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Long sleeping is an uncommon sleep finding or disorder characterized by the body’s inclination to remain asleep for longer periods of time than would otherwise be deemed typical. This often results in 10 to 12 hours of sleep each night for people with the disorder. Less than that leaves them feeling unrefreshed and sleepy throughout the day.

The disorder often begins in childhood and lasts throughout the subject’s life. The sleep itself is very normal and deep. The disorder has not been connected to any genetic traits, medical conditions or psychological issues, and remains a relative mystery.

The Characteristics of Long Sleepers

Most long sleepers will be forced to endure shorter than desired sleep durations to keep up with life’s demands, and this can cause numerous symptoms related to insomnia the next day. It also accrues into what is called a sleep debt, which is routinely paid back on weekends when long sleepers will sleep as long as 15 hours to get caught up on lost sleep. Other long sleepers will choose to fully accept the condition and live within its restraints, going to bed at a time early enough to allow for at least 10 hours of sleep each night. 

Long sleepers will often find it difficult to wake up to alarm clocks, and may be difficult to wake by others. Ideally, they should set aside enough sleep time so that the body wakes up when it is naturally refreshed.

How Common is Long Sleeping

Long sleeping has been found in approximately 2 percent of the population, with men at a slightly higher rate of having it than women. It may be difficult to  detect in children because they routinely sleep more than adults and are often not given free reign to sleep in as long as desired. Allowing a child to sleep in on weekends and measuring the time slept could be a good indication of the presence of this disorder (if it surpasses 10 to 12 hours).

The Difference Between Long Sleep and Short Sleep

Short sleepers are people who generally sleep less than 6 or 7 hours per night. They often have difficulty getting an average amount of sleep. Short sleepers feel refreshed and generally do not experience daytime sleepiness with this decreased amount of sleep.

Woman long sleeping

Long Sleeping and Other Findings

A link has been found connecting long sleeping with introverted personality types, which may have to do with the release or lack thereof of certain chemicals in the brain. No conclusive evidence has been found, nor is there a cure. Long sleepers are advised not to fight the disorder, as it may lead to the development of other sleeping disorders or medical issues. Instead, they should try to live within its constraints as well as they can. This means achieving as much sleep as possible without neglecting other aspects of their lives.

The disorder could be caused by depression or another medical condition. If it has only recently started, this is likely the case. In these situations, medical examinations, as well as a thorough check of your medical and sleep history may root out the problem. Maintaining a sleep diary will often be enough for the doctor to make a diagnosis, although you may be asked to perform an overnight sleep study, or polysomnogram, to have any other sleep disorders uncovered. 

If the long sleeping is being caused by another issue, that issue should be resolved as soon as possible to see results quickly. If the long sleeping is the cause of natural biological circadian rhythm, possible treatments are unknown. Since the level of sleep is of high quality, it is recommended to incorporate the long sleeping into the daily routine as best as possible. Attempting to avoid long sleeping, or staying aggressively awake could lead to other sleeping disorders. The 24-hour sleep-wake rhythm disorder is one example. This disorder is far more damaging to social relationships and professional careers than a couple of lost hours of awake time each day.

Overall, long sleeping isn’t detrimental to your health if properly managed. There are ways to work around it and get an average amount of sleep each day. If you suspect that you may be suffering from long sleeping disorder, consult your medical doctor immediately to get a proper diagnosis and treatment solution.


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  1. I am Male 37 years, working in Bank, and continuously sleeping for 12-15 hours at any whare, with heavy snoring. It was first occurred in March 30th 2017, second time in August 20th 2017 and 3rd time on 1st February 2018. From February every 3-4 days it was occurring every 3-4 days.
    The Symptoms are:
    1. Sudden Deep Sleep For 12-15 hrs for every 3-4 days.
    2. Heavy Snoring.
    3. Lost of memory during the sleep.
    4. Blurred vision after wake up.
    5. Sleep test (poly sonogram) and Thyroid, MRI Brain etc, reports are normal.
    Please find the solution for my desordrt

  2. For the past few years I've been sleeping for around 8 hours per night. Recently (during my 3 month break from uni) I've been going to sleep at around 2-4am and waking up after 12pm. I don't know why I'm sleeping so much more at the moment but hopefully I can make my way back to around 8 before uni starts back again.

  3. Truly one of the few people on Earth to have the freedom of sleeping and waking naturally for their entire life; I haven't had any responsibilities or work for 32 years now. I sleep very well at sight of dusk light, and usually sleep from 4am-3pm summers, and 6am-5pm winters.
    Lots of muscle, low body fat, probiotic and researched RDV diet across the spectrum, but low in sunlight expsoure as it makes me tired. Regularly need 10+ hours; have commonly experienced 20+ hours, and also seen many weekends where I didn't leave my bed or eat for 2 or 3 day stretches of sleep.
    I can be awaken very easily from the deepest of sleep; footsteps or shispers can wake me up right in the middle of a dream.

  4. Good Morning. Its 11:15 AM here. You CAN make cahnges that will make your life better. Less sleep and feel great! I've read alot of your comments. TRUE. Some of us just require more sleep. I've 74...don' t run !!! But I have experience. Was this way all my life. 12-14 hours some days. Retired, now I can sleep as much as I want. DREAMS de ja ve. De ja ve happens during the day too.
    WANT TO HAVE A LIFE OF PURE REST AND NEVER TIRED. I have Crohns. My father could also sleep at the drop of a hat. SONS : 41 and 50 , both have to work at night and sleep the rest of their lives. Inherited it.
    Well folks , I kicked it!!!!!! I will always have Crohns disease. But IF YOU WANT to wake up refreshed after a "normal" 9 hours sleep....Listen up. I did it!!!! It works. Its difficult but the results is worth it. Within 4 days of change you will not believe how good it feels to be awake and feel rested. All day long. CHANGE YOUR DIET. Eliminate sweets (sugar) , carbs, most dariy, IF IT'S WHITE DON'T EAT IT. You will have energy, eliminate depression, and feel like you NEVER felt before in your life. It's a difficult thing to do but I DID IT. YOU CAN. First you don't NEED much food to feed your body. Drink water: Drink , Drink , Drink...only water. 64 oz a day. Give it three days. DO NOT EAT OUT> NO FAST FOODS . Veggies, Fruit, Fish , Lamb,White meat, small amount of beef. There are LOTS of books out there, but its comes down to this: You dont NEED all that food. No other animal on the earth eats like we do....except that over weight cat or dog that folks call their baby as they put it in the grave with FOOD. Well books and Doctors and diets and Friends can't change you. Only YOU can seek a better life. I'm speaking as an example. School was so difficult because I was always tired. Could never have the concentration I needed. Doesn't matter how young or how old you are, It is never too late to find out what a healthy life is like. To wake up feeling young, refreshed, and have energy. Another thing: You were not designed to live to eat, you where designed to eat to live. Your freedom and new life is out there: It's in the fruit and veggies department. No foggy head, not run to the coffee to "wake up". YES, you probable have aniema, or thyroid problems or depression. Go get a full check up with focus on your need for excessive sleep. And CHANGE YOUR LIFE. If its in a box, don't eat it!!!! What do you have to loose? Hours and hours of life and happiness.

  5. My personal opinion as someone knocking on 40 and dealing with sleep issues since a child is that it’s a mystery because every person is different and sleep is very personal thing.

    Any combination of issues can be causing. Childhood trauma or association such as using sleep to escape as a habit or technique, diet, work schedules, depression, hygiene, lighting in the room, noise in the room, health problems, physical fatigue, mental fatigue (especially in deep thinkers or people with ADHD) , lack of exercise, lack of social life, sinuses or other breathing problems, air quality in home, dysfunctional sleep cycles, deep dreaming or nightmares, using technology before bed or playing tv while sleeping, etc etc etc etc.

    It’s normal for people to only sleep 5-9 hours a day. I just overslept today and am pretty angry about it as I had things to do. Unfortunately we just have to do the best we can to change lifestyle habits and adapt our lives in a manner that does not allow dysfunctional sleep to be so intrusive or destructive. Good luck all.

    1. You are correct Ann. Thanks for your comments. All those eliments contribute to sleep deprivation. Sleep is to heal the body and mind. I just added a comment under "Pookie" Im 74 : life is not given to you, you have to learn to do what is good for the body and mind. Seeking help is the beginning of awareness. Helping yourself and learning what your body needs to be healthy is a choice. We have no excuse. This world is filled with easy tempting choices. And intelligent sources to resolve ones problems with sleep. Good luck and my support to anyone who chooses to do the right thing for your mind and body.. It's not easy, It's a choice.

  6. I have been sleeping for 10-12 hours per night since I was a child. My mom would call me Sleeping Beauty, and wake me every morning (usually to cuss words and yelling) with "Rise and shine, Sleeping Beauty!"

    I had no idea this was a thing. I just thought I was weird. It used to freak me out, about the premonitions, but I just let them slide now. I try really hard to listen to that inner voice. I dream crazy vivid dreams every night. They have intensified since I started my PTSD medication, which is what led me to this site today. These days, I sleep for about 24-30 hours and stay up for about the same. My world is surreal to say the least, but I'm in the Master's program at University of Phoenix online - so I make my own schedule. We moved to Maine about five years ago, so I don't have any friends nearby. Although my schedule is so weird when I explain it to someone else, to me it feels natural. It hasn't disrupted my life so much, as I am interested in what it is and why I am experiencing it. I am a psychology major, and entered into the discipline to try to figure myself out.

    I am happy that this is a thing, and I am not the only one. ♥

    1. 10-12 hr. sleep cycle since childhood.
      I am an introvert.
      Vivid dreams.
      Deja-vu symptom frequently.
      24-30 hr. sleep cycle since trauma.
      PTSD, depression, anxiety.
      Dreams intensified since starting Effexor.
      Deep hatred for alarm clocks.
      Skips important things to sleep often.
      Sleep debt symptom.

      1. My "sleep town" has the layout of my old city.
        I am able to go right back to sleep, if someone wakes me then goes away.
        I am usually scared and trying to get away from something evil.
        I can't ever remember having a "nice" dream in my life, but I was raised by two loving parents.
        When I'm awake, these days, I'm usually a hermit.
        Since my trauma, people generally scare me.
        The first time I learned of talking in my sleep was at a sleepover in elementary school. Apparently, I yelled "Jimmy" in my sleep. I don't remember it, but I still get shit from my friend for it 20 years later.

  7. I am a 75-year-old male who retired from teaching about three years ago. Am in good health, despite several conditions that have to be monitored -- and I get quite a bit of exercise and outside work. I have had several depressive episodes during my life but long-sleeping (if that's what it is) didn't really set in until I was over 70. I tend now to sleep 10-12 hours a day and enjoy sleeping but find the amount to be getting excessive -- partly, I suppose, because I have lots of other things that I like to do. I get the hours either overnight of by shorter night-time sleep supplemented by a nap -- and I nap very easily.

    The overnight pattern is a bit peculiar, though. I typically wake up two or three times (sometimes due to frequent urination, a condition now being treated), but I have no problem going back to sleep. The last wake-up time tends to be around 4:30 or 5 AM, sometimes from a nightmare and I often experience then a pretty heavy sense of depression. (I am reminded of Napoleon's remark that what he really needed in this soldiers was "4 AM courage.") Since I have lived through depressive cycles before and since in general I now have no depression during the day, I simply wait the feeling out and it goes away as I return to sleep.

    That last segment of sleep (until whenever I wake up in the morning) tends though to be the heaviest one... almost as if I was drugged. It is then very hard to get up and I generally roll over and slip back into sleep... which is what makes it a "long" experience. During the day I am quite awake and optimistic, though can feel the need of a nap and am able either to indulge it or finesse it.

  8. I just started researching on the issue that’s been bothering me lately - my accessible sleep, and i came across this. It started about a year and a half ago, as i settled in my new job - i work from 9pm till about 5-6am 4 days a week. I used to sell 8-9hrs and i could never take a nap, because I’d end up having headaches and feeling irritated, not to mention i was never someone who can turn her brain off in the middle of the day and take a power nap. If i slept for 10-12hrs i almost always ended up with a headache, but i also suffer from migraines. Well, that’s how it used to be anyway, now it’s all different. I don’t have as many headaches these days and i certainly not gonna have one just because i slept for 12hrs. When i just started my job, I would come home at around 5-6am, go to bed fairly soon and i would wake up at around 2-3pm, which was ok and i still managed to do errands and have a life. About 6 months into it i noticed that my sleep time gradually increased. I slept till 4-5pm, then 6-7pm, now it’s 8-9pm at times! On my days off i can wake up as late as 10-11pm..stay awake for few hours and sometimes even fall asleep again if i decide to relax on the couch for a bit. I get home from work and can’t go to sleep for few hours no matter how hard i try (sleeping pills, teas, weed etc all work randomly, but for the majority of time none of it works at all). Alarms don’t help, other people trying to wake me fail and get yelled at. If somehow i manage to wake up early enough to, say go hike, i am full of energy and it feels very satisfying, but those instances where i manage to make my self get up are rare. Usually i feel extremely tired as soon as i wake up so i roll around in bed until my body is more or less awake, then i force my self to get going. Few hours later i feel fine for the most part, sometimes however i feel tired throughout entire time, waiting to get back in my bed, but when i finally do i CAN’T go to sleep. The body feels tired but the mind is fully awake, and eyes are wide open - reading something or watching tv because nothing is worse in my mind then just rolling around in bed, forcefully keeping your eyes closed while my entire body feels out of place and mind is racing...I don’t think i have a depression, i don’t take any medication on a regular basis, i am not in debt and last i checked I’m pretty healthy overall. Does my unusual schedule have anything to do with me sleeping so much? It really makes it hard to get things done as i usually sleep through normal business hours, not to mention the embarrassment of having to explain why I’m late so often...Any advise?

  9. Hi I too have read the above comments and on normal day to day life ie when I'm at work I am 33yr old male and run my own business I go to bed about 10-11pm and wake at 4:30-5:30am I work a physically active job often including lots of driving. However we are now broken up for Christmas and I fall asleep around 8-9pm and sleep in to 9-10-11 the following day I think I'm catching back sleep owed to me through the year?.?
    I always slept well as a child I often used to sleep in my school uniform to allow me extra time in bed my new partner is sort of ok with it however stunned I can sleep so long.

  10. I have read the comments and at long last I hear other people with the same sleep habits as myself. I am not some kind of freak. I would go to sleep at 5pm, when I got back from work . Even though I had 3 alarms clocks going off I would sleep in and be late for work. This can be embarrassing, and people do judge you. I have taken early retirement, and now I am far more relaxed about sleeping for long periods of time. I also have the most amazing dreams often more exciting than my reality. When I was working, instead of a lunch break I would take a power nap. That would sometimes help. Fruit and veg smoothies, coffee and high energy juices were my absolute musts. It can be lonely, especially when colleagues would plan evenings out and you knew there was no way you could stay awake until 10pm!! It's a stressful condition but knowing I am not the only one makes me smile. Jill x

  11. Hello my name is kay and for a couple months ive been sleeping for tremendously long periods of time. Im not talking about 14 or 20 hours. I'm talking I will go to sleep on a Monday night around 4 or 5 am and CANNOT wake up until Thursday at 4 or 5 am. And sometimes it's worse. I don't get up to urinate, eat, or anything. I'm out for 72 sometimes longer. It's as if I am between death and alive. My dreams feel so real that they will not allow me to wake. My mom, my boyfriend , and also alarm clocks all fail to wake me up. Im getting scared. Really scared, if anyone has any suggestions please reply.

  12. This is the only article on the web that really describes my condition.

    Before the age of 14 i could not sleep during the day and not more than 8 hours a night.

    But after the age of 17 and up till now 32, i need 10 to 12 hours of sleep a day.

    If i dont get enough sleep, I tend to feel tired, sleepy with loss of short term memory & confused.

    The dept concept applies
    No depression
    Not an introvert
    Hard to cope with this life style
    Very athletic
    Excelent sleep conditions
    Never tried any madications

    Should i try any medication?

  13. within the last year or 2 have started sleepwalking again. I haven’t done it since i was a kid. I would think it harmless if it weren’t for the fact that I am clearly able to perform many active functions while asleep. I woke up one morning, fully dressed for work, lying on top of a newly made bed. I def went to bed in panama’s. Another time I woke up and found half a bagel face down on the floor, and was horrified to realize that I had toasted and eaten half of a bagel that I had spread a mixture of butter, brown sugar, and concealer stick on. yes concealer, make-up.....why? I have no idea. The scarier part is that I don’t have a toaster, I use the top rack and broil feature of my oven to make toast, i’m lucky I didn’t burn my hands. I have had it happen twice now, i’ve slept in .... not by a little. I missed an entire day; woke up to texts and missed calls from my boss and HR - It’s impossible to try to explain what happened to HR, I went to bed on a Tuesday, like I normally do, and when i woke up, my body felt stiff and sore. I sit up and see it’s still dark out. hmmm. check my phone. numerous missed calls, it’s 2:00 AM ... early Thursday morning. Thursday?!? that can’t be right. But it was. I am lucky that i was not fired on the spot. I’m going to see doctors to try to figure it out - but it only happens once in a while, and i can not tell what seems to trigger it. it seems to happen at random. I’m worried because I don’t know how many more times this can happen before my company reaches its limits of compassion and understanding. I don’t know if the 2 sleep problems are related.

  14. Guys, i have this!!!! I hate it, yet i love to sleep. This is everyday of my life since i was a kid. In highschool i slept at my desk. Then i worked night jobs. Now i`m a mom. I`m a good mom, but i cant wake up no matter hiw bad i want to. My daughter is so good. She just plays while i sleep. 🙁 i thought It was just me. I thought it was chronic fatigue syndrome. I thought i was sleeping beauty. It upsets me. It actually depresses me. I cant wake up. My family thinks its lazy. There is a cure i found for me and that is smoking marijuana. I got my medical card for my migraines and if i smoke throughout the day just a hit at a time i actually function like a normal person. But if i cant afford it, its sleep sleep sleep. I dont know how long each night, atleast ten hours, but it can be 11 or 12. Then sometimes i need naps at like 5pm. When i was in highschool and forced to get up, i always overslept thru morning classes and on the weekends slept 18 hours at a time!! To make up for sleep. I absolutely hate this in my life, but i cant control it. It makes me feel like the biggest laziest loser, especially as a mother!!! But really i live in a legal marujuana state and if i can smoke an 1/8 a week, im a totally different person- it wakes me up. Im actually suggesting this because i know it helps me. Otherwise it totally sucks. Its like little coma me.

  15. I sleep 20+ hours a day and still feel exhausted when I wake up. The worst part is trying to explain it to others. No one around me understands it, or they simply attribute it to laziness. They have no idea how much I detest the condition and how much I've come to detest myself in the process. I live in a dream and every waking moment is pulling me back into dream world.

    I was diagnosed with ADHD-PI when I was younger and have been talking Ritalin for years. I almost always forget to take the medication as it has next to no noticeable effects. I can take two Ritalin and fall right back asleep. I also take Escitalopram but often wonder why. So I'm not depressed in my dreams?

    I was diagnosed with Coeliac disease a few years ago and had really hoped that avoiding gluten would alleviate the incessant urge to sleep. While I no longer suffer from migraines, I sleep even more now. It's as if the discomfort and pain of Coeliac was actually helping me stay awake (slightly).

    I'm 47 and have quite literally slept more than half my life away. The only upside to this condition is that there's a pretty good chance I'll die in my sleep.

    Someone once said that life is a dream and when we die we wake up. I realize it may sound like a morbid thing to hope for but, oh God wake me up already.

  16. I'm a long sleeper and I would suggest people here to try out 5HTP which has stuff in it that helps the body to produce more serotonin. Serotonin is naturally in the brain and helps the day rythm clock, among other things in the body. My guess is that most long sleepers have a lack of serotonin production in the brain which makes us sleep so long. Anyone out there having the problem of sleeping very long I would suggest to check it out since it has helped me to wake up by myself after 6-7 hours feeling fully rested and alert through-out the day 🙂

  17. A lot of what commenters describe here sounds like hypersomnia or narcolepsy, not long sleep. Long sleep as the article says is normal sleep that just lasts longer than normal, 10-12 hours. If you sleep much more than that *every day* (like 14+ hours) and it’s not just to make up for missed sleep, then that is probably hypersomnia which is a more serious condition. I’m a long sleeper but my sleep study was normal other than the length, I just need 10.5 hours a night to feel good.

    The association with intense, complex and vivid dreams is interesting though, I relate to everyone here on that! I’m a writer and if it weren’t for my dreams I’d be unable to write. I also have precognition and recurring “dream series” that are often much more vivid and interesting than tv series. I wish I could broadcast them onto a screen, I’d be wealthy!

    Makes me wonder if there’s some evolutionary purpose to this. Every tribe in prehistory had its shaman or seer, maybe they were long sleepers?

  18. I'm only 15 and have a weird sleep schedule I literally sleep 10-16 hours. Then I'm still tired so I take naps in the day. It's like I'm never fully rested. When I am asleep all I do is dream very strong dreams that I remember well. I've been like this for a couple of years and it's getting old. When my family tries to wake me up for school they say I talk to them but I don't remember it. I'm just so confused

  19. Either I sleep or lie on my bed thinking about something. Usually this happen for 9 to 11 hours. And during holidays it becomes nearer to 12 hours and sometimes more than 16 hours. I like it and do not have problem with this, but due to this I am unable to pay attention on my study and eat only twice a day and sometime only once. Am I suffering from any disease or is there any problem with it? Please help me.

  20. Using coffee or modafinil (occasionally) in thw morning would help, however you can get caught in insomnia.
    Baclofen would also get you in a deeper sleep if taken at night and waking up is easier and makes you feel refreshed without sleeping the usual hours, 25mg before sleep helps, but it can be addicting (do not use it more than that).
    If i don't take baclofen and get up earlier i get a headache all the day.

    If want to try these drugs, please get an advise from your doctor and official internet resources such as studies in the area of Narcolepsy and letargy.

  21. I’m 28, and entirely relate with most people’s posts here, and the article itself breaks my experience down to the tee. My usual schedule is most commonly feeling sleepy/going to bed around 4 or 5am and waking up around 4 or 5pm. I have learned there is also a disorder called Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome or (DSPS) which I believe I have. The disorder implies your circadian rhythm is delayed, so you sleep later and awake later in the day. Although I don’t only go to bed late and wake up late, I go to bed late and wake up even later, usually after 12 hours or so instead of the common 6-8 hours most people live with. I have always had difficulty sleeping on a “normal” persons schedule my entire life and have been ridiculed by my friends and family for sleeping so much pretty much my entire life. I have tried everything under the sun to “fix” my sleep cycle, like pulling all nighters and going to bed early the next day, 100 alarms set in 5 minute increments, asked a family member to try and wake me (which nobody wants to do because it’s so difficult and usually doesn’t work), melatonin to fall asleep early, “trick alarms” which make you solve a puzzle to turn the alarm off and “wake up your mind.” Nothing has ever worked, they have all failed to help me on the long term, and I will usually sleep right through loud alarms going off as I fall into such an extremely deep sleep, I can probably sleep through an explosion happening right next to me. I have always believed to be messed up somehow, and that feeling of being abnormal to society has become really challenging throughout my life. If I am asked to come into an interview at 10am for example, I am usually terrified of missing it, and if I do make it I’m always feeling “sleepy” or not fully awake because that time is usually when I’m in my deepest REM cycle. It’s both relieving and scary to read “there is no cure” in this article; relieving because it tells me to stop fighting this condition and start adjusting my life around it, but also scary because I’ve always wanted to know what it feels like to have a “normal” and “healthy” sleep cycle, or be an “early riser.” Some of the most successful people in our history, like Winston Churchill for example, have said things like, “the people who are first to rise will be healthy, wealthy, and wise.” This quote has always gotten to me. The few times in my life where I can recall waking up at 6 or 7am have felt like bliss, getting that early morning coffee and getting your whole day started so soon seems like the right way to lead a healthy life. Anyway, I guess it’s a little relieving to know I’m not alone, but it seems we are indeed very few. Hope all of you can live a happy life living with this condition.

  22. At first I thought I was losing my mind! I would lose whole days, even more! I would go to bed on a Sunday evening, and wake to find it was Wednesday.. Where did Mon and Tues go? I finally realized, that I was sleeping all the time away, and that's the reason I couldn't recall. It was all very frustrating and confusing. So, I spoke with my doctor, in hopes he could answer why this was happening! In short, he didn't know.. It seems it's all a great mystery. This past Monday, I had an appointment to see my doctor at 9:30 am.. After seeing my doctor and doing some blood work.. I went by a local store to shop. I got home a little before noon, and was exhausted. I sit down on the sofa, and fell asleep. When I woke, it was 2 pm, and I thought what a refreshing little two-hour nap I'd had. Of course, I soon began to notice little things that just weren't right.. I had missed calls and messages from earlier in the day??? And, it finally dawned on me that these missed calls and messages were not sent on Monday, but were from Tuesday.. I had slept for more than 26 hours straight. This is very frustrating, and with time it begins to wear on a person.

  23. Since I was a child the answer to the most puzzling problems I found during sleep or more fitting dreaming. I grew up in a disfunctional home full of violence and really off the wall ideals most the advice I got from my parents was givent in anger with an alterior motive in mind. I mostly never trusted thier advice and even more so the athorities at every level and habitually would go to sleep if I had data over load or inconsistent data. Althought I have been able to unravel many mysteries in life and the physical world, the need to sleep is bothering me, when my wife b become arguementive at me (she seems very illogical to me) I just have an insatiable need to sleep and.nothing else no matter where I am. WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME?

  24. i am 25 and study at a reputed university, sleeping has never been a problem for me as it comes naturally. for the past many years i have been sleeping like a log, i just find my bed very comforting. i am very concerned as i don't sleep for just 10-15 hours regularly but every second day it goes to 18-22 hours. it has really made me into this vanishing person as my studies and every thing in my life is getting affected. i don't smoke or drink alcohol, i also don't have any tension regarding my life. it is very weird as everyone falls a little sick on odd days but i cant remember having the fever last time, no head ache, stomach pain, cough, cold or anything. i want to be normal again. i don't eat well as eating cases me to get up and i don't want to get up from bed. dreaming is not an issue, i dream a lot or not at certain times. if i don't have to eat and excrete i can sleep for days. i don't have a life because of my sleeping and cant remember the day and date when i wake up. i am very popular and talented, good looking and everyone loves me but i just sleep sleep and sleep. it is like a beautiful curse.
    i do not know what to do. i don't want to sleep, i want to do something in my life before i go away from this beautiful earth . i have a Bachelors of business administration degree and a law degree along with a masters of law degree in human rights law but all i do is sleep. its chronic, and everyone asks me where i was for a couple of days, i cant tell them i was in my room. if i could just not sleep i could do anything in my life. my life is perfect here in Australia but i cant help this sleeping. i am getting weak and falling back on my studies / today i slept for 32 hours straight, i remember waking up and quickly getting a cup of oats and milk before sleeping again...... help ..

  25. I am a light sleeper and am aroused easily from a deep sleep when someone wakes me, the sound of an alarm clock or any sound for that matter but I can fall back to sleep fast and continue to sleep for hours on end if allowed to do so. My mother was the same way and would always sleep in when I was old enough to care for myself and send myself to school, well old enough in her eyes, but on the weekends I would out sleep her and find her waking me sometimes 1 or 2 in the afternoon. I still can sleep well into the afternoon when I allow myself, only because my children are grown, and I'm seriously thinking that it may be hereditary. Has anybody else's family had issues with hypersleep or long sleep like themselves?

  26. I never know when this will happen. I may have a relative good day where I wake up early, may or may not have a nap and go to bed around 10:30 pm. The next day I might not wake up until 9:00 pm very hungry. I eat something readily available like yogurt, cheese,carrots or fruit. I'm still sleepy, go to the restroom and back to sleep the rest of that night and wake around 9:00 the next morning. That's 34 hours of sleep with little food and one time urination. Alarm clocks, and phone calls don't wake me during that time. I have 7 alarm clocks. I have a blue light with one alarm and a vibration thing under my pillow with another. One alarm is 14 decibels. I've even slept through my security alarm. While I'm asleep I feel like I have dreamed the whole time. The dreams are very vivid, detailed and lead into other dreams. There is usually conflict and strong emotions in the dreams. I wish someone had the answers. This is debilitating.

    1. I'm so glad I'm not the only one this happens to, but I'm sorry it happens to others at the same time. Shel, your story could be mine. I also never know when it will happen. I can only say it's more likely to happen if I've been up for a long time or otherwise sleep deprived, but it can and does happen regardless of my previous sleep patterns. I once slept through a micro burst that actually picked up and moved the mobile home I was in. I've slept though the phone ringing off the hook, people pounding on the door, multiple alarms etc.

      It's cost me jobs and relationships. I've missed numerous dates I'd planned that I was truly looking forward to through the years. I've had this all my life. I remember times in grade school not being able to wake up and eventually my mom would just give up and call me out sick. I seem to do better overall on a swing schedule or even a graveyard than I do a day shift. I've tried to work swing shifts as much as possible. Having to do a rotating schedule where you bounce from days to swings to graves is a nightmare and I've never managed to do it for very long.

      I just woke up from an episode of over 19 hours. I was supposed to drive up to see my boyfriend today, we'd planned it all month and he went out of his way to make it happen for me. And I didn't wake up. Didn't hear the alarms, or the phone. I think he's trying to understand. But it must be hard to if it's never happened to you.

      I have tried to talk to the Dr about it, All I got was an info sheet on "sleep hygiene". Sure it's good advice in general, but it doesn't seem to alleviate this problem. I wish there was some real help.

  27. I have to sleep for 14-16 hours if i want to feel well rested the next morning. That crashes with my student life tho since then i can only sleep for about 6-8 hours i try to sleep earlier but it wont help if i have to go to bed at to get enough sleep so when saturday comes i can sleep up to 18 hours to catch up the sleep i lost

  28. This article describes my husband perfectly!! He would sleep 24 hours straight if I let him!! He can't wake up on his own for anything because he's such a deep sleeper. I wish there was something that could help him with this.

  29. Oh my. I'm not just making it up! So much research I see about insomnia and yet here is something about the other way around. i have never been able to stay awake without really forcing myself to ever since I can remember and now I'm 21 and I still need to sleep 14 hours on weekends and 8-10 in the week and still feel exhausted. just to have this recognised has truly excited me.

  30. I recently into the habit of sleeping 15+ because I was lacking sleep the other night studying for my exams. I had lots of dream when I'm sleeping too, and it feels like an adventure or some kind of movie. One time I had a dream and it was a about zombie apocalypse. My town was full of zombie and somehow my mother got infected and she try to attack me and I had to kill her. Then I had to hid in the closet because the zombie bust into my house. Another dream I had was when me and my mother was at the airport. All of a sudden there was a terrorist attack and everybody was running and screaming. The terrorist was brutal and cruel they slick open all the throat of the passenger on the escalator. There was gunshots everywhere and bodies. Another dream would be about me and my family going on a vacation at resort which is located on a mountain deep in the forrest. We have a great time together. My sister and decided to go ahead of our family first and came across a bridge. As we were there, there was a red giant lobster down the river and two gigantic sharks as well. Somehow the bridge began to crumble or breakdown and we both fall into the river and the sky became misty and we lost our way back to the resort as well as lost contact with our family.

  31. Hi all. I'm a 22 year old woman with multiple mental illnesses (major depressive disorder, anxiety, cyclomatic bipolar, ADHD, PTSD, CPTSD, ocd tendencies to count things and pick at my skin relentlessly, and have a history with bulimia and anorexia) that have been affecting my life clearly since I was about 10 years old. Around 8 I noticed that I needed more sleep than most kids my age and I was constantly tired if I didn't get more than normal hours. During my teenage years it skyrocketed to anywhere between 12 and 16 hours of sleep each night. The days I went with 7-9 I was exhausted, mentally and physically. I also sleep through all my alarms. I have tried many things to rid myself of this inconvenience, as I've been called lazy and much worse for needing this much sleep. (To the point where I was emotionally and verbally abused.) This sleeping disorder of sorts has ruined my reputation with jobs, school, and my social life to the point where I only have about 12 hours on a good day of being awake. Also important to mention is I'm never refreshed, but consistently exhausted. I don't have the money for sleep studies, otherwise I would be doing them to find out why I can hardly stay awake. I have found myself borderline narcoleptic when I would try to sleep 8 hours a night and drink caffeine during the day. I practice good routines at night so I don't stay up later than necessary, but I still find myself waking between 5 or 6 hours of sleep from very vivid dreams. I've been lucid dreaming since I was 17, and I usually have 3 REM dreams a night/rest period that I usually can remember and often revisit and continue or relive in other sleep times. I've for the most part almost entirely given up hope of finding a job that can understand this issue and won't fire me over it. I'm a full time student and I already struggle to pay for my medications. It is also important to note that I went to rehab for suicidal thoughts and tendencies from 17 to 18 for 1 and a half months, and during this time I was taken off my regular medications to observe my behavior. I slept all the time. I missed group meetings and if I found the persistence to go to them, I would fall asleep during them often. Even now I find myself fighting sleep during school, yawning constantly, and not having energy to do much of anything. I used to work out religiously and was still the same amount exhausted. (I stopped recently due to body image disorders. I was doing it for the wrong reasons.) I've cut out most drinking from my life (once a week maybe?) and I do smoke weed to help with the panic attacks I frequently get from having too much caffeine and anxiety. (The strains that don't make you tired, IE Sativa strains, only.) My psychiatrist has been seeing me since I was 8 and refuses to write me a prescription for medical marijuana. I've tried just not taking concerta and Ritalin (and it almost ruined my GPA to the point where I couldn't fix it) to solve this anxiety and panic attacks. I've also tried taking them as needed instead of daily and am still dealing with panic attacks. As a psychology major I am completely stumped and too broke to afford tests to determine what exactly is wrong with me.

    1. Hey Courtney, you are definitely not alone. Every single thing that you wrote about describes me and I have never met anyone so similar. I took suffer from anxiety, PTSD, depression, and ADHD. I'm 24 and I've been dealing all of this and sleeping more than 12 hours a day. I became really reliant on adderall and stimulants to keep myself awake but I stopped taking them due to fear of it having a serious negative effect on my health. I've been having extremely vivid dreams since I was a little kid. I have intense vivid dreams every single night. I also smoke weed to help with my anxiety and depression, i had my psychiatrist medically prescribe it to me so I'm sorry to hear that yours won't help, because it has helped me tremendously. In high school I was in the top of my class and ended up going to a top university but I dropped out of school due to depression and my issues with sleeping, I would seldom oversleep and miss my classes. My family doesn't understand my condition either and they just think i'm lazy when it is something very difficult for me to control. What scares me the most about this disorder is that I feel like I'm sleeping my life away instead of dedicating the time I want to live a fulfilling life. If you ever need anyone to talk to about this please contact me, because you aren't alone and I would love to talk to someone who can relate.

  32. I've always needed a minimum of 10 hours sleep and will take a nap if I get less than 12 yet still sleep fine that night. It's like I never grew up and became a normal, functional, and productive adult (now 41). My dream world is often more important than the waking world and I've also experienced ESP or precognitive dreams since I was 6 years old. In my 20's I had a job where I was scheduled 4 x 10 hour shifts and I started self medicating with meth amphetamine becoming dependent almost immediately. That has been a life long battle as I simply do not function in a focused, alert, and productive way when not using. I get depressed and anxious as I feel like I'm letting my whole life pass me by until I can't stand the failure and disappointment feelings any longer and decide drug use is the lesser evil because I don't behave like a typical meth user and more like a medicated ADHD patient. I've discussed the harm reduction concept with my doctor to remove the negative stigmatism of being an addict and getting off the street variety for prescription treatments such as modafinil or adderall but doctors are taught that this addict behavior to seek out pharmaceuticals. I don't understand why opioid users are treated with suboxone or methadone and yet functionally dependent amphetamine users are routinely turned away with an abstinence only recommendation while these stimulants are commonly given to children with behavior problems so they can't be nearly as damaging to both the body and the ego who suffers from labels such as lazy, spacey, unreliable, or addict. To say I've suffered with major depression is an understatement! It's a relief to know that it isn't just me. That I haven't made it up for an excuse but merely have been fighting a condition of abnormality in sleep requirements in order to join society under pressure to be an adult, not to drop out and ignore responsibilities preferring to party. It's never been an intention to escape the world and always to participate because sleep is the infinite escape and I will rest when I'm dead. *I do NOT recommend anyone take the same route as me and instead suggest seeking treatment for ADHD without ever having the words "substance abuse" placed on your chart where you're treated from then on with apathy instead of the readily available medications that will allow for a happy, productive, fulfilling life.

    1. OMG I have nearly the same issues that you have I mean I could sleep for days if i wanted and even the meth can't keep me awake at times I wish I could find something to help. Have you had any luck in getting anyone go listen.

  33. I think this is what I suffer from. I've always slept for extremely long periods of time, for as long as I can remember at least. I started having sleep paralysis episodes in my early teens, and then EDS. It's been so bad that I've had trouble holding down jobs (sleeping through alarms, etc.). And I'm not rich so I sorta 'exist' rather than 'live'. Most of my life I've thought that I just have a bad case of narcolepsy type 2, and that I just sleep more than people with narcolepsy ..since I get so sleepy while I should be awake that I've fallen asleep driving before.
    Dealing with doctors has been an absolute nightmare as well. They almost always treat me like I'm just after stimulants. I was finally able to afford a sleep study (polysomnogram and MLST) and it was inconclusive. They found 'issues', but wanted another study. I can't afford to though. I finally found a doctor that put me on Provigil for the time being. It helps a lot, but I've been thinking about asking him to increase my dosage.
    Do any of you guys take meds for this sleep disorder?

  34. I'm wondering about REM as well. Because i also have at least 2 vivid complex dreams every night. And the last 2-3 months i have noticed that i sleep longer than i use to, average 10 hours per night. I retired about a year ago, so maybe i am just bored in general, or maybe its a symptom of something else.

  35. On one night this week, I did not sleep at all. This is because I am being weaned off a drug for Restless Legs Syndrome that caused my symptoms to get much worse (called Augmentation).

    The following night, I took my regular dose of this drug which has a sleep-inducing effect on my body. I did not set my alarm. I remember getting up a couple times to go to the bathroom, and I woke up around 8 a.m. but went back to sleep and slept until 10 a.m. My best friend feels this is not natural. Does anyone know the facts about whether this ability to sleep 14 hours (after having 0 hours of sleep the night before) is a blessing or not a good thing. I know that I felt refreshed, like I had made up for the night of sleep I had missed.

  36. I am so glad I found this. I have always needed 10 hours sleep which makes it very hard to love with other people or have a social life outside work. People laugh at you, call you lazy or just don't believe you and think you just need to force your body to get used to 7 or 8 hours sleep. It would be great for it to be classified as some sort of mild disability (such as dyslexia) so that you had grounds for asking for slightly altered hours at work like later start/finish time (or just so it was socially unacceptable for people to be derogatory). I also have very vivid dreams- I wonder if proportionally more REM sleep is the cause of this syndrome.

    1. Hi Jlmars,
      I totally relate and agree with you about this sleep pattern being classified as a disability. I wonder if there is anyway to advocate for this to be labeled a disability so those of us that genuinely need 10+ hours can be accommodated. I also am called lazy, and am expected to get up at "a reasonable time" by people who just don't get it. After reading a lot of these comments, it appears most of us have similar symptoms. I would bet more than 2% of the population has this. I know several others just like me. I also do not believe it is caused by depression, although depression might cause someone to want to sleep more.

      I also wonder if more REM sleep can cause this. Are vivid dreamers more likely to require more sleep overall? If I wake up with under 10 hours I experience what seems to be extreme sleep inertia. I have the most incredibly complex and vivid dreams that I can remember for several years (some I will never forget). I revisit dreams again and again and sometimes if I wake up during one I can go right back into the dream where it left off. Sometimes I can completely manipulate my dreams, change the course, and add story lines. I set multiple alarms, but I can never remember snoozing my them (but they get snoozed).

  37. Hi Paula, you first need to find the root cause of your sleep . Is it pathological or just a natural part of you? For that you will have to go for a sleep study test where they will analyse your sleep pattern, such a test should be most useful. Then depending on the outcome of the test you can take things forward.


  38. I have this condition, and so unlike my peers (in their 60's), I do not accomplish a great deal in my waking time, party because this waking time is so brief. Would it be a good idea to take ADHD meds or modanifil?

  39. I never knew other people had this issue for lack of a better term. I have since a teenage had long sleeps as they are called here. NOw that I am no longer a working parent (ie retired), I find that I cannot keep up with my peers who do many things in a day, as I don't wake up until 12-15 hours after going to bed and they have already played tennis, shopped met friends etc.

    I do suffer from depression but believe that part of my depression is because of my long sleeps stopping me from enjoying life.

    Would it be a good idea to take ADHD meds or modafinil type meds?

  40. I'm 17 years old and lately I've been getting way too much sleep. I've been heavily studying for exams, which has been causing me to get 3-4 hours of sleep a night. Now that exams are over, I've been coming home from school and laying in bed until I fall asleep, meaning I'll sleep from 5 PM to 5 AM (yikes), but I'll wake up once or twice between that time. I don't fight the urge because it feels natural for some reason. I'm the type of person that becomes grouchy if I don't get 7 hours of sleep or more. Also, my psychologist has mentioned that I have minor depression, so I don't know if that has anything to do with my new sleep cycle.

  41. I dunno for the past year or so I have been sleeping 10-12 hours each night well not really night I guess, most days I sleep during the day, it's the only way I get enough sleep as I will just stay up all night if i don't force myself to sleep right after school. This has been making my social and school life harder

  42. When given the chance, such as weekends, I fall asleep around 2-3 am, and sleep until 4 or 5 pm. If I have to wake up any earlier to go somewhere or do something, I go back to bed for another few hours when I get home to catch up. A nap to me is 3-4 hours. However, on school nights/weekdays I can fall asleep at 2am, wake up at 5:40am, and function perfectly throughout the day (I also take naps in some classeS), but I'm tired as soon as I get home. I too always thought I was just lazy. I always have an overwhelming feeling of being unable to get out of bed unless I've slept an adequate amount.

    1. Sounds like you have Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome if you are not able to sleep until 2am. The reason you sleep so long on the weekends is because your body is seeking to make up the sleep deficit you incur during the week. You need to see a sleep specialist and seek a formal diagnosis, as DSPD cannot be cured, and knowledge is power. Being diagnosed young means you can pick the right career for this disorder, and you won't end up health issues from chronic sleep deprivation.

  43. I've always slept for 11 hours each night and if I don't get that then I am horribly drousy the rest of the day , my friends call me a party pooper for always going to bed early and nothing disturbeds me in the night. Its been like this since I was born. It's hard to handle sometimes especially when I have to stay up late to work on school work and will sometimes fall asleep in school

  44. Thyroid problems can cause this. Have your thyroid checked by an integrative medical, not an endocrinologist. Also, Epstein Barr Virus, aka, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome can affect sleep patterns, undersleeping or oversleeping, both unrefreshing sleep. Leaky gut, believe it or not can affect sleep. I have a partially empty sella, pituitary disorder that may be the cause as well.

  45. Lately I have been sleeping 10-12 hrs a night, yesterday I got 12 hrs of sleep so I thought today maybe I would wake up earlier - nope! Another 12 hr sleep. I realized that when I was being forced o wake up early it would make me grumpy during the day. When I was a child I remember being woken by my ma but not getting out of bed because I was so lazy and didn't feel refreshed at all, so I would have realistic dreams of waking up and moving on with my morning routine only to wake with 10 minutes to the bus. I guess I was just lazy. Could my excess sleeping pattern be related to o depression? My sister has depression but I have never been diagnosed.

    1. What if a person don't sleep on time
      But when they sleep ,they sleep
      11 to 15 hours , sometimes 20 hours
      Is that normal?

      1. You would have what i have, where your body doesnt care what timeit is, either you go to sleep at 4pm and wake up and 9am or you go to sleep at 11pm and wake up at 3pm the next day
        it is not normal to need so much sleep neither is it normal to not sleep on time

  46. I sleep for 12 hrs a day regularly but I wake up some time when people around are so annoying, I dont really stand up and wake, I just try to sleep again, I dont like waking up in the morning because I feel like I get deprived hence I feel sad, when I dont get to have 12 hrs of sleep I get sad
    Yesterday, I slept for 15 hrs, I was tired and sleep deprived. Kinda feels unhealthy, because I skipped mealtimes

  47. i sleep anywhere between 12-15 hours, when i have to sleep less i feel sick, i feel really tired to the point i can not function at school or work and i am falling asleep

    1. Kristen de Haven: Have you ever had a sleep study? It sounds like you may have narcolepsy. I have it and take a stimulant in order to function somewhat normally. Before I was on medication I would go to bed early, sleep late, take an a.m. nap for 2 hours, followed by a 2hour nap in the afternoon. During wakeful time I was in a fog and felt exhausted all the time. I would suggest talking to a pulmonary/sleep disorder physician if you haven't already done so.

    1. Well disorders are really just differenses in people that make there life qualety worse, because they dont work with how society curently is.
      So yhe they are just some people who needs more sleep.
      I think we should look at disorders a bit differently. A lot of people with disorders could work fine without help if they got in the right situation, like a fitting job, but not all ofcorse.

    2. trust me this is a disorder, you would know if you just need more sleep or if you have this disorder, imagine going to sleep one night at 9pm and waking the next with no energy what so ever at 3pm. wanting to sleep longer. that different then just needing a couple hours more of sleep.

      1. I totally agree.. I feel like I have been's real and it's not normal. I am always thinking about sleeping. I have gotten enough rest and can still sleep a lot. This is not normal. Its one thing to be tired but sleepy is on a different level..

  48. I regularly sleep 15+ hours a night. Sometimes sleeping last into the next day. And if my partner left me and didn't wake (happened once or twice) I would sleep right through until 8pm or so the following day. I would then naturally awaken myself. I have been like this since childhood. And was extremely hard to waken as a child.

    1. Have you ever had any sleep related weirdness? Like overly vivid dreaming, repeated dream landscapes, or dreams about things that are part of your next day/week/month/year(s)? De-ja vu's that are more than de ja vu's? I am a long sleeper and this stuff happens to me all the time, when I was a kid they told me it was this or that, now that I'm an adult I can rationalise for myself what is coincedense and what is actually strange.

      1. Yes...i think of my dream life as my "other life". People, places, etc. i've been too before in my dreams and have revisited quite a bit. I don't know if it's because i sleep alot and dream every night and that my mind has created another place, so to speak, that has people and places like my real life...that i can go to again.

        1. I can relate to both of you....i sleep 16 hours average at night/day and my dreams are like another life....same landscapes, people i make up. The deja vus last for more than 2 minutes sometimes..very vivid....long dreams. I can even go back to them if i wake up from a loud noise during the day

          1. Glad I'm not the only one. I'm 68 and this started when I was about 55. I am now also very difficult to awake. All of my dreams are in color. Some of them are very stressfull. Most last for hours. The reoccurring dream that I have had since I was a child is that I can and do fly. It's fun. No one else in my dreams can and people are so shocked. I am always afraid I am going to get to high so I'm very careful. I guess when I get to high I will just not wake up. What a way to go.

          2. Glad I'm not the only one. My body wants 10 hours of sleep a night, but if I only get 8 or less for the week then I'll easily sleep 15 hrs on the wekeend to make up for it. But it's the dream thing - it's a completely alternate life and totally vivid. So, I'm never really resting, I'm just living in a different world until I wake up and return to this one.

      2. one time about a year ago, I had a dream of me waking up in redwood city, california and getting off my bed and looking to the right, towards the window.. the bed had a golden jet lighter and a blue comforter and the bed frame was an old fashoned one... and on the wall was a tv that had a big brown speaker on the bottom of it with an xbox below it.. and what was really weird was I was living in seattle, washington, in a room that I was sharing with my sister, and I had never been in the room that I woke up in neither did I have the things that I woke up with in the dream, but 5 months ago I woke up exactly how I did in the dream! It was mind blowing when I woke up and realized I had a dream exactly like this situation 7 months ago, and I fainted but now Im a long sleeper and have really vivid dream like this, like a few weeks ago I had a dream I was racing with exotic cars, I got out of my car and shrunk it so I could pick it up to walk up some stairs, but then it turned into an inception dream where I woke up in a kitchen looking for sodium hydroxide and phosphorous, I dont know why but the physics in that dream made it so if I put the two together it would explode, then I asked a girl where it could be then she said can you help me and I said of course this is my dream, then we both had dream sex then I woke up in another dream on the couch I was sleeping on when I originally fell asleep, so i thought this dream was real, then my dad was there and brought me to my room, and the more I looked at my room the more futuristic it got! first it was just a chair and a tv then a floating remote, I tried to pick up the remote and woke up in reality. that was only one dream! but my dad thinks I dont have this disorder but I am tired through out the day and have been needing 16+ hours of rest, and at least 14 hours of deep sleep

        1. This sounds like one of my nightly dreams! I dream in color and can also talk out loud, waking myself up at times, but fall back asleep and continue my dream. It's gotten to the point where I enjoy my "dream life" and can get there quickly most of the time, including getting up to go to the bathroom during the night. I love being able to enjoy my dreams! The downside is that I sleep up to 16 hours per night these days and I have trouble with feeling tired in the hours that I am awake. I feel like I could nap after even just one hour of being awake, but I don't. I feel that way the entire duration of my waking hours. I also lack an appetite and suffer from nausea quite frequently when I first awake and at other waking times at random. Do you have any of those symptoms or side effects of long-sleeping?

        2. I have future dreams as well. I need to sleep 12-15 hours in a 24 hour period. I have been an excessive sleeper all my life and indulged if the needs of my life would allow. I am so grateful to have found your post.

      3. wow exactly. very vivid and all in color seem like a full story and continual.And yes i have had many a dream come true and that scares me. Ive been sleeping now 11 hrs a day and i wake at 11 usually. i do have to get up to use the bathroom once a night or early am and start falling back asleep in bathroom. i hit the bed and im out.

      4. I have this too a lot and am only 13. I also sleep a lot but am forced to sleep very little because of school, but in the summer I slept an average of 10 hours a day

      5. That de-ja vu happens to me a few times a week. It is one of the symptoms of epilepsy. You may want to see a neurologist for an EEG. When I have a seizure I can usually feel it coming with this strange de-ja vu feeling. I'm then left drained and sleep for 2-10 hours. I hope this helps.

    2. Would be nice to email with someone who has this condition. I have it all my life and only just find now via this websight what i may
      Have. Its a relief.

      1. Hi David
        I have been a long sleeper all of my life. I am in my sixties now. I usually fall asleep around midnight and sleep until 10 or 11. If I go to bed later-and I tend to be a night owl- I will sleep until noon or 1. I am retired, so this is not an issue now. But during my working life I gravitated towards afternoon or evening jobs. If I get up after 8 hours of sleep I definitely feel bad when I get up and worse during the day. If I get less than 7 hours of sleep I sometimes get nauseated- which goes away as soon as I get a two to three-hour nap.

        Does this sound familiar?

        1. I cannot believe how similar your symptoms and sleeping pattern is to mine. I came here looking for information on sleeping up to 16 hours per night, nausea, and general aching/feverish feeling. It's every single day and I cannot live like this and function!

      2. Hi - I have gone through 4 sleep studies at 2 top sleep clinics and the results have shown that I get no REM/restful sleep. I was also recently diagnosed as a long sleeper which I have had as long as I can remember. I've lost days as one post mentioned, sleeping all night and all the next day numerous times. I also experience vivid colorful dreams, talk in my sleep (waking myself up but going right back to sleep). If you want to talk further, you can email me.

        1. Hello Karen.. I would like to ask you a few questions about the sleep studies and clinics you went to... I have a similar problem sleeping 12 hours but I don't have dreams.. Never there any fix for this... I've had it since I was a kid...

          1. I had 2 studies done at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago and 2 at Scripps in La Jolla, CA. Unfortunately there is no cure, only managing it. My doctor told me to take a nap each day, go out in sunlight for at least 30 minutes after awakening, go to bed at the same time each night. He said only 2% have this (I don't know what to call it - illness, syndrome ?). Did you Google it? You will find information there. I'm happy to answer any questions you may have. Hope this helps a little - I know, it sucks! And people/family members/work situations do not understand it or know about it because little is known about it; they usually chalk it up to laziness, which is far from the truth. It is very frustrating, I know!

        2. My son is suffering with this I think for about six years . I worry he might get so distraught that he take life .He’s a junior in college and none of his professors have any empathy for him. They just think he’s lazy . His doctor suggested he go for a sleep study . He was on a CPAP machine for year but it didn’t help . I had lunch with him last week I feel his desperation . He told me he absolutely can’t keep living like this . I am devastated . I can’t sleep at night thinking he might hurt himself.
          I don’t want it play around with going after doctor and doctor . Buy them it would be too late . Do you have any suggestions for me anything .

      3. Yes it's not much information on this condition. I found out that I had it a year ago) I was only told by my provider(pulmonary/sleep disorder doctor) drink 2 cups of coffee a day before noon/and sleep on weekends, holidays..etc. I really would love more information.

    3. I wanted to sleep more than 6 hours, its just too difficult for me. My body automatically wakes me up early regrdless of what time I fell asleep.

      1. I was worried that my needing 10 hours was excessive.
        I've always been like this, except for my 20's-30's when 8 hours was fine. Now I'm 64. Still need 9-10.
        I really feel better with 9-10, and now they say that's too much! I think better and solve problems better on 9-10. But I do think over 10 is too much and can not be good for most people

    4. I can't wait to go to sleep every night, I feel like I'm going to a world that I've created in my sleep. I started my own business that works around my need for a minimum of 12 hours a night.

      1. Hi Rita,

        I had to do the same thing - start my own business. I work with people overseas so the late night / extra sleep isn't much of an issue. Nice to run into some other people who have struggled through this.

        Sometimes I feel like I should be on a planet that has 30 hour days. 12 hours of sleep then 18 hours awake.

Sleep Disorders

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