime Devices.  They also manufacture TMJ devices.

How Does the Whole You Sleep Apnea Device Work?

Whole You sleep apnea appliances work by moving the mandible forward. This optimizes the airway space which can eliminate snoring and sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea oral appliance therapy (OAT) like the Whole You, Mitsui and Respire Medical devices are often used as alternatives to continuous positive airway pressure and ENT surgery. It is used in addition to weight loss in overweight and obese patients.

The sleep apnea mouth guards are indicated in the treatment of sleep apnea in individuals who have mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea.

Sleep physicians usually order a sleep apnea study prior to use of an oral appliance (including the Whole You devices) in order to make a diagnosis, and also after the oral appliance is used to determine efficacy.

Treatment of sleep apnea using oral appliances like the Whole You sleep apnea devices should only by used under the advise and management of qualified doctors and dental providers.

Respire, WholeYou and Mitsuit  are trademarks of Mitsui Chemicals Corporation and is not affiliated with this website.

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