7 Best Sleep Apps for iPhone & Android

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in 3 American adults do not get enough sleep. Between work, family responsibilities, and everyday chores, sleep may take a back seat. Lucky for us, there are ways you can be proactive without making huge life changes. 

Sleep apps are a growing trend in today’s society and they all work to help you fall asleep, stay asleep, and monitor your sleep patterns. Some of the sleep apps use methods like colors and images, calming music, and nature sounds to soothe you. Others use white noise, hypnotic techniques, and guided meditation imagery. Check out our 7 favorite sleep apps currently on the market.

7 Best Sleep Apps

Sleep apps can do everything from track your sleep patterns to help you relax and fall asleep. Remember, even the best app cannot replace good sleep hygiene habits. If you practice healthy sleep habits and still need a little extra help getting quality sleep, consider the following sleep apps.

Awoken – Lucid Dreaming Tool

App for Android

Cost: Free with In-App Purchases

If you’re like most people, you’re not aware when you’re dreaming and don’t remember what most of your dreams were about. However, there is a sleep phenomena called lucid dreaming that allows the dreamer to be aware during their dream cycle. Awoken is a sleep app which combines a journal and practice exercises to help you achieve lucid dreaming and dream awareness.

Sleep Cycle – Smart Alarm Clock

App for iPhone and Android

Cost: Free or Premium version $29.99 per year

Normally, your alarm clock is set for a specific time. You may be jolted awake at any point during your sleep cycle which can make it hard to fully wake up. The Sleep Cycle Alarm app performs sleep tracking to record your sleep habits. Using the Sleep Cycle Theory, the alarm wakes you during light sleep. To achieve this, you set a window of time to wake up. The sleep app senses your sleep movements and rings to wake you at the optimal time in your sleep cycle. This allows you to wake up feeling refreshed.

Relax Melodies – Sleep Sounds

App for iPhone and Android

Cost: Free

It can be hard to relax before hitting the sack. Relax Melodies sleep app allows you to combine sounds and melodies with guided meditation and brainwave beats to help you unwind and ease into sleep. You’ll never get bored with the same sounds because there are so many combinations you can create.

Woman using smart watch for sleep tracking

Sleep Cycle Power Nap

App for iPhone

Cost: $1.99

Sometimes a nap can do a world of good. The Sleep Cycle Power Nap app allows you to set the time for a short 20-minute power nap or a full nap of 90 minutes. Your phone’s accelerometer senses when you fall asleep  then sets the alarm to wake you up. This sleep app also has various sounds to help you fall asleep.

Pzizz – Sleep, Nap, Focus

App for iPhone and Android

Cost: Free Trial, $9.99 per month or $69.99 per year

For some people, it’s difficult to turn off all of the activity of the day and unwind. Pzizz is a sleep app that combines music, sound effects, and binaural beats to ease you into relaxation. Pzizz uses an algorithm to generate a slightly different soundtrack each time you use it, but the sounds are similar enough that your mind associates them with sleep. This helps you relax and get your zzz’s.

White Noise Lite

App for iPhone and Android

Cost: Free

If you want to fall into a deep, blissful sleep while listening to the sounds of ocean waves and soothing sounds, White Noise Lite may be the best sleep app for you. The app comes loaded with several looped sounds, such as a burning campfire, swaying boat, and thunder. You can also set a gentle alarm (guitar strum, chime, violin, and more) to wake you up.

Relax & Sleep Well – Hypnosis and Meditation

App for iPhone and Android

Cost: Free with In-App Purchases

Although it may not work for everyone, hypnosis has been used to treat a variety of issues, such as pain, alcoholism, and smoking. Some people also use self-hypnosis to treat insomnia or other sleeping problems. If the idea of hypnosis sounds strange, don’t worry. Hypnosis won’t put you in a trance. Instead, hypnosis is used to help you get into a deep state of relaxation. Relax & Sleep Well is a sleep app that can guide you through the process. The app combines voice-led hypnosis and relaxing sounds to lull you to sleep.


Web-based App

Cost $149.00

A digital sleep clinic that connects you to an expert sleep team who will pinpoint the root issue of your sleep problem and provide a multi-step plan plus dedicated support to help you overcome it. Sleepstation utilizes some of the most effective scientific methods to tackle your sleep disorder.

Using Sleep Apps for Sleep Tracking

Whether you are simply curious about sleep tracking or you need help improving your sleep, these 7 sleep apps are a convenient and low-cost method to try. Keep in mind, however, that apps may be limited in how much sleep support they offer.

One study at the University of Illinois analyzed 35 of the most popular sleep apps. They found that, while they all help people make sleep goals and manage their sleep habits, they would not likely help with chronic sleep deprivation. What’s more, few apps provide users with information about the risks of sleep deprivation, such as diabetes, obesity, depression, and high blood pressure. But advancements in sleep apps are being made every day.

The latest entrepreneurial scientists are working on sleep apnea apps to screen and diagnose obstructive sleep apnea. These digital tools will use sound and other channels to assess sleep disordered breathing while in the user’s bedroom. Some of these experimental technologies can differentiate simple, non-pathological snoring from snoring associated with sleep apnea. Until these apps become mainstream, speak with your doctor about sleep deprivation and sleep apnea.

If you struggle with snoring, you can also check out our review of Snoring Apps. These can be used to determine whether you might benefit from a snoring aid.

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  1. Ab. iMum Abigail Ryan Reply

    Abbey Ryan house baby baby wipes wipes bathroom

    • Tired az hell Reply

      Sorry, 16 different apps were listed. I’m legit trying to find the best one without downloading five BS apps and wasting time like I’ve been doing recently so I’m genuinely curious as to which one you have used and may be a bit more detail of what the features are that you liked about it, is it actually free or does it cost? Thanks, sleep well!

  2. James Reply

    Relax melodies is not free. Its just a free 7 day trial. 5 a month after.

  3. Jennine McCray Reply

    I am very interested in learning about sleep studies and sleep issues of adults with adhd

    • Tires az hell Reply

      Me too. I have severe insomnia and I also have an nine-year-old daughter that has ADHD and I’ve also had that my entire life and I bought her this meditation book actually written by children for children and they’re only about two pages long for each meditation story in the book and there’s probably 50 or so stories in the book for about $20 that I bought at a store near me and she literally cannot stay awake long enough to make it through two short pages. It is so peaceful that I can barely stay awake while reading it to her LOL it’s a great way to wind her down very relaxing very calming and have her fall asleep in a very soothing and peaceful way each and every night!!! I LOVE IT and she loves it even more! Best $20 I’ve ever spent! We have read almost all the stories so now I’ve had to go back and buy the next addition I think there were four of them total so I may just buy all three of the others. Just something maybe you could try with your kids if they are having trouble sleeping or even some adult meditation books for you to try reading the only hard part is every story literally begins with “close your eyes, let your whole body go slutty imagine yourself so on and so forth“ obviously if you’re reading the story for yourself if you begin with closing your eyes it’s kind of hard to read any further than that LOL. But if you do keep your eyes open and you do read the rest as sometimes it will just tell you to let your body go floppy again this is for a child’s book so it’s a lot easier for them to comprehend that way but for an adult some of the stories actually say to start with even your ears your nose your shoulders down to your arms and your fingers your belly and the tops of your legs all the way to your toes and so on and is actually extremely relaxing and definitely helps me sleep better and I have the most Extreme and severe case of insomnia and have had since I was as young as I can remember. Just a suggestion.

  4. carella ridley Reply

    Relax Melodies – Sleep Sounds is not free after the 7-day trial – it costs £39.99 a year. Just letting you know so you can change the info on here…

  5. ankit raghuwanshi Reply

    Nice, I’m using sleep cycle app from last one month, and I’ve noticed it has some flaws in snoring. Can we use it without a earphone?.

  6. Gaylemarie Easton Reply

    So many of these are ‘Free’ not aren’t good unless you pay for premium. So be honest about that please.

    • Tired az hell Reply

      COMPLETELY AGREE W U ! And all honesty I don’t believe that there’s a such thing as any sleeping up that is actually and honestly 100% free. There is always a free trial or a free “version“ where you only get a very few tiny selection of maybe 2 to 3 of the features that it provides but you absolutely have to pay to go premium on every sleeping app so as the person above commented I to believe it would be great if you would be completely honest about none of these being completely free or at least mention that it is a free trial but those three trials are never for longer than seven days or so so I think that should definitely be more detail under each and every app just to be fully transparent bc if people think you may be misinforming them about that then they may not believe you very much on anything else either including your review of said apps. Thanks

  7. kovaisky yoga Reply

    Increased awareness of the present moment.
    By maintaining a state of full awareness and calm in every situation of your life, you will enjoy more and better each moment.

  8. Lyla Reply

    I’m using an app called MellowMe, my friend recommended it to me a while ago. There’s a lot of different nature sounds which helped me sometimes. There is not a android version tho.

  9. Shety Reply

    This all sucks.YEARS I have not been able to sleep normally. I don’t care if I have to take stroonv meds too sleep. I can’t work, I don’t have a relationship with .y oh child and my matrsve is suffering. K have bad it.

  10. Dominic Reply

    Me and my family has just started using an iPhone app. It’s really worked for my wife and our 7yo daughter. There’s a lot of different sounds and music, but you can change each sound and mix it to fit what you like to listen to.

  11. Anonymous Reply

    I use a free app (no ads) called “Nature Soundloops”, it’s simple and works for me. I don’t know if there is an android version though

  12. Julie Reply

    What I’d like to know upfront rather the app is initially free or not which of them are actually trial periods that then require a more expensive subscription and which have no subscription requirements at all

  13. admin Reply

    Don’t forget to check out the ASA review of snoring apps which are very similar in user experience to the sleep apps listed here.

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