What Is A Chin Strap

An anti snoring chin strap is a device normally made from a flexible fabric or neoprene type material that is placed under your chin and wraps over your head, supporting your chin and essentially keeping your mouth closed whilst you sleep.

DISCLAIMER: There is little research that evaluates efficacy of chin straps

How Does A Snoring Chin Strap Work

Anti Snoring Chin StrapsIn theory, it works by supporting your chin during sleep, which in turn keeps your mouth closed. This prevents air from traveling to and from your throat and over the tongue and soft palate, therefore minimizing the rapid flapping of that is the primary cause of the sound that snorers make.

If you are a nose snorer then a chin strap may not be the ideal choice for you as, by design, it primarily works best for mouth snorers.

Are There Different Kinds

The principle for all these type of devices is the same and there are minor refinements form a design perspective, they are indeed similar. The primary difference lies in the ability to adjust to fit your head and face to maximize comfort which most do, or some brands offer small, regular and large sizes.

Most come with a minimum 30 Day Warranty and many have a 90+ Day Warranty and some even offer a Money Back Guarantee (but check the small print).

Recommended Products

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Adjustable CPAP Chinstrap

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Universal Chin Strap

Universal CPAP Chin Strap

Which Are The Best Snoring Chin Straps

Our research has identified over 100 different types and brands, and no particular one stands out as having a unique approach, design or benefit ahead of the rest. Finding the best “fit” for you is somewhat of a trial and error exercise, however here is a short list of products .

  • PREMIUM Anti Snore Chin Strap by ZARU
  • Smartech Smart Sleep
  • Anti Snoring Chin Strap & Anti Snoring Vent by Searick.
  • SnoreShield Aid
  • NatraCure Anti-Snoring
  • Gideon Adjustable
  • CareFusion Puresom
  • SleepWell Pro
  • My Snoring Solution Anti Snoring Stop Snoring Jaw Strap Chin Supporter

What Are The Advantages Of These Devices

Chin straps are non invasive. The don’t need to be inserted into your mouth like MAD’s or TSD’s (link) which can be uncomfortable for many. This also minimize potential issues with tooth pain and jaw discomfort and makes a chin strap an ideal solution for people with dentures. They are easy to keep clean and easily stored when not in use and they are probably the longest lasting non-clinical device.

And The Disadvantages

You may have difficulty breathing through your mouth whilst sleeping with a chin strap.  If you are truly seeking a long term snoring solution, be prepared to invest a bit more to have the reassurance that it was not the quality of the product that affected the result.

And just one more thing to consider – if you do ever have a cold or blocked nasal passages then a chin strap will become hard to use; it closes your mouth while sleeping which means you have to breathe through your nose – and if you can’t then you will have to take the strap off, and temporarily return to snoring.

Will An Anti Snoring Chin Strap Work For Me

If you are a Mouth Snorer then there is a chance that you will gain some benefit from a device like this. The depth of research is limited however this study – https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2556917/ – in 2007 demonstrated some good outcomes, albeit from a relatively small sample. Other studies have demonstrated no positive effect on snoring or sleep disordered breathing.

How Long Will It Last

Today’s manufacturers produce chin straps from very reliable materials such as Neoprene or Lycra. These are hardy materials that are washable and colour safe. We would expect that a quality brand would last more than a year, but we would recommend replacement at least every two years.

Can I Use A Chin Strap In Conjunction With Other Treatments Or Devices

Yes, and many people use a chin strap in conjunction with other devices including CPAP and BIPAP machines and medications such as nasal sprays. There is also some community feedback that confirms that a chin strap can also be effectively used together with an MAD or Mandibular Advancement Device.

Are There Any Side Effects

As with any device that restricts movement, there are likely to be minor levels of discomfort whilst you get used to the product. Some users report a mild stiff feeling in the jaw for the first few nights or mornings. Interestingly, some people with a night time teeth grinding habit report that a chin strap minimizes their experience.

Not so much a side effect, but something to know is that if you are a mouth breather because of nasal polyps, a deviated septum, sinus issues or you have a significant nose injury then a chin strap would not be a good solution for you.

What If Snoring Persists

Unfortunately there is no promise that Snoring Chin Straps will fix your snoring issues. Chin straps won’t work for everyone, especially if your snoring occurs in conjunction with other health issues. But for Mouth Snorers in particular, they can be quite effective. Correct adjustment and fitting is essential and bi-annual replacement is recommended. Bear in mind that other factors can also influence snoring such as a change in weight or increase in alcohol consumption. Take these into consideration if your chin strap starts to be less effective. These devices are not intended to treat sleep apnea.

If your Chin Strap does not help you stop snoring, or stops helping, it is time to consider other anti-snoring options like stop snoring devices and mouthpieces, snoring surgery and other snoring remedies.

In Summary

Anti snoring chin straps may be an option as a snoring solution, and for Mouth Snorers it might be effective. They are an economical option. However, research is conflicting with some studies showing no benefit.

It is really important to talk with your physician as you explore anti snoring devices; sometimes snoring can indicate other health issues that only an experienced medical professional can identify and resolve.

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