Pets May Help You Sleep Better

There are many benefits that pet owners enjoy and take comfort in. But how about allowing pets in the bedroom to help improve sleep?

According to a new study, pets may not be as disruptive as previously believed, and may actually improve sleep.

In a new study from the Center for Sleep Medicine at the Mayo Clinic in Arizona, researchers have found that from among the 150 patients seen consecutively at the sleep center – 49% of these patients’ (74 people) own pets and 41% of these pet owners (31 people) have multiple pets- more than half of these pet owners of 56% allowed their pets in their bedroom.

dog in bed

According to the data, 20% or 15 pet owners found their pets disruptive, while 41% of the total pet owners or 31 people perceived their pets as beneficial to sleep. These pet owners were categorized to have one or multiple pets.

Dr. Lois Krahn, as cited in the CBS News said that “If having a pet nearby helps them feel relaxed and gives them a sense of security, which permits them to fall asleep with less difficulty, then I think that is something that does deserve attention.”(

However, there are some important considerations for letting a pet into one’s bed said, Dr. Krahn. First, the pet owner needs to know how well they sleep, as well as their pets. Pet owners should also factor in the size of the pet, the size of the bed and the number of pets; these factors can likely disrupt a quality sleep.

Finally, the pet’s hygiene plays an important factor in getting a good sleep or the opposite. Dr. Krahn reiterated that before the dogs or cats climb up to the bed, it is significant that these pets are free from fleas and clean.

Although, the majority of the pet owners were documented to have favored to gaining benefits from having their pets in their bedroom beneficial, the authors of the research have recommended further studies to explore this. The study did not specify or include comparative data on what types of breeds were found disruptive or not, thus more data is needed.


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  1. SleeperMan Reply

    Dogs are too energetic (and thus disruptive). I’m not really sure why a photo of a dog is included in this article. But cats… cats are good. Especially when the cat is purring.

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