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Sleep Diagnostic Equipment

Below is a list and directory of sleep diagnostic equipment systems that is used for the evaluation and treatment of patients with sleep disorders.

Generally, there are two categories of sleep diagnostic equipment - In-laboratory diagnostic equipment, also call polysomnograph, and home sleep testing units.

In-Lab sleep systems may be used to evaluate many sleep disorders.

In-Home sleep Test (HST) units for home sleep study are primarily used for the diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea. Learn More


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By Manufacturer:

Philips Respironics

  • Alice 6 LDx
  • Alice 6 LDE
  • Sleepware G3
  • Sleep Diagnostic Somnolyzer 24x7 Scoring Solution
  • Alice NightOne
  • Alice PDx
  • RUSleeping RTS
  • StarDust II

Grass Technologies by Natus

  • Comet-Plus XL
    Comet-Plus Portable PSG
  • Comet PSG
  • TWin PSG Software


  • Embla Sleep Diagnostics
    • N7000 PSG
    • S4500 Amplifier
    • Embletta
    • Embla ST HST
    • Sandman
    • RemLogic
  • Schwarzer PSG
  • Stellate Harmonie Viewer
  • Xltek Trex HD Home Sleep


  • ApneaLink HST


  • SleepView - Type III
  • Sleepview Direct
  • SleepScout - Type III
  • Sapphire - Type I
  • Sleep Study Scoring Software

CareFusion BD

  • SomnoStar z4

Braebon Medical

  • MediByte
  • MediByte Junior


  • Grael HD-PSG
  • Profusion Sleep Softward
  • Profusion NeXus LMS
  • Somte PSG


  • Easy III PSG
  • Easy Ambulatory PSG


  • WatchPat

Nihon Kohden

  • Nomad Type III home sleep apnea testing
  • Polysmith


  • Somnoscreen plus
  • SomnoTouch HST

Advanced Brain Monitoring

  • Sleep Profiler Sleep Monitor
  • Sleep Profiler PSG2 Type 2 Home Sleep Test
  • Night Shift Sleep Positioner

American Sleep Association is not affiliated with any of the sleep diagnostic equipment manufacturers listed - other than for marketing and educational purposes.


Philips Better Sleep Program


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9 comments on “Sleep Diagnostic Equipment”

  1. I was given a Home study for sleep apnea in July 2020 by my EP/Cardiologist because I have AFIB--and OSA can be a cause/effect of AFIB. My Ep did not tell me that the results would be sent to a Cardiologist specializing in Sleep disorders--and I got a phone call-- out of the blue-- from an office I was not aware of telling me they were calling to schedule my CPAP fitting@!! I was shocked--and said, I have not even yet received a diagnosis. So, it was explained that this was the office of the Cardio/Sleep Dr. and I should come in for an appointment to receive my results. The results indicated I had severe OAS-- at 52 episodes an hour!! It also indicated that I sleep in a supine position 50% of the time!! I know I DO NOT sleep in a supine position--I sleep prone and have always. So, I just felt they had mixed up the results of my test with someone else!1 subsequently I went to a different reknown Sleep ENT and after a (failed-because I couldn't sleep enough) in lab test--followed by their At Home test, he determined that I do NOT have OAS! This has been such a alarming journey-- and I will see my EP on Thursday to convey the new results--during my semi-annual appointment. I would like more professionals to be aware that the results an get mixed up-- How?? I don't know-- but those results were definitely Not Mine. There should be some discussions of this problem on this website. Thank you for reading and replying.

  2. I need to know whether the Philips Pdx is registered/Authorized for pediatric use?
    This information isn't on the Philips website or Pdx manual.

  3. Good Morning,
    Our practice is considering administering Home Sleep Studies. Can you please provide me with pricing (per unit) of the best/easiest machine you have?

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