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The aveoTSD (TONGUE STABILIZING DEVICE ) anti-snoring aid was developed following several years of clinical research in the treatment of SNORING and OBSTRUCTIVE SLEEP APNOEA (OSA).The aveoTSD is made from a soft medical silicone for comfort and works by holding the tongue forward by gentle suction preventing it from falling back against the back of the throat , keeping the airway open during sleep .Unlike oral dental devices , the aveoTSD does not attach to the teeth, and does not require specialist fitting by a dental professional. For maximum compliance this device is best suited for use with consultation by a medical doctor or dental professional.The aveoTSD is a non-adjustable universal device that is the most cost effective and simple to use. Approved by the F.D.A in the U.S.A as a medical device .
Clinical trials have found that the aveoTSD anti-snoring aid is very effective in the treatment of SNORING and OBSTRUCTIVE SLEEP APNOEA (OSA) , enriching you and your partners life through reduced sleep disturbances , allowing deep restorative sleep.Complete Wellness now requires sleep awareness to be understood at the same level as exercise and diet.AVAILABILITY – PLEASE CONTACT THE MANUFACTURER AS THE UNIT IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA IS BY PRESCRIPTION ONLY PER FDA REGULATIONS. IN OTHER COUNTRIES THE aveoTSD WILL BE AVAILABLE VIA HEALTH PROFESSIONAL”S TO ENSURE COMPLIANCE AND EFFICACY ALONG WITH OTHER HEALTH REQUIREMENTSFDA Approval: Currently FDA approved for snoring. OSA approval subject to ongoing randomized crossover clinical trials, initiated on indicative efficacy during pilot studies.
Date of FDA Approval: Dec., 1999
FDA Registration Number: K993381


AveoTSD is a registered trademark of AveoTST and is not affiliated with this website.

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