Is Too Much Sleep Bad for You?

Getting too much sleep may not be good for you, according to research. A recent study confirms that people sleeping beyond eight hours may have an increased cardiovascular related death rate. According to the lead author, Linn B. Strand, their research, which had 400,000 Taiwanese adult participants, revealed that people who slept more than eight hours and less than four hours each night carry the same risk of dying of coronary heart disease (CHD).

Although the lack of sleep was associated closely with increased risk of heart disease,  the result of sleeping too much was a surprise.

Each participant, aged 20 years and older and who had their medical check up for 17 years, beginning 1994 up to 2011, were asked about how they sleep each night.

The results of the study revealed that participants with more than eight hours of sleep had an increased risk of dying from cardiovascular heart disease. Similarly, people who slept less than four hours each night showed an increased risk as well. The participant with more than eight hours of sleep demonstrated a 34% significant increase of dying from CHD and those who sleep below four hours had 35% risk.

Moreover, the report recorded 711 deaths among the volunteers who succumbed due to cardiovascular disease. From the data gathered, the researchers discovered that people who slept more than eight hours were 35% at risk of CHD than those who slept six to hours a night.

Further data underscored that women were more prone to sleep problems than men. The authors agreed that adequate sleep is “essential for a healthy lifestyle,” and that having “adequate sleep should be considered as part of a healthy lifestyle,” the report stated.

Finally, Strand et, al. stated more studies are needed to bridge the gap between the mechanism of sleep and heart disease.

The research was funded by Liaison Committee between the Central Norway Regional Health Authority and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.


Strand, LB., Tsai, MK., Gunnell, D., Janszky, I., Wen, CP. Self-reported sleep duration and coronary heart disease mortality: A large cohort study of 400,000 Taiwanese adults,

Author: Amabelle Equio, Ph.D candidate in Nursing at Silliman University, Health, Fitness, Medical Writer, Photography Enthusiast.

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