Snoring Apps to Help You Monitor Your Snoring

Do you Snore? Even if you’re not sure, there’s an app for that. There are apps now for just about everything, including apps that can analyze and monitor snoring. These snoring apps can record your snores, play them back, and even rate the severity. 

Why Worry About Snoring?

Why do this? First of all, if you are unaware that you snore, you may need to hear it for yourself to know that you do. These apps also give you an idea of how severe the snoring actually is. But it can also compare each night of snoring, letting you test the effectiveness of certain treatments and see how factors such as medications, alcohol or caffeine, for example, impact snoring.

It’s important to get to the reason behind the snoring to make sure it’s not a medical condition, such as sleep apnea. To take a free one minute online assessment to gauge your risk level of sleep apnea, click here. Snoring is not always serious, but it can be, and can also lead to more serious health conditions in the future if not treated. Using snoring apps may be able to help you find a solution to help control snoring  such as a snoring mouthpiece, or give you a reason to see a healthcare professional for a treatment plan.

Anti-Snore App Reviews

With multiple snoring apps out there for iPhones and Androids, it can be difficult to decide which one to try. The good news is, many of them have a free version you can test out for yourself before you decide to upgrade. Here is a list and reviews of some of many snoring apps on the market:

Snore Lab

Snore Lab (iOS and Android) is highly-rated among snore apps. There is a free version which allows you to record, measure, analyze, and track your snoring, allowing you to discover ways to treat and control it. It’s easy to use; just set it next to your bed while you sleep and see your results in the morning. It records samples, gives you a score for the intensity of your snoring, records sleep statistics, and also provides information about snoring remedies. The free version is a good way to trial this app, however, after three sessions it will no longer run for two consecutive nights without upgrading. The Premium version is $7.99 and offers more recordings, no ads, unlimited usage, comparison charts, and a full history compared to the three-night history the free version offers. This snoring app also offers nature sounds to help you sleep.

Snore Control

Snore Control, a free version that records snoring and talking at night, and either adds to statistics or activates the “stop snoring” function which, on the iPhone quiets you down with a sound or vibration. By using the tracking data, this app can help you find out which factors contribute to your snoring. This app allows you to record only snoring and also allows you to adjust the sound sensitivity according to the sound conditions in your room. The free version has limitations on the “stop snoring” function, ability to play back recordings, and full-screen charts. To fully use all of the benefits, you will need to upgrade to the full version for $2.99.


This snoring app is $3.99 and records your whole night, letting you find out if you snore, if your partner does, or if anything disrupts your sleep. This app also allows you to check the effectiveness of snoring remedies and shows charts for you to evaluate snoring. It records up to 11 hours and stops recording if your phone reaches a low battery.

Some other options to reduce or eliminate snoring include stop-snoring mouthpieces, anti-snoring devices, and other snoring remedies.

Recommended Products

There are more reviews and information about sleep apps in the Sleep Devices section. With about half of the adult population snoring during sleep, wouldn’t it be nice to know if you are part of the 50%? With these snoring apps, now you can find out.


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13 thoughts on “Snoring Apps to Help You Monitor Your Snoring

  1. Cori Reply

    Snorelabs pricing had changed. You get a 7 day trial for free, but after that it’s now #3.99 per month/$11.99 per year for the app.

    Still was recommended by my doctor to investigate sleep apnea potential before a sleep study.

    • Anonymous Reply

      There is a work around. Uninstall the app after the 3rd night and reinstall. I’ve been doing that for a few months.

  2. Sandra Hammersley Reply

    I have SnoreLab on my ipad how can i link it to my iphone so im not paying an additional subscription?

  3. Jerome Ngugi Reply

    It is so great that technology is coming in handy even with challenges such as snoring. I’ve been wondering about my sleeping patterns and think that an app would be so helpful with this.
    Thank you for the read.

  4. Richard Boyle Reply

    Good morning my name is Richard I snore quit a bit I tried everything I can get my hands on my wife is poorly and I need her to get sum sleep I sleep on my side it don’t work I got 3 pillows I don’t drink I watch wot I eat can u help please

  5. Moseley Reply

    “Snore Report” – is if for real or just an urban myth? I can’t find it in the app store and google searches are circular, back to the same paragraph copy & pasted on many different sites, so is “Snore Report” a misquote that got propagated to the point of urban myth? It is number one on your page, and I think it is fiction.

  6. Karen Reply

    Hi Laura,

    I feel your pain. I do a few things, one I put in noise isolating ear buds and play brown noise, or some soothing music/sounds. That tends to help block noise. When that doesn’t work, I simply sleep in a separate room. There are no rules saying that we need to sleep in the same room, especially if the results are a worsening relationship. Sleep is precious.

  7. Kate C Reply

    Gosh, Laura, at least go sleep in another room. I started doing that and it’s been great. No resentment over snoring anymore!

  8. Dr. Dany Maor Reply

    Hello Laura
    Like MJ I am a dentist treating sleep apnea and snoring using oral appliances for many years.
    I agree totally with MJ detailed response.
    I am using the xxxxxxx app for all my patients. Not only does it record the night sounds, it also gives an estimate of the apneas counts. It is not medically validated but the data aquired is enough to seek professional treatment.
    Good Luck

  9. MJ Reply

    Dear Laura,

    I am a dentist and have just started treating people with sleep apnea and snoring problems. These very common and potentially life threatening disorders are getting more and more recognized as being just that. Scientfic research is being done more and more and the subsequent scientific evidence is growing. Treatement is very well possible allthough there might not be a succesfull cure at all times.

    What is striking here though is the way you suffer and more important how your husband is totally ignoring your complaints. I would almost say “dump the bastard and start a new life cause apparantly he doesn’t care about you”. That however is not up to me and I’m sure you must love him despite this specific bad behaviour towards you. Nevertheless there are a few things you might clearify to him and convince him that his ignorance is to say the least not beneficial for the both of you.

    Sleeping well is necessary for the human body to “reset” the body and it’s chemistry, charging the battery, repairing whatever damage occured during the waking period, replenishing neurotransmitters, clearing the cache and store experiences and whatever impressions and new learned skills etc into the long term memory of your brain. Sleep deprivation has been linked to serios illnesses and deceases like heartfilure, diabetes, high bloodpressure, alzheimers etc. Apart from that the short term effects consist off irritation, tiredness during the day, traffic accidents, difficulties in concentration and learning and so on. Serios stuff that he also should be aware of. And you are right, that doesn’t get solved by a sleeping/snoring application on your smartphone.

    Advice to you is to confront him with facts, preferably scientific and have a talk about it. This needs to be solved both for you and your health aswell as fo his. Reluctancy could be expected but you can counter this by telling him that his (your) sexlife will benefit and that if he doesn’t he can get impotent (if not physicaly then mentally). If he does not want to cooperate it would be wise to sleep apart. Otherwise you would have to give him an ultimatum. Did I mention divorce? Again that is up to you.

    What the phone application could provide is a recording so he can hear him self. It would mean though that he has to sleep alone otherwise there’s a bias from your input on the recording also.

    Treatement could be apart from weightloss (which we recommend with obesity at all times but is the hardest part to tackle): CPAP machine, mouthpiece, tonque retainer, surgery, sleeping on the side and no alcohol or restrictive drug use. Besides that a strict sleeping/wake routine helps also. CPAP and mouthpiece have the highest succesrates, followed by surgery. In his case it would definitly be neccesary with a thorough motivational talk as I mentioned

    Good luck

  10. Laura Reply


    My husband snores like a grizzly bear, a fog horn and a freight train all blaring at the same time and he knows it!

    The problem is, he just doesn’t give a $*@% about it, because his snoring doesn’t bother him, so it’s not his problem!

    I’ve tried anything and everything from ear plugs to headphones with white noise, even some of these dumb “snoring apps” you talk about and the only thing that stops his damn snoring is me kicking him all night! And of course that is self defeating, because I have to stay awake to do it!

    I’m angry, confused and upset because nobody seems to care about people like me and I’m thinking there must be millions of us!

    I just read your article on snoring apps, hoping to find something about this snoreraser android app, that’s supposed to be so good, according to it’s app reviews. I’m just not one to trust reviews that are posted on a products website. Any sleeze ball can throw positive reviews on their own website. So I’m looking for more about it elsewhere.

    But everywhere I look, like your site, I just find stuff about these stupid snoring apps that record snoring! Seriously?!!

    What good does that do me? Any third grader with a 1970s tape recorder can do what the apps in your article do!

    You are an expert right? Do you actually test this stuff yourself?
    Can you help me? Please?
    Pretty please?


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