What is BiPAP?

BiPAP is a treatment for sleep disordered breathing that uses two pressures during the breathing cycle – an inhale pressure and an exhale pressure. BiPAP, also referred to as a BPAP or bilevel positive airway pressure resembles CPAP except for the additional pressure setting.

BiPAP is a registered trademark of Respironics.

Who Uses BiPAP?

Historically, bipap has been used to for the treatment of patients with sleep apnea who are unable to tolerate CPAP. It has also been used for patients with central sleep apnea and pulmonary disorders that benefit from a ‘pressure gradient’, or difference in two pressures. When to use bipap or cpap.

CPAP, BiPAP machine
BiPAP machine

Bilevel PAP is often used in patients who need respiratory assistance, or in patients with COPD. The differential in inspiratory and expiratory pressures aids in the removal of excess carbon dioxide CO2.  BPAP machines often are programmed to reach higher pressures than most CPAP machines. Some Bilevel PAP machines are able to reach 25 and 30 cm/H2O. While most CPAP devices reach 20 cm/H2O. When the inspiratory pressure is equal to the expiratory pressure, it is equivalent to CPAP – it is a continuous pressure. For example 25/25 cm/H2O = 25 cm/H2O.

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As mentioned in other pages, the supplies for a BiPAP are the same as CPAP supplies. The filter, cpap mask, hose, humidifier are often interchangeable.

Some BiPAP and CPAP devices utilize addon features for comfort that assist in improving compliance.

Historically, BiPAP was more expensive than CPAP. BiPAP is often used when CPAP is not tolerated by the user. There are new technologies that increase comfort with CPAP.

BiPAP is sometimes used in patients who have pulmonary (lung) issues, like COPD. The difference in pressures helps to eliminate extra CO2 carbon dioxide gas from the body. The side effects of CPAP are the same as for BiPAP

There are frequent improvements in BiPAP  supplies and technology. With the increasing demand for treatment of sleep disordered breathing disorders, BiPAP manufacturers are constantly upgrading the technology. Keep up to date on this website for changes in bipap supplies online.

BiPAP is a trademark of Respironics and is a promotional partner of ASA.

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