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Snoring is the sound of turbulence and soft tissue vibration in the back of the throat. The sound of snoring generally does not come from the nose. Rather, snoring sound occurs in the back of the airway. The parts involved include the uvula, tongue, lateral pharyngeal walls, and the soft palate.

There are a number of basic steps you can take to stop snoring.  The first place to start is to find out if anything that makes your snoring better or worse.  Whether you sleep alone or with someone else, you might consider a smartphone applications (snoring apps) to measure how bad your snoring is and learn how to stop snoring.  It can be helpful to monitor any changes in your snoring as you make some of the changes listed below.

Things to Avoid Because They Worsen Snoring

  1. Smoking irritates the insides of the nose and throat, and this can worsen snoring in a couple of ways.  The most obvious is that swelling inside the nose can cause trouble breathing through the nose.  Smoking causes so many health problems, but snoring is one that should improve just a few weeks after you quit smoking.
  2. Alcohol within 3-4 hours of going to bed. Alcohol causes muscles in your body to relax, and it can worsen your snoring and also disrupt your sleep.  Alcohol in moderation is not harmful, so most people do not need to avoid alcohol completely.  For people who snore, my general recommendation is to finish drinking at least 3 hours before going to bed so that alcohol has a chance to clear out of your system.
  3. Sleeping pills. Many sleeping pills, including those that can be purchased over-the-counter, have a similar effect as alcohol.  It is always best to avoid them, if possible.  Benadryl® (diphenyhydramine) often also worsens the quality of your sleep, so it is especially unhelpful.
  4. Pillows that prop up your head too much to tilt it forward. A pillow that is very large or multiple pillows can tilt your head forward.  This can worsen snoring.  A soft pillow for your head is usually a good idea, but too much of a good thing can create problems.
  5. Dehydration thickens the mucus in your throat and can lead to more snoring.  While you do not want to drink too much because that can force you to wake up to go to the bathroom, you also want to avoid drinking too little.  You will also want to avoid liquids that actually worsen dehydration, such as alcohol or caffeinated drinks.

Fіnding thе bеѕt snoring rеmеdу

Tо ѕtаrt wіth there аrе numerous ѕnоrе rеmеdіеѕ thаt саn be оf аѕѕіѕtаnсе fоr your particular соndіtіоn аѕ there аrе different reasons tо why a person ѕnоrеѕ. It саn bе due tо еxсеѕѕ weight, ѕіdе еffесtѕ оf саrdіас medicines аnd еvеn thе роѕіtіоn of уоur tоnguе whеn уоu аrе asleep саn соntrіbutе tо ѕnоrіng. Fіndіng out whу аnd hоw often you ѕnоrе саn bе оf assistance when you аrе lооkіng аt finding the best ѕnоrе rеmеdу.

Mоѕt people have lооѕе tіѕѕuе іn thе thrоаt аnd nasal passages thаt vibrate whеn уоu brеаthе аt nіght and thаt gіvеѕ a сеrtаіn rаttlіng ѕоund bеttеr termed as ѕnоrіng. In mаnу cases, when the tоnguе falls bасk іntо the throat, сrеаtеѕ a blockage that іmреndѕ сlеаr brеаthіng аnd lеаdѕ tо ѕnоrіng. Whеthеr іt is еxсеѕѕ ѕоft tіѕѕuе оr lауеrѕ of fat оn thе nесk that рutѕ рrеѕѕurе оn the аіrwау whеn lying dоwn оr your tоnguе blocking the аіrwау, snoring has numеrоuѕ invasive аnd non-invasive ѕnоrіng remedies.

So, how to stop snoring?

Well, first it depends on what is causing the snoring.

There are several potential causes of snoring, as well as factors that can make snoring worse. As mentioned, age is a variable. With advancing age comes an increased likelihood of snoring. Weight is also a powerful variable. The more you weigh, the more you snore.
Drinking alcohol generally makes snoring more frequent and louder.  Snoring can also be a sign of Obstructive Sleep Apnea.  A serious medical condition that should be addressed to avoid future health complications.  Click here to take a free 1 minute online assessment to see if you are at risk for OSA.

Same with sleeping in the supine position – on your back.

So what can you do to stop snoring?:

  • Lose weight if overweight
  • Don’t drink alcohol (at least not after 5 pm.)
  • Try to sleep on your side
  • Take a quick free assessment to see if you are at risk for sleep apnea here.

There are several medical treatment options for snoring. These include:

There is some date to support the logic that head position relative to the neck may increase airway. There are also some experimental devices that suggest alleviation of snoring.

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5 thoughts on “Snoring Remedies

  1. Vicky Reply

    You forgot EPAP.
    I use Bongo Rx and it works really well for me, but it was really for my sleep apnea. CPAP is great if you can use it. I was one of the 70% that just can’t and I tried for 4 years off and on (mostly off…lol)

  2. Princess Basil Reply

    my husband is over weigh and he snors alot, even without sleeping, sometimes its embarassing because he also snors in a public place, please what is the remedy for it.

  3. G-No Bianchi Reply

    I’ve been using CPAP for about 30 years (I’m on my 4th machine) My wife snore and is going to see her dr soon. She had some throat surgery about 8 years ago that did not help. The surgeon even removed her uvulla. (That hanging thing at the base of ones mouth)

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