Snore Guard

Snore Guard

Snore Guard, an oral appliance easily assembled at chair side, comprises a structure shaped to conform to the upper dental arch of the user and to create a ramp behind the lower anteriors. This ramp prevents the user”s jaw from receding; in addition, the tongue seeks an opening between the upper and lower portion of the Snore Guard, thus keeping the air passage of the throat open.

It is made of two polycarbonate thermoplastics fused together under high pressure. This unique combination of materials allows stability of the unit while providing ease of wear and insertion.

Snore Guard has been marketed since 1989 with a 95% reported success rate for reducing snoring. Snore Guard’s design allows the user to breathe orally while promoting nasal breathing. It also permits lateral movement of the mandible.

FDA Approval: Approved for Snoring
Date of FDA Approval: April 14, 1989
FDA Registration Number: K882303

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  1. Cheryl Farkas Reply

    I need a Mandibular Divice. Last dentist referred me Snore Guard, but I can’t afford $800, that was 7 years ago, still need one, still can’t afford it. Any assistance available? Insurance you will take? Please contact me.
    Kind Regards,

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