Silent Nite

The Silent Nite appliance is prescribed by more dentists for the initial treatment of snoring. Persons with mild sleep apnea also may be treated when surgical and other medical treatments are ineffective or not desired. A soft/hard frame material is available for increased

patient comfort.FDA Approval: Approved for Snoring and OSA

Date of FDA Approval: September 18, 1997

FDA Registration Number: K972424







Silent Nite sl is a registered trademark of Innovative Health Technologies (NZ) Limited and is not affiliated with this website.

5 thoughts on “Silent Nite

  1. Susan Daly Reply

    I put in my silent night device for the first time and it hurts so bad on my upper teeth, I just had to pull it right out.

    • Kely Reply

      Mine is extremely tight also. I was able to wear it for a couple hours. It seemed to cause me to have a dry mouth. For that reason I removed it after a couple hours.

  2. Linda Reply

    How much does the silent night appliance cost? My dentist quoted me a price and I want to verify. I have a medicare advantage insurance with Scripps/SCAN. The CPAP has not worked out for me, due to its negative on my eyes.

  3. Lorrie Brown Reply

    I just received my appliance yesterday. I used it last night and I feel like I acutally rested. I have been diagnosed with severe apnea as well, however, the whole thing is to make certain your airway stays open so that you can breathe without any problem or snoring.

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