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Summary: What is a sleep dentist? What are the treatments that a sleep dentist uses for sleep apnea? Info on oral appliances and dental devices. 

A sleep dentist is dental professional who specializes in the treatment of sleep apnea with oral appliances and other dental devices.

Generally, a sleep apnea dentist works with other physicians to diagnose and treat patients with sleep apnea.

First, the patient usually presents to a family doctor with symptoms - like snoring, daytime sleepiness, gasping during sleep, and witnesses pauses in breathing during the night. The family doctor often will refer the patient to a sleep doctor, or directly for a sleep study or home sleep test.

Once the diagnosis of sleep apnea has been established, the patient may be referred for treatment with a sleep apnea oral appliance. These dental devices are made by professionals who have training in sleep dentistry. These devices resemble night guards - snoring mouthpieces or mouth guards.

The sleep dentist usually takes a bite impression with a dental tray that fits in the mouth. The patient bites down into the putty which makes teeth impression. This impression kit is then sent to a dental lab which fabricates the sleep apnea oral device.

The sleep dentistry professional will then assess the position and fit of the dental device. Often the patient will repeat the sleep study with the oral appliance to determine its efficacy.
To find a sleep dentistry professional through American Sleep Association, visit the sleep apnea oral appliance information pages.



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4 comments on “Sleep Dentistry”

  1. I have central apnea episodes also. Would this device work as well? Your company is in Utah, I live in Washington—how would I be able to receive treatment?

  2. I greatly appreciate your detailed explanation of the sleep apnea consultation process and how appliances can help with treatment. It's been apparent to my family that my mild snoring problems are getting worse, and I had to do something about it before it starts becoming more irritating for them. Now that I know how consultation goes, I know what to expect when I see a dentist and get them to help me with my sleep apnea problems.

  3. It's interesting to know that a simple molding process would be needed in order to make a personalized mouthpiece for me to use in my sleep. My partner has been tell me me lately that he's been hearing me grind my teeth when I am asleep. Maybe I should cancel my shopping plans this weekend and go to a sleep dentist instead.

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