Night Terrors: Causes, Symptoms, & Treatments

Woman experiencing night terrors

Night terrors, also referred to as sleep terrors, can cause you to experience deep fear in your sleep. These terrors are most common in children, but appear in adults too. Learn more about the differences between night terrors and nightmares, what causes night terrors, and how to deal with them.

What Are Night Terrors?

Night terrors are a parasomnia condition in which the subject reacts to a foreboding sense of fear or terror by screaming, thrashing around or crying while they are asleep. They may also get out of bed and walk or run around, and adults are at a risk of performing violent acts during this time. The subject is still in a sleep-like state during these outbursts and can only be awoken with some difficulty.

An episode can last as long as 20 minutes, after which the subject will either go directly back to REM or deep sleep without ever leaving their sleeping state, or may wake up to extreme confusion. People waking up from a sleep terror may experience amnesia for a short duration following the episode, in which they cannot recall their name, location, or any other distinguishing features of themselves. This usually passes within a couple of minutes.

Night Terrors vs Nightmares

Night terrors are often confused with nightmares, though they are in fact quite different. What is the difference between night terrors and nightmares?

Nightmares occur in the REM sleep, and are traditional dreams from which the person experiencing them may recall imagery, sound or feelings. Typical nightmares include being chased by someone or something, falling for an inordinate amount of time, or involve things that the person finds particularly disturbing or frightful that are often rooted in their subconscious.

Night terrors (sleep terrors) occur before the dream state of REM sleep, in the phase just before deep sleep called the slow-wave sleep phase. The person is not incited to the outburst through any form of imagery or sound that a nightmare would include, but simply a deep sense of terror and fear that they cannot shake.

Night Terrors in Children

Sleep terrors are most common in children, especially very young children under the age of 7. Children with night terrors are also likely to talk in their sleep and sleepwalk, or develop these parasomnias later after they stop having sleep terrors. As many as 15% of children experience night terrors. There is no link between sleep terrors in children and emotional disorders, or disorders that will be developed later in life.

Night Terrors in Adults

Adults can also develop night terrors, though this is uncommon and is usually brought upon by a deeply traumatic or emotional event, or is developed in adults with a long history of depression, anxiety or bipolar disorders. As few as 2% of adults experience sleep terrors. Those who do experience these terrors should consult a psychiatrist, who should be able to help them deal with the issues that are plaguing them and causing the terrors.

Sleep terrors share the same root causes as sleepwalking

What Causes Night Terrors?

Night terrors, like many other parasomnias, are deeply linked to genetics, and those with a family history of sleep terrors are more likely to have them as well. Sleep terrors share the same root causes as sleepwalking, as these can include head injuries, hyperthyroidism, encephalitis, stress, other sleep disorders such as obstructive sleep apnea, fevers and medications.

Night Terror Symptoms & Signs

Sleep terrors are easily detectable in most cases, as the person experiencing them will often let out loud screams or wails that will likely wake up others in the household. It can be a scary and traumatic experience for parents or loved ones to see their children or partners in such distress, as the look of fear and terror is often easily visible on the person’s face. It should be remembered that night terrors are not dangerous, and many times the victim will not fully recall the experience, but go through feelings of disorientation and embarrassment more than anything else.

Don't wake people from Night Terrors

Don’t Wake People from Night Terrors

It is important not to try and wake the victim from their state, but to remain by them until it passes. This gives them comfort when they snap out of it, allowing you to support them. Additionally, this allows you to keep an eye on them and assures you that they are not getting up and moving about while still in the state, potentially harming themselves or others in the process.

Treating Night Terrors

Night terrors do not often require any treatment or tests, and in most children they pass before their teen years. If the problem persists, or in the case of sleep terrors in adults, it may be helpful to talk to your doctor or consult a sleep specialist. Occasionally night terrors lead to other sleep disorders like insomnia, which can be treated. An overnight sleep study, called a polysomnogram may be advised, which will help determine any other sleep related factors that may be contributing to the sleep terrors, and how they can be limited. The polysomnogram monitors brain wave activity, and can chart the areas of the brain that are being actively used prior to an episode.

The majority of parasomnias, including night terrors, occur in the stage before deep sleep. Taking measures to achieve deep sleep faster, and remain in it once there, can limit the number of parasomnia occurrences. Practicing good sleep hygiene, having proper sleeping conditions, limiting any caffeine intake or the intake of any other stimulants, and having routine bed times can all lead to quicker and better quality deep sleep.

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202 thoughts on “Night Terrors: Causes, Symptoms, & Treatments

  1. Anonymous Reply

    I’m 45 years old. I’m having sleep terrors, not sure if that’s the correct word to describe it but it’s very f scary. I’m having now more symptoms than sleeping terrors ,it’s getting worse. Never had these problems before thou. It started 3 years ago.

    First it started with sleeping terrors. Now I’m shouting loud while asleep and i wake up hearing myself shouting.

    Sometimes my body shakes just before my mind goes to sleep, split second. Sometimes just my arm, leg , finger basically all part of body by episodes. Also my mouth opens wide sometimes while asleep like I’m trying to bite something, and wake up during the episode with my mouth open, pretty weird stuff.

    Sometimes my body feels like I’m flying out of my body. Also I feel like i can move objects by mind and read people’s mind, mostly their guilt or sins. My ears, i get high pitch tones every day. One time i heard like radio channels on my right ear, people talking , split second gone.

    Worse part is , I feel like someone is watching me. So I decided not to sleep at nights just daytime when i get really tired. Also I started drinking to much alcohol just so i can ease my mind pain.

    I have now more symptoms , and every day I’m getting worse and worse.

    Can someone please explain to me shortly in what is going on with me.

  2. Huh Reply

    My sister has just started this last night was her second time. She 13 we share a room so the first time she did it I was awake and she started screaming I called to her and she just got louder I got scared and ran for the door but she started chasing me and before I could reach the door she caught up and started kicking me then my brother came and woke her up.I was so scared I was also screaming and crying after I couldn’t sleep for a week then it hasn’t happed for a while so I thought it was just a one time thing but then it happen again but this time I wasn’t asleep.I just woke up to her screaming and walking around the room so I got up and walked her out Side to the hall and put on the lights and she woke up and was confused
    . I hope it don’t happen again cause then I can’t sleep.

  3. john adams Reply

    My daughter is currently having night terrors and she is actually having up to 8 or nine a night. Is this normal resist exceptionally high?

  4. John I Reply

    I’m 57 years old. I have be egg n havjng night terrors on and off since I was 12 or 13 years old. My family believes they started as a result of a car accident ( I was hit by a car while crossing the street)
    At first my night terrors were violent. I would fly out of my bed screaming and running. This terrified my family as z kid. My dad would try to shake me awake and I would fight. I almost fell down a flight of stairs in my home.
    Over the years they continued on and off. Never found a pattern.
    I am always screaming for mom or mommy and sometimes will be yelling something in a foreign language. Appears to be at least. A couple times I’ve yelled “ They’re in. They’re in!”
    I generally don’t remember the nightmare but I do have some vivid dreams. I dreamt of nuclear buttons being pushed last night. I don’t know if that was part of the night terror.
    I wish I knew what was causing this as my partner and dog are scared when it happens. They are used to it but it’s not fun.
    I don’t leave the bed any more but my whole body will fly up while screaming. I usually just fall back to sleep.
    Th Ed most amusing episode was one where I flew up domehow managed to grab a flash light and turn it on all while sleeping.
    I wish they would stop. I dont believe I am getting the best rest.
    Notes: I am diagnosed with gluten sensitivity and have hypothyroidism but these were diagnosed in my early 50s
    There might be something to the gluten intolerance.
    I am Vegan and try to eliminate gluten as much as I can.
    I’ve wanted to take a sleep study but that just kind of freaks me out. Not sure Id be able to sleep in a lab setting

    Has anyone else had this for this long? Going on 45 years

  5. Laurel A Kashinn Reply

    My daughter was a chronic sleep walker beginning at age 6 and then it turned into night terrors every night the summer she was 8.

    My husband and I were exhausted as she woke us every single night. She also was having frequent headaches and had become extremely moody with severe anger issues. It was so bad we wondered how we would survive all the way through her teen years.

    A saliva test revealed higher than normal cortisol levels and anti-gliadin protein, indicating she was gluten intolerant / possible celiac. We removed wheat from her diet and within 3 days she was sleeping soundly through the night, headaches disappeared, and best of all, her moods improved dramatically. It was like Jeckyl and Hyde, the change in her personality was so great. We got our sweet daughter back we hadn’t seen in years! On the third day, she even remarked, “Wow, mom. Normally I’d be mad right now.”

    She’s almost 20 now, and if she accidentally ingests a small amount of wheat, she’ll start sleepwalking again, and if it’s a larger amount of wheat, she’ll get a migraine.

    We look back on those years when she was so angry and sick before we went off wheat as “The Gluten Years.” It was like she was drugged.

    I strongly recommend, try eliminating all wheat from the diet. Just try it for a few days or a week. It certainly can’t hurt and it might help tremendously. It was the best thing for her health we ever did.

  6. Sara Reply

    I go through phases of having and not having “night terrors” if that’s what I would call them. I wake up seeing things that aren’t there and I do things like scream, get out of bed and yell profanities. I think it first started happening when I was 13 and the past two weeks have been plagued with the episodes. It used to really terrify my family, hearing me scream in the middle of the night but they learned to ignore it. The episodes make me lose sleep and become irrationally paranoid at night. It’s comforting to know I’m not crazy and that it happens to others.

    • Ngoni Reply

      Are u still going through the same thing or finally u got something to deal with. Plse my wife is going through the same problem and its so terrifying

  7. Kevin Reply

    Hi nice and also sad to here that I’m not alone in this night terror problem. I’m 62 and have suffered with this for 20 yrs that I know of but it’s getting worse now ! Just as frequent as the past . But I’m becoming more physically aggressive in my night terrors and waking in an aggressive manner , till my thoughts clear to realize it was just another terror episode! My wife has tolerated the screaming and yelling for yrs but its becoming a very stressful and scary thing for her to witness and the physical aspect of the newly developed night terrors got both of us sleeping in separate rooms . I’m also afraid of what I could do to someone else during my wake period . I’ve gone from just screaming and yelling to wake myself or someone close by to get me out of my terrible night terrors. To actually fighting the creatures in my dream to fighting the person trying to awake me . Meanwhile my wife is freaked out and scared out of her mind . It’s bad enough to have anxiety throughout the day but to have fear of night terrors when your trying to sleep is just miserable for anyone in the same house with me ! I’m healthy no medications or habitable habits other than I get up to eat sugary foods during the night . Going to try and stop that habit asap and see if the night terrors slow down .

    • Madelyn Reply

      Hi Kevin,
      I recently started having terrible night terrors and I wake up, not fully but I get up and usually run to someone in my house and wake them up for help because I seek comfort. During this, the terror is high and I am in a deep confusion and disoriented state. It is all so scary because I never had these before. I am 36 but I have been extremely stressed and fighting through a depressive episode. I sometimes run out of the house in this state only to be fully awakened by the Cold, stepping on something wet or that hurts my feet or someone grabbing me. My parents are in fear I can run into the street and be in danger, because I live with them, they often take turns sleeping near me. Anyhow, I noticed that not having anything sweet or with caffeine at least 3 hours before sleep, seems to help a bit on some days. Also, try not to watch scarry things or news before bed time or at all. These things make it worst for me. I also started taking calming teas before bed and I feel a little bit better. Hope this helps somewhat. At least we know we are not alone.

  8. Bri C Reply

    I’m not sure what’s wrong I’ve looked at all type of reasons why things like this happen to me but today it scared me. In my sleep I often dream of spirits who need help to be laid to rest but this was different. Right now it’s raining in Texas so I brought my cats back inside (they enjoy being outside) I’ve been putting them in my bathroom at night because my allergy’s get bad at night. Most nights I get broken sleep because my husband works nights so I try wake up during his breaks. This is where it gets weird. As I’m laying down all the lights off only thing lit is a candle I feel my cat Salem lay on me. She began to pur and let me scratch her back I could feel her boney back (it’s hard to keep weight on her) it’s while I’m petting that I realize that I locked the cats up. I can’t here blaze( my other cat) scratching to get out so I know the doors closed. I then think there has to be a reasonable explanation to this and role over. I hear my husbands voice and assume he came home early and go back to sleep. It’s not till I wake up and go to the bathroom that I realize 1 my husband isn’t home and is still at work( fmiphone) and 2 both animals are in the bathroom asleep. Do you think it was a night terror or nightmare or something else? I’m creeped all the way out

    • Madelyn Reply

      Hi, I am sorry this scares you, if it helps a bit, know that I think I can say we are all scared by our disturbing experience with sleep terrors if that is even what we can call them. I honestly also believe something spiritual is also happening. In your case, you may be a sensitive and perhaps spirits of animals seek you out. It could be, I don’t know. But it would be good to mention it to your doctor because it may be that you are hallucinating because of lack of proper deep sleep. Whatever it is, I hope you feel better soon and that all of us on here can get better sleep without all the terror and confusion.

  9. Lori Reply

    Yes ,the last few months or no it’s been a year that it started I woke up from tying heavily in my sleep and maybe it was a warning that someone I love was going to hurt me somehow ..idk why but it’s very disturbing and scary I need to get passed this please help..Lori schneck

  10. Shirley Reply

    Im 36 and recently experienced night terrors. I suffer from sleep paralyzes and when I was a child I would talk in my sleep. Ever since I was a kid I can see things that are not there and will scare my family. Many terrible things happened to me when I was a kid most of it I was too young to remember. Every time I have these night terror I remember more and more of my childhood episodes so I feel depress the entire day and eventually I shake it off. On my first night terror I still think I was awake I was able to see my husband going to the bathroom and suddenly a man shadow was next to me. Thinking it was my husband I ignore it until my husband came out of the bathroom and I started to scream. By the third time I was on my phone and saw the same man coming out from my ceiling fan I scream but was able to control it and told my husband that it was something on the phone. I wonder if this is night terrors or just another episode of my scary imaginary friends.

  11. Richard Knight Reply

    My girlfriend yells and or talks within 2 hours of us going to bed. She also does thrashing with her feet and occasionally with her hands. She also snores loudly. This isn’t new in her life. I can’t sleep with this. We’re seniors in a new relationship.

  12. Marilyn Portteus Reply

    Is there any invention to awaken me, turn on a light, vibrate the bed, before the neighbors call the police because I’m screaming in my sleep?

  13. Rox Reply

    Ive had night terrors for as long as i can remember. I also have paralysis so during these terrors i cant move a msucle. Its always the same thing, a shodow man with a hat and he’s either outside the door and coming into my room or hes across the room and getting closer and closer. The whole time this happens i have the feeling of complete terror, the kind of terror you would have knowing you are going to die. It takes ever ounce of willpower i have to start moving my fingers and force myself to snap out of it. Its the most horrible experiance and i wouldnt wish it on anyone. I find sleeping with a light on if im alone and never sleeping on my back helps. I also make it a point to think about it before i go to sleep and i know that sounds crazy but it helps them not happening?

    • Justin Reply

      The paralysis is normal. It would be extremely abnormal if you DIDN’T become paralyzed during sleep.

    • Kirsty Reply

      I constantly have terrors about a shadow man. Hes always in the corner of my room or running towards me. It terrifies me and I have them multiple times a night. A light helps some what. But I am just exhausted most of the time. I darent enter into a new relationship because I’m afraid of shouting and screaming in front of someone. Last night I woke up screaming and throwing things into that corner.

  14. Ices Reply

    Please can somebody help me , I feel like I’m losing my mind. The other day I went to go get help at a center and they gave me 2 green and white pills idk what it’s called but it’s for your anxiety and it makes you drowsy.. I went to sleep and I was at my moms house with my mom we was sitting on the floor talking and she got a phone call that came in so she went back to her bedroom, and all of a sudden I hear her scream “ what are you doing come in here “ & I went to my room first for some reason and I went to her room & she yells “make it stop make it stop please “ and the door shuted and It was just me and my mom in the room the lights was on and everything and out of nowhere while my moms screaming I feel somebody heavy hands on my left shoulder just only on the left and yanked me towards them by my shoulders and it sounded like a lil girl screaming in my ear it was hurting so bad I woke up and had my hand over my ear , and I haven’t been sleep for 3 days now I’m scared to go to sleep please somebody tell me they had a similar dream like me I need somebody to talk to

    • Dawn Chatfield Reply

      Hi, I can totally relate to you and your night terrors. I have had them since an early age, and continue on and off since then. My terrors are usually someone trying to kill me, by strangulation, or trying to hurt me in some way. I try to scream but nothing comes out, my husband says I make very weird noises when I am having one. I am getting to the stage where I dont want to go to sleep. Its really pulling me down, because my husband doesn’t comfort me when I have had one. I just want them to end, like you.

  15. Ta Gomez Reply

    I woke up with my husband wailing and running out of the room saying that something is chasing him. I was so confused and I thought I was just dreaming and seeing things. I called to him and no response. I started crying because I had no idea what was going on. He came back a few minutes later saying he didn’t know what happened or what he was even dreaming about.Like stated, I think he suffered amnesia. His brother actually sleep walks occasionally so that might be linked to it. The weird thing is, I was dreaming something being off and creepy about the bedroom door and then I woke up to him running out. It doesn’t sound creepy but we both couldn’t sleep for the longest time after that. It was traumatic for me because I couldn’t do anything about it.

  16. Lauren Reply

    I just woke up from a night terror. It happens to me infrequently, but it has happened to me more than a few times in the past few years. The same thing happens every time. I wake up in a frenzied panic, usually yelling “No! No! No!” Followed by a string of explatives. My heart is racing. I feel as though I have forgotten or neglected something extremely important and that my subconscious has given me a rude awakening. It feels VERY real, in fact, I am convinced that it is, but as hard as I try to make sense of it, I can’t. It’s like the moment I awake it seems crystal clear, but as soon as I am awake, the idea that drove me to awaken has disintegrated into a vague patchwork and I can’t fill in the holes. It’s frustrating, because I continue to believe that I am really forgetting something important, but I can’t remember.

    I’m in my 30’s and have a history of depression, anxiety, bipolar, and ADHD. I am often forgetful in everyday life, and I often fear that my mind will deteriorate like my father, who had dementia before he passed. My mom sometimes sleepwalks or wakes up in a similarly distressed state, usually about work. I usually sleep through the night, but I never wake up feeling refreshed, and was diagnosed once with mild sleep apnea, but refused to wear a CPAP. Sometimes when I’m just about to fall asleep I “kick” myself awake. I haven’t had a dream in many years.

    I don’t usually drink much alcohol or caffeine, but I just did both, right before bed. I have horrible sleep habits and usually go to bed extremely late and don’t get enough sleep. This time, I hadn’t even gone to bed, but had briefly fallen asleep during a movie. I know based on how far along that I wasn’t asleep long, maybe 30 mins at most. I don’t feel like I’ll be able to fall back asleep anytime soon because of the adrenaline rush, even though it was almost an hour ago at this point.


    I appar to be awake it feels real but I actually asleep.
    I was trying to move and get my husband’s attention but I couldn’t move or speak.
    This figure is coming closer to attack me but I can move but maybe wiggle my fingers. Finally I’m able to make a sound. I’m yelling loud in my sleep but I wake myself up but it was loud wailing sounds. It woke my husband up asked If I was okay but I keep looking online for answers but it keeps saying I can’t or Mostly won’t remember it. Though it’s not my 1st episode. I wake myself in fear screaming and or crying more then often. It’s like actually tears. I just can’t move or speak but once I finally break free my mind wakes up and my heart rate is racing fast sometimes it hurts.

    • Katie Reply

      I am sorry you have experienced this. I have experienced what seems to be a similar thing. The only help has been saying the name of Jesus. His blood makes all evil flee. I felt like I was being suffocated and I could barely speak, but as soon as I whispered “Jesus” I could fully breathe and my room was peaceful.

      • Taby Reply

        Thank you Katie
        I also did this
        I am a Christian and I said Jesus and I woke out of it

        God is the only thing that works
        He saves heals and protects you Jesus loves everyone
        And who ever is dealing with this sleep thing just say the name of Jesus

  18. Nathan Shirrell Reply

    My girlfriend says she experiences night terrors. When she falls asleep sometimes she will tense up in her sleep and be in pain from it, sometimes she talks, I imagine about something that happened in her past. Certain things also cause this more than others. A glass of chocolate milk is the worst so far for her night terrors. What can I do so she stops tensing up? How can I help her?

  19. Lisa Reply

    I had night terrors as a child. They started up again 19 years ago when I was in my 20s. The initial terrors were always spiders. Always big scary spiders and I would wake up looking for them. I had friends sleeping over looking for them, too.
    They were a semi-regular occurrence for about ten years when they slowly began to be less scary and disappear altogether. The terror changed over time but the sequence was repetitive for a number of years before it’d change. I had terrors that the smoke alarm light was a laser that would cut me up. There was one sequence where the walls of the house were falling in on me. And I always woke up with amnesia about who I was and where I was but fully living the terror.
    Last year they came back with a vengeance. 3-4 times a night. I was terrified just to go to sleep. Especially because one night I woke up next to my child asking who she was. Luckily she didn’t wake.
    I went searching through old diaries and emails and anything that might tie the events together. I wondered if something had stopped ten years ago and started again last year. I couldn’t believe it when I realized it was to do with a friendship. We had been quite close for ten years but loved in different countries. When my life moved on and I had a partner and child, we stopped communicating so much. Maybe just a few times a year.
    When I left my partner we got back in touch communicating several times a week. I tested the theory before talking to my friend about it and sure enough, every time I heard from him, I had a terror.
    We no longer communicate and I haven’t had a terror since. I’m still not entirely sure why the relationship induced night terrors but obviously it caused me distress subconsciously. I tried to talk to him and get to the bottom of it but he was closed off about it. So ending the friendship was the only option and I think standing up for myself and establishing healthy boundaries is what I needed to do all along.

  20. Jeanette Avila Reply

    I’m having night terrors since my husband passed away when I turn the lights off in my room I feel something in the room I tried screaming for help it woke me up I couldn’t go back to sleep I have to sleep with the light on or I won’t go to sleep it happens frequently

    • Rox Reply

      Ive had night terrors since being a child and now i am 30. Keeping the light on has always been something that helps, also not sleeping on your back.

  21. Aleena Reply

    Hello my name aleena i am a signal mouther of 2 kids. I am 28 years old. I shouting out in my sleep but i carnt remember them. Happend for 4weeks now. Did have them before that but somehow they stopped. It now annoyong me as im having really bad unbroke sleep. I used to sleep walk when i was a child too.

  22. Heather B Reply

    I keep having these night terrors where slowly everyone around me that I love dies off one by one and iam left in the world completely and totally alone!, does anyone know what this might mean …my aunt had just passed away and then I started having them and then last week lost anouther person in my family and they still continue…Making me fearful of sleeping…I wake up crying or else wake up knowing I have been thrashing around because my hair is in knots…I’m just trying to figure out what they mean.

  23. Katie Reply

    Good morning, I have been awake since 3.15am. I fell asleep in the chair. I woke up startled but before I woke up I was shaking and crying and trying to lift my head up but I couldn’t. I suffer from eupd,cptsd,anxiety and paranoia. I feel so weird now, disorientated even. Please can you help me understand this.

  24. Dave Reply

    This is in response to Sue, T’s suggestion to try a weighted blanket and red jasper and also to Hugh T’s long and honest post as well as an update on my personal struggles with night terrors. A couple months ago I started taking my Lipitor in the morning instead of at night. (Lipitor is one of six common meds associated with nightmares.) I’m drinking way less caffeine and not drinking coffee after 10 am. I resumed having 8-12 ounces of beer in the evening but if the beer is strong I think it affects my night terrors.

    T, someone gave me a weighted blanket (weighted with 15 pounds of glass beads) this past Christmas and it has made a HUGE difference. (I wish I had read your suggestion earlier!) I can’t explain why. I still have occasional mild versions of night terrors but nothing like before. Your experience with red jasper is interesting. I think that strong belief in anything can be a positive thing; however, I believe, for instance, it’s difficult to understand what power a Zuni bear fetish (which I own) has unless you’re Zuni. I have not tried CBD but I did try melatonin years ago. I’ve awakened at 3 am for years. I usually read my Kindle in bed for an hour and then fall asleep.

    Hugh, I find near death experiences very interesting. (You’re probably familiar with Dr. Eben Alexander’s fascinating book, Proof of Heaven, about his NDE.) I happen to be a physician who believes there are things we cannot explain. Personally I lean towards a physiologic explanation for night terrors but I understand and respect that your belief in a loving source provides you comfort. (I also can relate to trying to forgive oneself.) I’ve tried positive imaging (a kind of cognitive behavior modification) on my own without luck. I agree that exercise, good diet and a good sleep routine are important.

    Sue, sleep apnea requires CPAP or some version of it. There are newer, fancier versions of CPAP. If the one you’re using sucks, see if your sleep specialist can order another.

  25. Sue Reply

    Please re send my comment before, I didn’t accept it right. Yes, I want to know what people think

  26. Sue Reply

    I scream,kick,fiddle fingers and hands, running while sleeping. It goes on all night and my husband or I end up on the couch, I went to a sleep Dr. And went in and was tested and I’m on cpac now. It found out I was stop poo ing breathing 45 times an hour. I’m so frustrated because my dr. Just keep using machine and take melatonin. This is not good on my marriage. Should I have my brain checked or something? I dont want to go to sleep because I know it’ll be doing this and waking my husband up. I’m 62 and this just started about 12 months ago. PLEASE ANY HELP. IS APPRECIATED.

  27. T Reply

    I am so sorry to hear that. Have you tried a weighted blanket, melatonin or CBD? And maybe journaling before bed. Try sleeping with a red jasper crystal or black tourmaline crystal, since you move around in your sleep. I would suggest a necklace or bracelet form.

    I recently started having night terrors as an adult. And used to have nightmares and sleepwalk. The first one, I felt intensely when my red jasper grounding crystal dropped from my hands, this is why I suggest jewelry form. But red jasper is great for grounding and easing the body while you sleep.

  28. Dave Reply

    I can relate to the first dozen or so comments. I was a sleep walker as a child. I’ve had sleep terrors since my 30s but worse in the last few months–falling out of bed, kicking my wife, shouting in my sleep. (I’m 68.) I’ve cut way back on caffeine and given up my one beer in the evening 🙁
    Seemed to help some. Retired so I’m not particularly stressed. Going to try taking my Lipitor in the AM instead of PM. May try CBT(cognitive behavioral therapy). May do a sleep study. Had one years ago that was normal.

  29. Dez Reply

    I have experienced night terrors in the past (since I was approximately 17 years old…I am now 37). During these episodes I have injured myself. I have woke screaming and jumped out of bed running across the room or jumping out of bed crashing into furniture. I have injured myself to the point of having visible bruises on my body and neck. The night terrors subside for periods of time but now they’re starting to come back. The last few nights I have woke up to monsters in my face and the feeling of shear terror. I keep seeing images of my infant daughter being hurt or killed which wakes me. I am having a difficult time coping with this.

  30. Melissa K Reply

    Karen Hannah look up “Old Hag Syndrome” which is another name for sleep paralysis. Lots of stories I bet you can relate to.

  31. Melissa K Reply

    Karen Hannahyou are having Sleep paralysis lots of people describe it as being paralyzed and having an old lady watching them. Sounds terrifying. My sister has had it happen. It’s fairly common.

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