SomnoDent is the name of SomnoMed’s sleep apnea dental device product line.

The SomnoDent product line consists of the Flex, Fusion, G2, Classic, Herbst, Herbst Advance, and Air.  These devices are FDA 510k cleared sleep apnea and snoring treatment devices.

Sleep apnea oral devices like SomnoDent work by moving the lower jaw forward.

Continuous Open Airway Therapy SomnoDent

SomnoDent devices are made of an acrylic-like substance that is formed by taking an impression of the patient’s teeth. Usually, this is done in a dentist’s office with a bite impression kit. The bite impression kit is inserted into the patient’s mouth. After the bite impression is complete, it is sent to a dental laboratory that pours  plaster into the impression and makes a mold of the teeth. This is used as the foundation in which the oral appliance is made around.

Sleep apnea dental device therapy is often used as an alternative sleep apnea treatment to other sleep apnea treatments.

Sleep apnea devices like SomnoDent are usually created by a dentist and dental lab in conjunction with a physician. Sleep dentists have experience working with sleep apnea oral appliances and customizing dental sleep apnea treatment based on the individual’s medical and dental history.

SomnoMed SomnoDent - Continuous Open Airway Therapy COAT
SomnoMed SomnoDent Sleep Apnea Oral Appliance

Patient comfort – Eighty eight percent of users reported regular use of this oral device –  Patients are able to move mouth open and close with oral appliance in place, as well as talk.

Clinically Proven – Fifteen scientific studies have demonstrated the oral appliance clinical benefits. Ninety one percent of patients stated improvement in sleep quality with the SomnoDent.

Sleep apnea oral appliances and dental devices are approved medical treatment options for mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea. They are also considered for treatment of OSA patients with severe sleep apnea who are unable to tolerate CPAP.

Some of the side effects of sleep apnea dental devices include TMJ discomfort, tooth shifting, and tooth discomfort. Treatment for sleep apnea with SomnoDent, and other oral sleep apnea therapies should be coordinated with a physician and dentist.

SomnoMed has delivered over 200,000 SomnoDent sleep apnea oral appliance devices worldwide. They market the product under ‘Continuous Open Airway Therapy – COAT‘.

SomnoDent is a sleep apnea oral appliance dental device for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea owned by SomnoMed.

SomnoMed, SomnoDent, and Continuous Open Airway Therapy are trademarks of SomnoMed and is not affiliated with this website.

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8 thoughts on “SomnoDent

  1. Marian Reply

    With the use of this device for which I paid $3300.00, my TMJ became very painful and the plastic strap popped out of the little groove every night. Eve with the realignment device my teeth did not realign.

  2. Michelle D O'Connor Reply

    I have had some success with reduced snoring so that my husband doesn’t leave the room at night. At the same time, I am getting soreness in my right jaw and have developed a clacking of my teeth. I already had teeth grinding but have been told that now I sound like a typewriter. The clacking starts almost as soon as I try to go to sleep.

  3. Dean Reply

    I had to stop using this device because my jaw became misaligned and teeth shifted. No matter how long or hard I used the re-alignment tool my issues grew worse. I’m now looking at braces to fix the problem… for 6k. I’m happy for those that can use it but if it doesn’t work then you get left with expensive and painful problems no one wants to be accountable for.

  4. sheila duffy Reply

    had a very bad experience with this appliance…it was so obtrusive that it made my sleep worse-i developed a severe tinnitus in my left ear due to the appliance after wearing it for a month. i wish there was a venue for letting people know that this is a problem before they purchase the appliance-am hoping that people will read this review. although my dentist refunded his fees, somnodent refused to refund any of their fee ($650). if 80% of patients report it is helpful, then what about the other 20%?

    • Walt Reply

      The appliance was effective in reducing my snoring.

      However, I had two issues with it and decided to stop using it.

      Issue 1 (maybe caused by the device, not sure)

      I developed tinnitus while using this product. After using the appliance for about 12 months, I woke up with very pronounced bi-lateral tinnitus one morning. I stopped using the appliance. The level of the tinnitus was loud for about 8 months. Eventually, the volume went down be never went away. It has been 6 years.

      Issue 2:

      My molars shifted. There is now a large gap between my molars and the teeth next to them. One can insert, say, a toothpick between them. The issue with this is food frequently gets caught in the gap.



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