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Cannabidiol is naturally produced by the cannabis or marijuana plant and does not produce a strong high or euphoria when consumed. Research into the therapeutic uses of cannabidiol, or CBD, has found many potential medical uses. One consistent finding is that CBD has great therapeutic value as an anxiolytic, or anti-anxiety treatment.[1] For people that have difficulty sleeping due to their anxiety, CBD sleep products can provide relief. One fast and convenient delivery system for cannabidiol is an oral CBD sleep spray.

Different delivery methods

With many states in the U.S. legalizing the sale of recreational marijuana, the availability of cannabinoids like CBD has gone up. A legal gray area around CBD has led to a proliferation of products that contain therapeutic levels of cannabidiol.

There are CBD salves, which mix cannabidiol with a thick balm that can be rubbed onto specific areas of the skin; CBD gummies that look like gummy candies and can be consumed orally; CBD sprays which deliver cannabidiol in a sprayable form; as well as other delivery methods.

The right CBD delivery method depends on why someone is taking CBD in the first place. Salves and balms applied to the skin can reduce inflammation and the resulting pain in the underlying areas.[2] CBD gummies and tablets are slowly absorbed through the digestive tract and affect the body globally. This can be useful for conditions like restless leg syndrome, where long-term presence of cannabidiol in the blood stream provides extended relief.

CBD sprays, inhalers, and vaporizers also offer fast delivery of cannabidiol. This can be used as a standard method of consuming, even if fast-acting relief isn’t required, or it can simply provide a quick dose of cannabidiol. CBD vaporizers have been found to be useful for tobacco or nicotine addiction. 

Help with sleep

Cannabidiol has been researched as a possible treatment for many different sleep disorders. This research has led to a variety of CBD sleep products, including CBD sleep sprays, CBD sleep gummies, and even CBD sleep gummies with melatonin.

CBD sleep gummies with melatonin include the sleepiness hormone, melatonin. This is the chemical the body uses to signal that it is time to go to sleep. Other CBD sleep products actually work not by directly fostering sleepiness like a prescription sleeping medication, but by treating disorders that are known to disrupt sleep. Anxiety and stress reduction is an effective insomnia treatment, and CBD can help reduce both.

When using a CBD sleep spray, it is important to keep in mind that cannabidiol alone isn’t like a sleeping medication that can be taken right before bed to help with sleep. CBD should be taken regularly to help treat the underlying causes of poor sleep. Cannabidiol levels in the body take one or two days to reduce by half after administration of CBD.[3] Even if you use CBD in the morning, it will still be present in your system in the evening.


Can CBD sleep spray improve my sleep?

Cannabidiol has been found to improve sleep for some individuals. CBD sprayed on the muscles of the jaw can reduce bruxism symptoms, specifically when someone is unconsciously clenching teeth overnight. The grinding can disrupt a night’s sleep, and relieving bruxism improves sleep.

Another way that CBD sleep spray can aid sleeplessness is by providing help for restless legs. Restless leg syndrome involves a strong desire to move the legs, and actual discomfort is felt unless the legs are moved. Unfortunately, this urge increases in the evening, and having restless legs can actually disrupt sleep. Cannabidiol has been found to be an effective restless leg syndrome treatment.

How do I use CBD sleep spray?

CBD sprays have cannabidiol dissolved in a liquid carrier, usually a food-safe alcohol like ethanol. The spray absorbs readily into the mucous membranes of the mouth. A quick spray under the tongue, or carefully into an open mouth with the back of the throat closed delivers CBD almost directly to the bloodstream. Take care not to accidentally inhale the liquid by breathing in while spraying, as CBD sprays aren’t meant to be inhaled.

How much CBD sleep spray should I take? 

Dosage depends on which sleep disruptor you are trying to address, and on the concentration of CBD in the CBD sleep spray. Ask the advice of a medical professional or follow manufacturer’s guidelines to determine the appropriate dosage.

Does CBD spray make you high?

No, cannabidiol will not produce the strong psychological effects like other cannabinoids such as THC. Tetrahydrocannabinol is the cannabinoid responsible for the high that can be attained with cannabis use, while cannabidiol is not.

Is CBD spray OK for children?

Only give children cannabidiol products under the direction of a doctor. That said, studies into cannabidiol as a treatment for intractable pediatric epilepsy have found that CBD is very well tolerated and has minimal side effects in children.[4] Given how recent the research into therapeutic cannabidiol treatment is, very few longitudinal studies of the effects of long-term CBD use have been performed.

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