Hallucinations During Sleep

Woman Sleeping Badly

Hallucinations during sleep are a phenomenon that can target any sensory perception, be it visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory, or other. Sleep hallucinations are often confused with both illusions and dreams. They occur in the state between waking and sleeping, although the person is considered to be technically asleep during these hallucinations. This is in contrast to dreams or lucid dreams, which occur while the person is asleep.

What’s the Difference Between Illusions and Hallucinations?

Illusions occur while awake and are classified as a sensory misrepresentation of an external stimulus, while hallucinations occur in the absence of any external stimuli. Hallucinations most often occur in the stages before or after sleep, explaining their connection as a sleep-related phenomenon. Hallucinations can occur at any time, though this article will only look at hallucinations as they are connected to sleep. Hallucinations are common, most notably sleep-related hallucinations, with over 10 percent of the population experiencing one at some point in their life.

Hypnagogic Hallucinations, Hypnopompic Hallucinations, and Sleep Paralysis

The two forms of sleep related hallucinations are called hypnagogic (hypnagogia) and hypnopompic (hypnopompia) hallucinations. Hypnagogic hallucinations occur just before sleep, and may be accompanied by sleep paralysis, a state in which the subject is physically immobile but fully conscious. Hypnopompia, which is often considered as part of a dream by the subject, also involves difficulty breathing and muscle tightness. Hypnopompia occurs upon waking, and may also be accompanied by sleep paralysis

Sleep paralysis is much more common in hypnopompia than in hypnagogia. Sleep paralysis is often confused by the person experiencing it as part of a lucid dream, which accounts for the high number of recalled dreams with elements of being frozen in place or being unable to move. Common hypnopompic experiences include the sensation of falling and the feeling of a presence in the room.

Distinguishing Dreams From Sleep Hallucinations

Sleep hallucinations can cause confusion, as they will often be indistinguishable from reality in your mind. In contrast, upon waking from a dream during REM sleep, most people will clearly recognize it was a dream they were experiencing, or may immediately forget about the dream entirely upon waking. Hallucinations may also cause fear, especially upon waking, as they may include clear and complex visual images that are distorted or make no sense.

Sleep-related hallucinations can occur in as many as 25 percent of people, as opposed to under 5 percent for non sleep-related hallucinations. They are most commonly found in young adults and teens, and the frequency of hallucinations seems to decrease with age. Females are more likely to experience them than males.

Woman Experiencing Bad Dream

Known Causes and Treatment of Sleep-Related Hallucinations

Sleep-related hallucinations may be a direct result of alcohol or drug use, or could be due to insomnia, anxiety, stress or other factors. People with narcolepsy have a high rate of sleep hallucination occurrences.

Sleep hallucinations may not need treatment, as they often occur infrequently and do not affect sleep quality. They may be a sign of mental stress though, or if coupled with daytime sleepiness, even narcolepsy. If the hallucinations are causing fear or anxiety, or to validate its causes, you may want to talk to your doctor or a sleep specialist. When issues of mental stress are suspected, you may be advised to contact a therapist, or practice relaxation techniques before bedtime to help the mind shut down. It may also be advised to stay out of bed until feeling extremely tired, to avoid lying awake in bed and having the mind wander onto issues that may be causing you stress or anxiety. It has been shown in studies that the clearer a person’s mind is, the less likely they are to hallucinate, or even dream. 

If the hallucinations are the result of medication, drug or alcohol use, it may be advised to refrain from their use, and you may need to change medications if this is the case.

Any suspected case of narcolepsy should be consulted with a sleep specialist, and an overnight sleep study performed to look into it further. Narcolepsy can be a debilitating disorder that can be treated.

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189 thoughts on “Hallucinations During Sleep

  1. Jamie Reply

    I have had these my whole life. They go away for that night if I pray to God to take them away. I’ve talked with coworkers before, been attacked by spiders and rodents, and more recently after I got married, it has been protecting my wife from things only I see. When I get them I wake up cussing like crazy. Sometimes I get sleep paralysis and have begun to blackout due to suffocation multiple times.

  2. Mindy Reply

    This post kinda got away from me so if your not wanting to read a novel you probably should skip over this one but it’s got a lot of my experiences in it.
    I’m 33 years old I’ve had what I call vivid/lucid nightmares my whole life I started having them when I was probably 5 years old the first one I ever had there was a saw coming up my bed to cut me in half and I couldn’t move or scream but I was making wimpering sounds and my mom came in to comfort me but as she did the saw started going towards her I’ve had that one 2 times when younger.
    My parents told me I use to sleep walk and try putting random things in the cupboards (around 5-6 years old) I don’t sleep walk anymore.
    When I was in jr high I would think there were people in my room I didn’t see them but could sense them I would run into my sisters room sometimes still asleep.
    In my 20’s I started with more of the vivid dreaming my dreams were either about cats, spiders crawling all over me and my bed or guys with a shot gun in the house don’t know why those 3 things but those were the ones I had the most of at this time in my life the dreams would be a few a month.
    I’ve done some pretty crazy things like walking off the bed, I fell in between the wall and bed once and basically sandwiched myself my feet were over my head I have no idea how it was even possible for your body to be in that position I couldn’t get out so my boyfriend at the time had to pull me out.
    Other times I would just gasp sit up in bed scaring the crap out of my boyfriend and then just laying right back down and go back to sleep never remembering doing it.
    I got divorced and have been staying at my parents for about a year and a half that’s when things started falling apart and I’ve had vivid/lucid dreaming since then.
    (Just for a side note my dreams don’t scare me now days they just piss me off cuz I have them every night sometimes up to 4 in a night)
    The dreams started out just being cats, spiders, bugs and mice trying to get me and I’d go turn on the light to make them go away then they progressed to a man in a black trench coat standing on the other side of the room and possessed kids all around my bed that one I was actually scared and my heart was pounding I was paralyzed and couldn’t move to turn on my lantern I bought to snap me out of the dreams I had that one twice that night right in a row.
    Then my dreams started working against my ways of awaking up.
    When I would have the cat dreams and my dogs were in my room I would just look at them and if they weren’t freaking out I knew I was dreaming and snap out of it but one night in my dream both my dogs chased the cats so in my head they weren’t there to snap me out of it so I turned the light on then the one that really freaked me out was the 2nd man in the black coat and kids dream so after turning on my lantern after being paralyzed I had the same dream but this time I wasn’t paralyzed I reached up for my lantern and it was gone I turned back around and the man in black had my lantern on the other side of the room and he said “what are you going to do now” waving it in the air, oh man that one freaked me out.
    Then I started hearing mice in my room this was actually real and I woke up to one of them on my chest I jumped out of bed sending flying through the air I didn’t sleep in my room for 2 weeks until they were gone but after that I started having mice dreams which sucked.
    After the black coated man and mice experience I bought a lamp so I now basically sleep with a light on so I can see what’s in my room.
    When I moved into my parent a year and a half ago I was having health issues I could figure out the right side of my body and face would go numb I’d not know where I was at times and couldn’t comprehend the simples things and my eyes wouldn’t focus on anything I actually ran a red light infront of a police officer I didn’t even see any color in the stop light obviously got pulled over and he had me do a breathalyzer which was 0 then I did all the other test passed them but the last test was putting my foot one in front of the other I couldn’t even put the first foot down with out stumbling over I tried 4 times and then I just looked at him and said I can’t do it I don’t know why but I can’t I told him of what I had been experiencing and luckily the officer was nice enough to let me call my dad to come get me and I didn’t get a ticket.
    The cat scan and mri came back normal but I didn’t feel normal it was about a month later we determined it was migraines and to this day I have a migraine everyday and my face goes numb it’s very frustrating.
    That kinda went off subject for a min sorry
    I’m thinking about doing hypnotherapy to see if I can figure out if there is any underlying issues or away to not have them anymore
    Has anyone tried hypnotherapy before?

  3. Anonymous Reply

    I keep seeing daddy long legs crawling on my son or bear him. I find myself trying to grab them and they look as though the crawl away too quickly for me. I haven’t slept much since his birth. He’s now 15 months. I guess I’m sleep deprived. Good to know I’m not losing my mind.

  4. Mia Reply

    I had similar experience yesterday. I was sleeping and sudenly I woke up feeling a presence in my room. Then I felt like my blanket was dragged off me and “someone” was caressing my legs. I wasn’t exactly afraid, but it was really weird. Expecially when i saw dark figure standing next to my desk and looking at the papers that lays there. At that point I made a sound (i wanted to scream but all that came out was weak “aaaa”) and everything dissapeared.

  5. Dustin Cantrell Reply

    I will sometimes wake up in the middle of the night and half remember but I see vivid figures of random things and they scare the crap out of me but I’m awake but asleep it’s weird my gf witnessed it but I only remember half of what happen it’s like sleep walking but I have hallucinations that ain’t really there any ideas on what could be the cause?

    • Sutton Reply

      I have experienced the same thing, but Iḿ usually in a state of Being half awake and half asleep. It feels like Im dreaming, and I see and feel things that arent there. It gets to the point that it hurts. I dont know why. I will start screaming and crying. I also am scared of my windows and every object in sight when I am in this state.

  6. Lisa Reply

    Hi Jon, I’ve experienced this a few times. The way I understand why this happens is, the brain becomes actively awake but not completely so you body is not awake but your brain is. Your brain hasn’t switch on the signals to able you to move yet. I knows it’s frightening when it happens but it’s really nothing to be too scared xx I hope you stop having them soon xx

  7. Jon Reply

    Can somebody please explain this to me

    I fall asleep and my body is being grab and controlled like somebody is pushing me around the bed. And I try to scream but can’t. ThAn when I do scream it stops and I wake up. What the hell is going on. I’ve been up for two days now. I’m so scared to sleep now

    • Liza Reply

      sounds like sleep paralysis combined with hallucinations. I have had the exact same thing happen to me about a dozen times and each time it is equally as terrifying. Try cutting caffeine or other stimulants out of your diet and try to de-stress if you can. unfortunately there is not really a certain cure.

  8. JW Reply

    Tom, that’s not a sleep hallucination, it’s just a weird dream. Sleep hallucinations don’t work the same way. They’re much more real. Read the examples the other commenters have given… You’re basically in your room and it feels like you’re awake and you happen to look around and suddenly see something bizarre right there in front of you while lying in bed. As one woman said she saw her son walk in, mess with her closet and then lie on the floor so she jumped up to turn the lights on and no one was there. Similarly one of my own examples was lying in bed feeling like I couldn’t get to sleep and suddenly seeing movement across the room. I sat up and saw my car climbing up the shades and then sliding out the window. I jumped up and ran across the room screaming “oh my god, help!” When I turned on the light though, she was sitting comfortably on the other side of the room and the window was closed.

    Most of mine, however, like many people seem to suffer from, are related to insects. And they are frequent for me. It’s horrible to wake up to see and feel dozens of dead water bugs squashed all over your bed and frantically be ripping sheets off and shaking them out for several minutes before snapping out of it and realizing they’re not actually there. Or looking up to check the time and seeing hordes of spiders crawling on your wall. Those are sleep hallucinations. Again, big difference between that and a bad dream.

  9. jessie mastronardo Reply

    I wake up to people standing in my bedroom. I close my eyes and scream because I never expect someone to be in my bedroom at night. Yes, I have sleep apnea and have had it happen (people) with the mask on. Some times they are talking and that wakes me up. I never recognize anyone, always human, not animal. I don’t drink or do drugs. Some times the hair raises on the back of my neck and I know someone is there, so I look….and scream. I’m a practical and sane woman. Weird.

    • Lisa Reply

      Hi Jessie, I was just reading through people’s experiences & yours is the same as mine, although I don’t hear myself make a sound but my partner does. He says it’s a terrifying sound I make, like I’m petrified. Which I am at the time. When I first expirenced this I saw a young boy looking over me in my bed. I thought it was a ghost. Now I know it’s not.!

      Do you having any ideas that can help?

      Thanks lisa

  10. Austin Reply

    I’ve only been having sleep hallucinations for about half a year now. I am in Highschool so that’s probably where the whole stress thing comes into play but I only ever see animals and insects in my sleep. I will think there are spiders and jump up and see them crawling between my mattress. Or I’ll see and feel Mice crawl on me.

  11. Anonymous Reply

    I personally wake up to cartoons projected on my bedroom wall and bedroom door. I tried to make sense of it ,but of course it doesn’t make sense. It’s very scary. I know that it doesn’t sound scary, but it is when you don’t know where t’s coming from! I also see things rushing toward my bed and drones flying around my room. I then have to sleep with light on. That’s not easy!

    • Russ Reply

      so do i, ive been seeing this small square drone about 1 inch by 1 inch with red lights flying over my head while i sleep, i even woke up and swung a pillow at it and it avoided it! contact me for more info

  12. Kate Reply

    I’ve had hypnopompic hallucinations for many years. Sometimes they go away for months but sometimes it’s a nightly thing. It’s been a nightly thing for quite some time recently. I’m dreading going to sleep tonight. I wish there was a way to stop them. It was just spiders for years by the past few years it’s also floating objects overtop me to shapes on the wall moving around.

  13. Dee Reply

    I have had trouble falling asleep for more than a decade. As I am drifting off, I startle myself awake, sometimes even jumping up to sit up in bed. Doctors tell me it’s anxiety, that my brain and body are out of sync — as normal physical changes happen (slower heart rate and breathing), my mind thinks I’m in trouble and wakes me up.

    It used to take 30 mins – 1 hour to fall asleep, now it’s mostly 2-3 hours. Every night. Unless …

    Here’s the odd thing — if I’m not feeling good, whether it’s a pulled muscle in my back or I have a headache or sore throat or something, well, I don’t have the trouble falling asleep. It’s like my brain has a real problem to focus on, so it doesn’t make up stuff. And if I happen to wake up to go to the bathroom, or in the early morning if the phone rings or something, I have no trouble going back to sleep.

    However, if I were to lie down in the afternoon to take a nap, I have the same trouble falling asleep. So unless I’m actually sick, there is no point in trying to nap.

    Because of the aggrevation, I’m tempted to ask for a sleep study. Sleep apnea occurs in both sides of my family.

    On another topic — I have woken to the “spiders on the wall” hallucination. It’s usually in the early part of the night, and I’ve read that it may be due in part to having your eyes partly open and seeing your eyelashes. Who knows? (One time there really was a spider on my wall, but all the rest of the times, nothing.)

  14. Brian Reply

    I have a question concerning this: I have had a LOUD beep next to my ear as I was laying in bed this morning. It caused physical reactions in my ear, it was so loud. Is it possible for a sound in one’s head to make your ear react like it was a real sound?

  15. Elijah Reply

    I’ve had the same dream back to back for two days now, everything happened the same way and I be seeing the same figures all the time and everywhere; and the same places where I got hurt in the dream hurts rn, like it’s aching and my breath is cut short

  16. Marie Reply

    Oh ASA, thank you thank you thank you sooooooooo much for writing this article. I’ve been having “dreams” for almost 9 months now to where I would wake up performing an action. Some of which would be holding up a falling wall of spiders that doesn’t actually exist; following a purple orb with my finger and serializing to my husband “ooh look at that;” and most recently running (yes, physically running) from a stranger in my room. Lately, though, I’ve been waking up/coming to with bruises because I’m bumping into things while I’m running and sometimes walking.
    This article is very informative and matches what I’ve been experiencing. One night, I was very scared because of my hallucination that I didn’t want to fall asleep ever again. Chances are that my issue is stress related because I have been VERY stressed this year.
    Again, I am very thankful that you posted this article! I know now that I am not alone or crazy.

  17. TomLnz Reply

    Yesterday i had my first hallucination… Or whatever you like to call it. I’ve never been so genuinely confused in my whole life. It felt like i was going nuts. I was just about to fall asleep when i found myself in a dark room with a girl i know from school. I tried talking to her but she eventually disappeared and after she was gone i suddenly saw my own distorted face in something that looked like the screen of a phone, or a mirror… these faces of mine kept changing their shape until they eventually moved so fast it looked like they were flying by. Then i heard voices that became louder and louder with every second until it sounded like multiple people screaming in fear. It was so horrible that i tried to snap out of it but it didnt work out the way it did when i usually had nightmares…i tried to pinch myself so i would wake up (a Trick my mom showed my when i was a little kid) and it didnt work… So when this terrifying screaming reached its climax i suddenly felt a relief and opened my eyes. I was back in my room, the light was turned on and even though i was awake i still didnt believe that i was safe… I was Checking around till i eventually calmed myself…I know it sounds relatively harmless in comparison to other peoples experiences but i am so unsettled and scared that it will happen again. It felt so real… what the hell was that?

  18. Tarynkay Reply

    I’ve had these for as long as I can remember. Last night I had one that my son came into my room, walked over to the closet, opened and shut it, and then lay down on the floor. It was so real that I got up and turned the light on. Of course he wasn’t really there at all.

    Usually they are about the ceiling caving in or someone coming in through the outside wall, removing the bricks one at a time.

    Interestingly, I stopped having these altogether when I got pregnant. My younger son (20 months) has recently started nursing less often, so I am guessing that this is triggered in me by a hormonal change.

  19. Kelly Reply

    I suppose I have hypnogognic hallicicinations and sleep paralysis. It started when I was a little kid and I would have a reacurring nightmare whenever I would sleep in my parents room of a blimp coming in through the door. Lol not sure why that terrified me but kids have weird fears. As time went on I had different hallucinations that were more mainstream scary. Think the ring and grudge like creatures crawling onto my bed… monsters, shadow figures etc. One time I remember a body dropping from my ceiling and as it woke me my whole body contracted and I felt winded. There are common themes among all of these dreams. It’s always before I fall asleep not upon waking. I can’t move. There is always some sort of light source in the room allowing me to see. I feel like my eyes are half open when this is happening because I can look around. The room I am in is always the same as the one I “fell asleep” in and I am aware of sounds around me. Often times I have these hallucinations when I nap during the day and can still hear people talking in the house or the tv on in another room. All of my senses are working except for smell I think. I can feel everything as if I am really awake. Now I am able to control these hallucinations and turn them into whatever I want. They don’t scare me at all. I can also mirror write. Our brains are weird.

    • Sutton Reply

      In my dreams I am TERRIFIED of blimps. I will have dreams where I will have to get on a blimp and it scares the crap out of me. I am 11, and it must have something to do with me being afraid of heights? It also happens to me with dreams about bridges.

  20. Francesca Reply

    I can’t take this anymore. I hate bedtime I hate when everyone is sleeping. I hate going to sleep. I have had sleep hallucinations since I was a child and I’m now 34 and they keep happening. Sometimes I’ll be free of them for a few mi this then BOOM. Three nights in a row now. My fiancé hears me screaming but can’t do anything to help. Why is this happening and how can I stop this. I’m terrified.

  21. Michael Reply

    Mine most of the time occurs before I sleep. I cannot breath sometimes or feel I’m drowning whenever I’m in the water (like under the sea) in my hallucination. Sometimes I have to stretch my legs and feet, pinch the end of my fingers and take a little walk before I go to sleep again to avoid another attack and it helps sometimes. I know all of us wish that we don’t have this sleep disorder.

  22. Michael Reply

    I have this sleep paralysis since I’m about 16 years old and now I’m 32 and I still have it. It usually occurs when I ‘m in sleep deprivation, don’t have enough sleep , impaired sleep pattern. Different hallucinations I have experienced. But the worst thing, sometimes I have this feeling that my ears are going to explode, I feel some pressure in my ears especially when I’m trying to move during the attack. I have read a lot of article and there is no cure for this sleep disorder. But whenever I get enough sleep or go to sleep at the right time, I rarely have sleep disorder. It sounds funny if I tell you that instead of being scared of what I see in my hallucinations, I rather enjoy the scenario even it’s scary. Not all the time I’m seeing scary things, sometimes I’m seeing places that I have never seen before and it looks beautiful. The only problem is that I CAN’T MOVE.

  23. Jess Reply

    Not condone anything bad…. but have any of you tried medicinal marijuana to help with sleep?
    I’ve been experiencing these moments of quick sleep and then I awake and my mind is working on something. Today it was poems and I write while I am sleeping but you cannot read the words.
    Anyway, I don’t suffer like some of you on here. But I brought up the medical marijuana because while it’s had a horrible rep for decades, studies are showing how much of a benefit it’s been to so many people.
    Any doctors on here who care to offer some insight on my thought? Good or bad?

  24. Lodi Reply

    I have experienced something waird like, I am awake and half sleep at the same time but the things I see and hear seems so real.And when I am trying to look better and turn around; I can not move.Any advise on that?

    • Sutton Reply

      I have the same thing. I feel and hear and see things that are not there. I am especially afraid of my window while I am in this state. I am usually sick with a fever, though.

  25. danielle Reply

    being awake while asleep was so terrifying. it affected my meantal condition, also my day to day activity.it gave me so much scare. pills prescribed by doctors was no good.fortunately i came across a testimony online of a man who suffered from such until he got prayed for by diviner peterson of newgracefoundation.i also got free fro m sleeping paralysis after he paryed for me. now i enjoy my sleep. i urge anyone facing such or any problem to also contact him for help via email:[email protected]

  26. Bryan Reply

    I’ve always had hallucinations as far back as I can remember. They are all different. I’ve had some where I see a spider crawling on me or on the ceiling using its web to get closer to me, and I have had the majority of my hallucinations of a black silhouette staring at me from behind my restroom or bedroom door. It’s disturbing and it freaks me out. I would get up and start telling my wife to stop joking around when she herself is sleeping. I’ve learned to live with it. It’s something that happens often.

    • Julie Reply

      Have her record what your screaming or saying. My husband did and I cried so hard when I heard the fear in the words I was saying, but it helped me get to the root of 1 of the problems. Tried therapy but talking about it doesn’t always mean it will heal problems or find meaning in them. Talking about it made it worse

  27. Julie Reply

    Lisa, I’ve experienced these evil, terrifying dreams or hallucinations or whatever, Nobody can help me with since I was a child and I’m 43 now. I’ve prayed and prayed while these things are happening and Sometimes it helps. I Think. Someone else mentioned NOT being held down but jolting out of a dream in a very panicked anxious scared way, so bad that I’m afraid to get out of bed. I’ve also felt ( it had to be real! I wasn’t asleep yet) I would feel my cat walking up the bed, to me. Each step coming closer but I began to believe or realize that it wasn’t my cat coming up the bed, there was nothing there. I’ve also been too embarrassed to tell anyone but my husband that I always feel like there’s a witch or a old lady with long legs and arms and fingers and she runs like a dog up my walls and I’m so scared that she’s going to Get Me!! So ridiculous, so embarrassing at my age. I feel a sense of Coldness in my room that is so painful that I can’t move and have to wake my husband to get me blankets. I’ve seen dark shadows crawling up my walls and I pray and pray and that time it worked.
    It sounds sinister, but I’m a Christian and don’t let negativity or anything evil or disturbing in my house or around my kids.
    So, I’m crying in my dreams and screaming again and my son woke me up and wanted to know why I was crying, because I really was. Last night, or actually this morning I had one of the worst nightmares or terrors or hallucinations ever and when I was asleep, I felt someone from behind pull my shoulder back and was trying to break it off . I could feel the bone crushing and ripping me out of bed into the night terror.
    When I woke up, for real I guess, my arm was hurting.
    So, my dreams are coming out into my awakened life.
    My husband, of course said I probably laid on my arm and it fell asleep but I wasn’t sleeping on that side and to me ” these things are REAL”.
    That was super long and embarrassing but The Praying part, wanted to ask you if it works? Do you pray before you sleep, do you think it’s a real evil thing? Our house is Christian and has no negative vibes or vices. It just feels so evil that I had to ask you

    • Anonymous Reply

      I lived in detroit and there were a lot of break-ins. My neighbor gave me a canister of salt that her priest had blessed. I sprinkled it at every door and window and all around my bed. Hope it works!

  28. Molly Reply

    I have had these dreams since my freshman year in college, so 34 years now – regularly in clusters usually during stressful times. They ARE mortifying to this day, but manageable. Once the sleep paralysis hits and the eerie sensation of being loomed over by murky presence(s) or the dreadful feeling of an actual body pressing itself down on you are acknowledged in your twilight state, you must force yourself awake – fully awake – it may take a while, but you must get up and shake it off. If you don’t push yourself through to a wakeful state, the fog of semi-consciousness will pull you right back into the hyponogogic or hypnopompic fright-fest!
    Make yourself walk around and have a glass of water, check your surroundings for signs of reality (alert and oriented to time, place, person, siuation), then turn on the TV or do some other distracting activity for 10-15 minutes before going back to bed. It does help to stave off a recurrent dream.
    The next day, take time to explore anxiety/stress triggers which may have precipitated your episode(s). Many people also complain of migraines, perhaps not coinciding. If you pay better attention to what your mind & body are telling you, you may be able to say, “EUREKA!” and lessen the incidence and/ or severity of your seemingly hapless, hopeless, helpless sleep state. After all, sleep is a time if extreme external vulnerability, but also a time of extreme internal importance. Anyone without adequate rest/REM cyclic sleep can lose their innate resiliency and suffer from mild zombie to full-on psychosis.. Genuinely analyze yourself and your chosen habitat: relationships, profession, circumstances in general.
    Research sleep disorders. This will help your sleeping self to rationalize. Many creative personalities in the 1800’s (artists, writers etc.) used to try to illicit these states by using drugs or dtinking absinthe in order to attain an extracorpreal experience which freed their ability to express themselves. Other folks attribute it as a gift by which one is able to commune with spirits, aliens and such.
    The incubi and sucubi are well-documented, yet unwelcome forty-wink foreigners causing all kinds of disturbances from the terrifying to the erotic.
    Whatever you choose to believe, read up on it, arm yourself with a better understanding and sleep well, my friends!

  29. pri Reply

    Hii , I have this hallucination sometimes…last time is happened is just before three to four days…I was trying to sleep and when I fall asleep after almost 15 min I was feeling someone is at my back side and sleeping with me… i was feeling the sense of touch of that ..n it was very horrifying . I want to call my rumiee and cry loudly but my muscle was too tight to do movement..and even I was unable to speak….before also I had experienced 2 times this hallucinations…it is the worst experience i read about sleep paralysis and hallucinations nd it dont cause death…before also I experienced that someone is whispering near my bed …but it happens very rarely…so I just close my eyes that time n try to sleep ..

  30. Esined Reply

    Is the following a form of sleep paralysis?
    Feeling “awake” and suddenly becoming aware I can’t open my eyes or move my body. Panic begins but then suddenly I can see my room and even sit up, sometimes my husband or children will come in the room and talk to me. Then I look and see that they aren’t my kids or my husband, but just look like them and I realize I’m still asleep. I again struggle to move or speak or open my eyes and feel panic like I’m being held down. Then I finally open my eyes and get up and begin to tell my husband about what just happened. But again I notice something is not right like the door is in the wrong place or another person comes in who doesn’t live with us. I realized that I’m still asleep AGAIN — and this cycle can happen 2, 3 or 4 or more times before I finally truly do awaken, by now terrified and disturbed. Also not trusting my senses at all. Am I awake? If it still a “dream”?? I walk through my house looking around and trying to reassure myself that I AM awake and alright. But I won’t go back to bed. This sometimes happens so frequently, that I avoid going to bed and fear sleeping.

    • Jo-Anine Reply

      I just spent what felt like hours trying to free myself from one of these dreams. Not knowing if your awkae or still asleep is one of the worst things I have ever experienced. I’ve always dreamed a lot. Strange things, most of the times confusing. But I’ve never had one of these, until tonight. I could feel myself sleeping and then suddenly I would awake. I’d reach for my bed side lamp and try to put it on, only to realise it’s not working. I ignore it, telling myself the bulb must have broken again, and pick up my cellphone, which I then can’t seem to unlock. At this point I’m beyond frustrated. I’ve made my way downstairs in the dark many times but as I walk down I start to notice things. Each time it’s something different that makes me realise that I’m still asleep. First it was sounds. My parents talking, even when I know they went to bed hours ago. Then the distance. The trip down the stairs felt shorter, as if there was less steps. Finally, people looked different. I’d find my brother in the kitchen and tell him of my weird dream only to realise that the person looked similar but bigger or taller. Every time I realise that I’m not fully awake I struggle getting myself back to my “body”. It’s like I’m stuck in this double and when i finally do “jump” back to my body the process starts over again. I’ve gotten so desperate in these dream-like situations that I’ve tried throwing myself down the stairs or from my bed. Sometimes I’d have whole conversations with my friends, who magically appear, only to realise I’m still asleep. The last few times I knew there was a chance that I might not really be awake and that I might still be stuck. What got my out was the bed side lamp. In the beginning of every dream I reach for the light. If the light is out, I know I’m still asleep so I instantly try getting myself out. It took a few times and i can’t really explain how I flung myself back to my body. I think what caused this dream-like experience for me was the late nap I took. I don’t take naps. I can’t sleep in daytime. I think the fact that the one I did take was very late (in which I basically got up, got something to eat and went back to bed) and that it was not something I normally did, played a big role in this experience.

  31. Karen Reply

    My 12 year old son has had sleep hallucinations and night terrors about spiders along with seeing random objects( a plate on his pillow or a glass bottle on the bed) for 9 months. He does not get feelings of being paralyzed actually he has the opposite feeling and has come close to running out of his 2nd floor bedroom window and out the front door. We’ve tried having an earlier structured bedtime routine, tried natural sleep aids like Valerian Root,Hopps etc.. , meditation,diffusing essential oils, talk therapy and hypnotherapy. Nothing is working. He’s a happy kid and has a loving family , not a lot of homework or stress. Can’t seem to figure this out. I sleep in his room on the floor to keep him safe and the 2-6 wake ups a night are exhausting !

  32. jade Reply

    Hi , i have these awful hallucinations sometimes.They are always to do with a giant snake or a spider or a creature of some sort (which is weird because snakes and spiders i am not normally affraid off.) yesterday i was lying on the couch i had been up watching movies on tv because i didnt feel well (nothing scary) i turned the tv of and when to sleep then next thing i know i open my eyes and this Huge black spider is falling on me from the roof i scream and run in to my bed where my husband and two year old daughter where fast asleep terrified because i though this spider was on me. i kept trying to tell my self it wasn’t real but then the spider fell from my hair down onto my body i started hitting myself all over trying to kill it ( even though on some level i knew it wasn’t real ) i then ripped all the blankets of the bed and the pillows and shook them all out and there was nothing. i woke my husband up and made him check all over me for the spider and then after about and hour of calming down i was able to get back to sleep.

    • KrissieM Reply

      I’ve had the spider hallucination too. I was sitting up in bed reading, and as I was dozing off I saw a giant black spider on the wall in the far corner of the room. It was bigger than any spider could possibly be–its body was maybe 2 feet long. It scurried up the wall and then rushed across the ceiling in my direction. It woke me up real quick and I crab-walked to the far side of the bed to get out from under it, and then I realized it wasn’t really there.

  33. Robert Reply

    I am frequenstly awakened by noises of all kinds, buzzing, clicking, whirring…ect. and by voices as well of all kinds of people; then when I’m lying awake sometimes I hear the sound/voice clearly. Is this a hallucination between waking and sleeping and why do the sound last while I’m awake. They never happen when I’m not in bed. Explanation please?

  34. Julie Blue Reply

    My boyfriend thinks I have encountered some bad spirits at some point in my life and that these spirits are upon me when I have go through sleep paralaysis.

  35. Barbara Reply

    Recently, I had a sleep study where they make one take naps. I felt I had slept in only one of the naps, but was curious to the results as I had short, weird, vivid dreams all four naps. It turns out that I did sleep in all four naps even though I thought I was awake. The dreams, my doctor told me were hypnogogic hallucinations. I never entered into REM/dream sleep. I now realize that I have had the hallucinations for many years. They aren’t scary most of the time.

  36. Jack Reply

    It’s after 3am right now and I have just woken up from this, I’ve only had this a few times in my life. In my sleep paralysis I could hear the voice of a girl I grew up with in high school, she was shouting my name and the shouts turned into sort of Witch like cackles. I’ve found myself trying to force myself up from my bed but could not get up as it felt like something was restraining my arms. I was also smelling a sort of burnt toast smell as others have said which is strange. I’m 24 years old, I think I know why this is happening to me. On Friday just passed I was out with my buddy and sometimes we are prone to using drugs and alcohol. I was up all night into Saturday and ended up calling an end to the nonscence on Saturday night into Sunday morning with no sleep. Now I’ve been stressed out due to work etc and think it’s all came together. I feel sorry for people that have this as a regular occurrence as it’s very frightening. I hope you all find some way to cut it out

    • Laura Bannon Reply

      Reading this thread, I have seen multiple people mention the smell of burnt toast. That is a classic “aura” before a seizure (although my aura is more of a sensation rather than a smell) Maybe you should read up on the symptoms of night seizures? I thing several of you may be experiencing those….sleep study may be necessary.

  37. Lisa Reply

    I am so glad I found this site. Last night was only my fourth episode of hallucinating. It started abruptly about 2 weeks ago and I have no idea why. I just quit a stressful job and I have no undue stress or anxiety at this point in my life. I too feel as if this is evil and I end up praying fervently as I attempt sleep again. I also hear foot steps and feel someone bumping my bed- my husband hears, feels or sees nothing. I am embarrassed by this and I really do not want to see my doctor for this. I am 48. Again, thank you all for sharing. At least now I know I am not crazy or alone.

    • Julie Reply

      But…. what do we do?? I take a medicine for Night terrors, estazolam. It worked years ago, but does nothing anymore. I walk in my sleep at least 3 x a night. I don’t want to tell a doctor this embarrassing thing and have him think I’m crazy, because if Most people in the world CANNOT begin to understand that it’s Real to us. Not a nightmare, then how do we get help?
      I don’t want to think anything is Evil when I’m a good person. Why would something evil bother with good people just sleeping.
      What does your husband think about it? Does he feel bad for you or believe you or just try to explain it away?

      • Lisa Reply

        Julie, My husband has learned to patiently attempt to wake me or talk me through it. I can hear him and I think my eyes are open because I am describing to him what I am seeing. He reassures me and holds me while I lay on my side until I calm down. I had another one last night but even while it was happening and he is talking to me I know it is not really happening but IT IS VIVIDLY APPEARING TO ME. I am stressed at this time and maybe it is the stress. I do take tiznidine due to dystonia in my neck but I have been on this medication for years and I take a very low dose. I still have not spoken to my MD about this because just reading this site calmed me down enough to know I am not in danger and we are just learning how to work through this. ( I am a healthcare provider myself and had never heard of or learned about this).

        It was so frightening but once I found this site and other people had the SAME EXACT descriptions of that they were experiencing I felt much better. I do not sleep walk nor do I experience paralysis. The first experiences felt very evil to me as did last night but after reading on here that others had that same feeling, I have just disregarded that sensation and try to listen and do what my husband is asking me to do. While I do believe there is evil in the world I do not think this is evil seeking me out.

        I know this does not directly answer your question but I just wanted to respond. I hope you can find some peace.

  38. Shanna Reply

    Ive always had problems with anxiety. But lately my anxiety has been at its highest peak more than ever. Ive been struggling with sleep for the past four days. Having nightmares out of this world, back to back. I wake up screaming and crying. Started hallucinating two days ago and hearing voices as well. Im scared to go to sleep now just due to the nature of the dreams. My boy friend is scared to death of me sleeping, only because I wake up multiple times in one night screaming or grabbing him calling his name in my sleep. He told me to google sleep deprivation with anxiety and thank you everybody, I also know I am not crazy. Its definitely a struggle and I wish all of you guys the best with this struggle. You are not alone

    • Julie Reply

      I’ve done SO MUCH RESEARCH on night terrors and I went through a period of 2 months, with very very little sleep. I started getting sick physically, my muscles stopped working and I couldn’t eat. I would throw up and I was so afraid to Try to sleep, but I kept physically sicker. It got to wear I couldn’t drive or make any decisions and felt so weak my head would spin and light and noise became normal every time I stood up.
      I finally found a therapist that is quite common now, that does Biofeedback. It’s totally Not Dangerous but it’s just 2 vibrating pads you hold in your hands that get your eyes and brain to work together with right side and left. It takes stress or trauma and combines it with reality and kinda Trivializes it. It actually works immediately. I had severe trauma that came out in different ways in my dreams. After the 1st time, I had my dad in the room with me, to make sure it was safe, and I was shaking very hard, thinking about something that scared me, but my shaking stopped and what tortured me from childhood that I didn’t recognize became something I could not feel about anymore. Like a mental trash can. I promise, if you try this, just once, you will be able to address all your fears that show up in your sleep life and you’ll want to do it everyday, but, won’t need too. Now that I understand the mental tools that I can practice at home, I honestly have nothing to Biofeedback away anymore.
      Please research it and try it if you can. There are zero side effects or long or short term problems.
      Let me know if you get to try it. It saved me and I function normally again. Other than Night terrors, which have nothing to do with past trauma or stress related issues.
      Good luck.

  39. Mandy Reply

    My hypnopompic hallucinations used to never be scary, however, they’ve seemed to have changed to the point where I think I need to see a therapist. During my hallucinations I can move, talk, and I know that I’m awake. The majority of my hallucinations don’t bring on anxiety and fear, but more and more have been. One of my latest ones was that I saw a spider crawling on my wall; I jumped out of bed and woke up my boyfriend and the second he turned on the light the spider vanished out of thin air and I realised that I had finally woke up. My boyfriend helped me look for the spider, but it was never real. In addition I have jumped out of bed and ran out of my room from “monsters” and didn’t stop hallucinating until I was out in the middle of my hallway. These hallucinations are always visionary, but can be accompanied by sound or touch. I don’t take any drugs and I have always had these hallucinations since I was a child, but it seems that they’ve turned frightening since I’ve started college. My biggest fear is that I’m afraid I might accidentally hurt myself or my boyfriend while hallucinating.

    • Mandy Reply

      My previous post didn’t seem clear enough that these hallucinations only happen when I’m in the inbetween state of sleep and waking up.

      • Suzy Reply

        I too experience hypnopompic spider hallucinations. I had them every night for three weeks straight. When I read that my brain is between a state of sleep and wakefulness, I decided I would try to use the “awake” part of my brain to control the images and make them less scary. I simply told the hallucination that it would morph into something less scary. It did! But then a scarier image appeared on the other side of the bed, like a cosmic joke. So, instead of trying to change the images, a friend recommended that before I go to sleep, I tell myself I won’t be afraid of anything I encounter during the night. This worked really well but my sleep was still disturbed by the images (although I wasn’t scared of them). In the end, the approach that has worked the best for me is to wear an eye mask I bought online. That way when I “wake” during the night, the hallucinations aren’t staring me in the face and I can more quickly go back to sleep. It’s really interesting to me that these images are literally projections outside your head, which is why they’re called hallucinations and not dreams, I suppose. So the mask actually works. My “awake” brain can decide to go back to sleep and not look. Sometimes though I wonder if the hallucinations are my subconscious mind trying to tell me something and I’m literally putting blinders on to information I need. But I also need my sleep so for now I’ll keep the blinders on.

        • Mark Reply

          I have seen the spider too. Its hard to explain but they look like a bunch of black lines on top of each other squiggling up the wall. I have a theory for what I’m seeing. I have a lot of neck and sinus pain that cause a lot of pain behind my eyes. When I lay down and close my eye and move them form side to side, like what happens in REM sleep, I see these bright line flashing and moving with the movement of my eyes. A month ago I woke up to the spider on the wall, along with the headache and neck pain that usually accompany it and in the moment of “alpha” I realized it was the “negative” image of what I was seeing when I would see the bright lines. Guess it’s the same as when you look into a bright light then close your eyes and see a black spot…

          • Julie

            I don’t understand what the spider is? I see black cloudy shadows or demon like forms, crawling up the walls and over my bed. Is the spider different?
            I did try sleeping with the eye mask on, to block light, or keep my eyes from opening and I can’t see scary things. It did help for awhile but I think it was more psychological and My case, has gotten much much worse, sleep walking and physically feeling pain when I’m in a night terror, it is the very same thing as being awake. The fear is so gripping that I cry and scream out loud and wake up with the pain and tears from my so called Dreams.
            I feel hopeless. I don’t know anyone, especially a doctor who would understand. They can’t understand if they haven’t gone through it and it’s so frustrating to have my husband tell me, It was just a dream or other things that just make me mad at him for not going through it himself.

  40. Debbie Hamilton Reply

    My husband,who will be 70 this June, has started to have hallucinations during the night. This is particularly devastating to me because he thinks I am satisfying myself sexual during the night. He usually wakes me, wants to check the bed, gets an aggressive and accusation tone with me. He says he smells things, hears things, and even feels the bed move. (that is impossible because we have one of those high dollar mattresses). Nothing I can say or do can make him see that it is not happening. I am losing sleep, not to mention it is terrifying and heartbreaking for me. He is not taking any medications, he does have a breathing machine for sleep but usually takes it off during the night, I’m guessing in his sleep because he does not remember taking it off. I am at wits end! He is retired, I still hold a fulltime job. I just don’t know what to do.

    • Berlin Reply

      My father had the same symptoms as he got older. My mom told me he would acuse her of having an affair and hiding him in the closet while he was sleeping. He would also move his hands while sleeping as if fighting with someone. He told my mom that he would sleep in a different room so as not to hurt her. A few months later he was diagnosed with Parkinsons.

  41. Logan Reply

    Get the hypnogogic type occasionally (while falling asleep). I can feel my body going dormant, but my brain is still awake. I can hear and feel and see but can’t move. While I can hear, what I hear is usually amplified or hallucinatory. I try to yell or speak and a weak grunt might come out. Eventually I can rouse myself fully awake if I struggle enough….never tried just sitting there to see if I go unconscious, because it’s too weird. Once wife heard me struggling to talk and thought I was dreaming, but I told her I was conscious and paralyzed…trying to wake up! Asked her to shake me if she’s ever aware of me making weird grunting noises.

    Another recent episode…I started to shut down, then heard someone counting down from 10. Got to about 6 and I was able to rouse myself awake. Auditory hallucinations. Didn’t scare me for some reason, but was definitely weird.

    I remember episodes of this as a child, but don’t remember many occurrences in adult life until it came back in the last few years around age 40. I have (always) had anxiety and social phobia problems. Used to use sleep aids and now I don’t, because I don’t have any way to access a doctor to get any. I attribute these episodes to lack of something to just knock me out, plus stress.

    Similar to what the first poster said, it always occurs about 3-5 times for me before sleep actually sets in properly. I always know it’s happening, and have to fight to stop it….and the only way to fix it is to awaken fully before trying to sleep again.

  42. Isa Reply

    Been living this… Forever.
    Had a sleep study without anything showing up (because I didn’t sleep much, so nothing really happened). I had the test done for sleep apnea and it was negative. I hallucinate at night. I ear voices, I feel people in the room. I feel touched (often sexually), I feel watched. I will sometimes feel physical pain. Sometimes I smell chemicals. My skin will burn. So I basically have all the different kind of hallucinations. I will shout, swear at ”people”. I will open the light and everything stops. But as soon as I go back to bed it starts again. It always starts 30 minutes after falling asleep and stops around 2h am. I always remember the next day. And during the night I know it doesn’t make sense, I will even tell myself out loud, but it doesn’t stop it. And it’s always violent or scary, often sexual (being touched by stressor). My doctor has no idea what is going on. Not sleep paralysis, not apnea, no mental issues during the day, not just bad dreams, etc. I am at loss. Female, 36 year old, anxiety and body image issue s. Anyone relating ? Any idea???

  43. Clare Reply

    I have suffered with sleep paralysis in the past. it took me years to realise what it was and was very scary but realise it was because I was under severe stress. As I closed my eyes I could feel like there was a presence in the room (felt like being abducted by aliens!)and then all of a sudden I would feel this pressure down on my chest and I couldn’t breath – I was paralysed but my mind was awake. I couldn’t lift my head or my arms off the bed no matter how hard I tried. I had this awful ringing in my ears too. Thankfully that hasn’t happened lately but I think I am hallucinating mainly in my dreams – smell of fumes/petrol, burnt toast and feeling that I am being strangled.

  44. James Reply

    I am diagnosed with mixed sleep apnea. However, today I had my CPAP 2-month trial check in w/ my sleep specialist. BTW, I suppose I should mention that I have just been diagnosed w/ sleep apnea, round-a-bout late September, and had a titration study for CPAP machine in mid-October. Ok, so today I saw my sleep doc. The update wasn’t good. I told him that my sleep is still poor, meaning frequent arousals, STILL! Feeling tired, despite the CPAP machine, is still a daily struggle, esp. at work, which is a BIG DEAL…w/o saying I’ll tell you this, if I were to fall asleep during certain times at work, I could potentially harm a helpless person.

    Moving on, he said that it sounded like I had Narcoleptic symptoms, not just sleep apnea. That comment blew me away. I had NEVER even entertained the idea. – OK, I’m getting ahead of myself. So, he mentions the narcolepsy comment, goes on to say that it’s time we try a mild stimulant. Considering the CPAP may be helping, it’s obviously not the entire solution. So, now he’s Rx’d Provigil (modafinil). Said to start low and in a month’s time, if I need to increase from once daily, we can try it two times a day. On the other, hand if it’s too strong, just take half.

    Now, when I got home I spent a lot of time reading the professional monograph on modafinil and what drugs to be careful of because of the pharmacokinetics of modafinil itself. I am medically educated, so this is something I always do and everyone should. The patient hand out is not enough information, so I nerd out and pull up my monographs. HAHA!

    Sorry sidetracked mind on board here. Back to Narcolepsy and this “Hallucinatory dream state”, which I have NEVER heard of, hypnogogic (hypnogogia) and hypnopompic (hypnopompia) hallucinations.

    When I read this I almost fainted. Mid 2016 I experienced what I was told to be a Serotonin Storm followed and/or preceded by Serotonin Syndrome. This was due to Rx medication mixed with an OTC nutritional supplement. The “storm” portion involved vomiting, diahhrhea, urinating (all at the same time). Sleeping for hours and hours. Not eating a single bite and barely drinking a thing. Other “fun” stuff too, but here is the revelation.

    I kept having, over 3 days of sleeping constantly, says for bathroom breaks, these dreams that were SO REAL I could only describe them as hallucinatory in nature. IN FACT, when I snapped out of this week long serotonin nightmare (thanks to a forced hospital visit), I kept trying to tell everyone that I was having dreams that felt like waking hallucinations. It was too hard to describe to everyone. I LITERALLY could not distinguish the, oh let’s say the consequences, of the dreaminations from real life. For instance, I had an episode where I was somehow the catalyst for my mom and stepmother’s divorce. When I woke up, as it were, I called my dad and said that I was so sorry and was everything ok with him and mom? He replied, yeah…as far as I know, why? I said something like, I had a dream, but it felt so real, etc.

    In the end, I had at least 5 more of these dreaminations. I had to ask family/friends or whoever was involved if they really happened, but in the end, they all said, “no”. However, I knew somehow I was dreaming them, but I also knew I was hallucinating. Yet, they felt so real, my peace of mind caused me to check on the ones that involved people I had hurt during the episodes.

    Here is my real question…FINALLY! HA! – OK, do you think this was somehow part of the Serotonin Syndrome, OR was this because of some Narcoleptic episode? I am now going to spend all night, thanks to this website and the stories I read of yall’s experiences, researching the subject matter and the condition of Narcolepsy vs. mixed Apnea. —– Oh lord, this is my world.

  45. Pearl Reply

    I grew up with a Christian mother. So I know and have heard about evil spirits. My mom always said that if I had bad dreams to always “proclama a dios” basically call out to god. When I was younger, like 14 I want to say, I experienced this feeling where I was asleep but awake. I couldn’t move and couldn’t speak. It feels so scary to me… That i automatically start calling out for god. Like that other person said… In Jesus name! Then it happened to me again when I was 22. I was asleep and I was awake.. My mouth would move because I was trying to scream. And then I suddenly felt like my daughter was in front of me saying Mami, Mami. .but when I woke up she want there. I went to checsleeping and she was sleeping.. Lastnight I experienced it again. My kids were all in the room with me. They were sleeping. I was falling to sleep. Idk for go long…but all of a sudden my eyes open… And Im trying to scream but nothing is coming out… And I couldn’t move I felt like I was frozen. I swear I saw a glowing shadow walk by my bedside then it was only in the corner of my eye…. I felt so scared that I tried to move my head to the side , because It really felt terrifying. Then I woke up. I was so scared that I texted my bf. . I love yo. .like I was barley waking up from it.. But that how scared I was. Im already a very scared person when it comes to scary things. I tried to ignore it for a while. But Lastnight scared the living shit out of me Im not going to lie. I can still hear myself trying to say Jesus lord Jesus! Im 25. It gives me anxiety. I was still traumatized from my 2nd experience. It almost feels like your taking your last breaths. My son has autism and gigs sleeping pattern isn’t get normal. I didn’t have him at age 14 though. I was 23 so it can’t be due to his sleeping patterns interrupting mine.

    • Henry Reply

      Hi, I have had very bad hypnopompic and hypnogogic hallucinations for the last six to seven months. I have had them since I was 12 but now they are way worse. I used to take ambiem which helped a lot, but am off it now. If I stay up for more than 17-18 hours I have terrible hallucinations. They often last hours. I remember most of it when I wake up minus some of the specific details. I am also autistic. I was diagnosed with Asperger’s but now apparently they don’t know how to classify it according to the dsm 5. I have dealt with every sleep issue you can imagine in my life. Many times over. I am a Christian but for a while I lost my way. In some ways this could and many times is spiritual, but it doesn’t mean you are doing something wrong. Demons hate us and trust me I have seen the damage they can cause. Even to believers. They attack us when we are asleep because we cannot call on Jesus, especially if we cannot move or speak. I once suffered from sleep paralysis, until I battled a spirit and defeated it by saying Jesus name. If you cant talk, say it in your mind, until you regain your ability to speak. That was 5 or more years ago, have not had sleep paralysis since. Now I fight another battle. I also believe some of it is physiological, but in my experience meds can be very hit or miss. Even with the ambien I still had them, just way less and not with the intensity I have them now. If you want to lessen them, don’t stay up more than 16 hours or so if you can help it. Being fatigued has always made it worse not better. Hope this helps someone. Good luck and God bless.

    • Julie Reply

      I feel you. I used to scream in my dream and it wouldn’t come out in words. It sounded like something muffled and scary. Scared everyone in my house.
      Now it has allowed me to scream using words but it also makes me cry and feel pain like I feel in my dreams. Nobody gets it. I don’t know what to do. I pray and stay away from weird stuff but my dreams take me to places I’ve never seen or make any sense.
      I hope one day we find an answer.
      Good luck to you.

  46. Bobbie Reply

    When I was younger I used to have the sleep paralysis I couldn’t move but I would be awake I could look around the room, I was to terrified to move, I felt there was someone there to kill me my sceams would only come out as air. Now it’s different I see things at night it will often pleg me for months then suddenly stop. It usually some thing tickles my nose or face until I wake then things will be flotting above me I can rarly remember by morning what they were. So for the longest time I thought they were vivid strange dreams until one night my husband woke at the same time as they woke me. This time it was a cobra black (they are always black) I was asking him “if he could see it” he said “no” just then It struck at my face as I sceemed in terror it disappeared. There’s other thing that I see and hear at night some scary some not. On top of that I have horrible dreams that are scary or sad but always bad or very strange I don’t think iv ever had a good dream in my life. I just want to know if I’m the only one who has this, people I tell don’t understand that even if it’s in my mind it’s real at the time for me. Every time I say something people look at me like I’m cazy or lying. I just want to sleep in peace. If there is something I could do to stop it that would be great. I have tryed all the common sense things no help.

    • Linda Campbell Reply

      Be checked for Narcolepsy. I have it and my hallucinations are severe. Very scary and it’s starting to affect me even when I’m awake

      • Julie Reply

        Maybe a super stupid question but I don’t know much about narcolepsy. Isn’t that when you fall asleep in short intervals? And a lot? Do you have these dreams in short naps?

    • Julie Reply

      Yeah!! Sad! I didn’t even think about that. A lot of times I dream about running and my son is missing and I’m panicking and can’t breathe and muscles hurt and I’m terrified.. and then I find him. Not alive and the pain is So excruciating and I can’t touch him, I can just see him and screaming and crying and my heart feels like it is being pulled out of my chest. I’ve never felt so dead and a feeling of terrified that doesn’t have a way of being said. My husband recorded me talking and screaming one night because I was terrifying my whole family at night. I wake with tears and horror almost every morning. Like I can’t get out of bed because something very bad is waiting for me.
      My son is 15 and the most precious human being, we are so so close, I’ve always said if anything happened to him, I would have to die too because I could never live without him.
      That is not too often though. I have bone chilling dreams every night but if you have someone to record you, it’s horrible to hear what you’re saying but then I started with therapy. Just made me remember trauma from my childhood. I hope we find a way out of this.
      Good luck to you

  47. Haley Reply

    I’m 16 and I believe I have sleep paralysis. I have had it for as long as I can remember, and I can recall the exact things I’ve been seeing since I was 8. When I’m trying to go to bed I’ll see things. I can feel things around me and I hear sounds that aren’t there. I’ll see anything from people coming towards me to ghosts in the corner of my room to flying monsters outside my window. I always have the feeling that something is behind me, even when I’m laying on my back. The shadows turn into the most random horrifying things and they come at me and make my heart skip beats and i panicky really bad. It feels so real. All this makes me sweat and I’m paralyzed in bed. Because I still live at home I have to scream to wake up my dad (when it gets really bad) to come help me and calm me down (which i hate doing because he thinks I’m crazy). I have to sleep with all doors and windows closed and all (3) of my lights on. Even then sometimes I will have episodes. I’ve gone to therapy but the therapists never know what I’m feeling. Nobody can relate to me and it sucks. It’s hard only getting two hours of sleep a night when you’re in high school. If anybody has what I have or can give me tips , please do. I’m desperate.

    • Vicky Reply

      hello, i have had sleep paralysis for the past 12 years i think, and I have the same symptoms as you, especially the week before my period I have these terrifing hours of trying to sleep but as soon as the hallucinations and distorted voices start i know i won’t be sleeping that night, and if i do my mind feels like a horror movie and as soon as i fall asleep something starts haunting me. the best way i have found that it kind of works, if you absolutely can’t go to therapy, is to turn on the lights, of course, get up, no matter how sleepy and tired you are, drink some water, watch something funny on your phone, anything to get your mind off of it. i also drink some valerian or chamomile before sleep, but if you haven’t already, talk to your parents about it and make a plan, good luck!

    • Anne Crudup Reply

      That’s a little odd. When it first happened to me I was screaming at my college roommate to wake me up but she didn’t. When I finally did wake up, I was so angry, and yelled at her for not waking me. She told me I wasn’t making a sound!

    • Laura Bannon Reply

      Hi Haley—
      When I was a child, I had recurring dreams/nightmares, and sleep paralysis with auditory hallucinations. I had the sensation of the “mare”sitting on my chest, being aware and unable to move, being tapped in dreams within dreams, and absolute conviction that malevolent spirits were attacking me while I slept. No one can truly know another’s experience, but as a 47 year old, I can tell you looking back that(a) I obsessed about my nocturnal world, including dream journaling and efforts at lucid dreaming and that made it worse (b) I realized later I had chronic depression that came on in adolescence and (c) I developed epilepsy as an 18 year old (It is completely under control, by the way. My point is this, Haley,…tell a therapist or doctor what you are experiencing and allow for the possibility that it may be caused by biological factors and not psychological or spiritual ones. In retrospect, what held me back in my early life was FEAR of malevolent forces….not forces themselves. The solution, or at least, part of the solution could be simple. In the mean time, try white noise machine, night light, and no caffeine in the evening. Caffeine makes all sleep disorders worse. Good luck, honey! Be strong and don’t assign meaning until you understand whats happening 🙂

  48. Recso Reply

    Hello, I’m a weirdo. In my lifetime I have pushed the envelope of sleep related phenomena’s. Meaning I have encountered parasomnia’s repeatedly and consistently in the past. They were side-effects of the lifestyle I used to live. Some episodes were scary, others just strange but all still fascinated me. I know how to trigger terrifying hypnogogic sleep paralysis. Terrifying because they involve an “electrifying buzzing sensation” up and down my back’s nervous system at the same time my body feels paralyzed and accompanied by the scary sensation of a presence in the room. I can somehow see the room I am in but not the presence yet I know I am asleep. I know it because I am trying to move while also trying to yell out the words, “In Jesus Name” because the presence feels evil. I have read in ghost hunting books and websites that say to beware of feeling electrical sensations in your body while being somewhere haunted because this is how possessions feel like. Remember the sound that was made when a ghost possessed a human body in the movie Ghost? The not so funny thing is this effect can be predictably brought on when it is finally time to rest after being wired awake for days from substance-induced all night vigils. Here is some more arcane knowledge. With another substance I figured out how to cause hypnopompic hallucinations where the sensed presence in the room actually takes a form. I call it the shape shifter. Usually I see myself in the same environment that I am actually physically asleep in. Sometimes the dreamscape/hallucination I find myself in is slightly different in some ways but overall the location I am in resembles the physical place I am asleep at. I am not aware I am asleep until I wake up looking for the shape shifter. At most I have probably encountered variations of the shape shifting presence about a dozen times. In my encounters the forms the sensed presence has taken has been familiar figures in my life like my mother, my oldest daughter or my step-mother. A time or two I could not make out who it was but I remember trying to interact with it. The experiences were not fearful events nor do I recall sleep paralysis of the type where I feel trapped inside myself.

    • CJ Reply

      The way you described it made me feel like we’re the only two people in the world. I thought I was just crazy and alone in this.

      • Linda Campbell Reply

        No Ur not Alone I’m Narcoleptic and I experience very harsh, scary hallicinations

      • Frances Reply

        NO YOU are not alone. I have visual hallucinations and they scare me every night. I dread sleeping.

    • Mark Reply

      I find it very fascinating the description you relay are very similar to my own experiences.  There have been a few other characters in my night visitor ensemble but many just as you describe. In the begging I would call them “menacing spirits” but also picked up the term “shape shifters” in my readings. I usually wake to the them versus when I’m falling asleep but found the presence more uncomfortable when they arrived as I was falling asleep.  I have taken out a few lamps and water glasses defending myself with my pillow over the years.   I have experienced the “presences” in the room, the “old hag” point her finger and screaming, the “little Kid” standing there and staring at me along with others.  I never experienced sleep paralysis and after I started researching all of this I stopped being scared of it.  I’ve always been a fan of lucid dreaming and realized this was just my deeper mind tapping into something else…  One experience that happens the most is when I wake sometimes from a dream I see lit symbols almost like ancient writings or ruins.  They fade in and out on the walls and I will lay there trying to see all the things moving around the room.  The room almost has it’s own greenish glow.  I have notice the colors are often in whites, greens, black and red.  I wondered if that had something to do with the various light on the clocks, tv or computers.  I do notice that when I wake to the red there seem to be a higher level of anxiety feeling of danger.  I find myself binding the spirit in the name of Jesus just to be on the safe side.  I have also noticed that as my eyes worsen with age, I can’t see things as clearly. Bottom line is, once I stopped being afraid of it and realized it was just another level of my sub-conscience I have been able to except that sometimes I wake up and see weird shit…. 

      • Julie Reply

        Yes. This is sleeping paranoia hallucinations. I have bone chilling terrors about finding my son dead but he’s alive and well. I did lose a daughter and part of me died with her. I was awake and heard her call me Mama, and I rolled over and she was there. She was happy and I felt relief and never saw her again. But, I’m very interested in what you’re talking about and want to talk more but I have to get off my stupid phone and go do something other than trying to find out how to fix these terrors that are real but looked at like I’m crazy if I talk about it.
        If you don’t mind, I will text you more tomorrow.

      • Julie Reply

        My eyes are rapidly deteriorating. I’ve become totally color blind and Legally blind. Everyday I wake up and my clock is set in a different time.
        I think you’re right about the fear part. I pray and bind evil spirits. One night I called my roommate to sleep with me and he freaked out when he came in because of the temperature in my room, freezing and just the overall creepy feeling. He couldn’t see the shadows crawling up the walls and didn’t want to stay in my room but I convinced him to stay.
        The shadows would not go away while I was praying so I started praying scriptures like “ye though I walk through the shadow of death, I will feel no evil”. I kept doing it over and over and finally I felt my shirt blow out and it was gone.
        This sounds so stupid and crazy. Maybe I am, I don’t know but none the less, it is still paralysing and I’m afraid to breathe or look or move.
        But they say evil goes to people that are afraid, so I’ve tried making fun of them and refusing to give into their games and it got better but 18yrs later it’s come back much stronger but only in my dreams, that feel like real life completely. And I wake up in fear and anxious every single morning.
        I don’t understand this or how to make it stop

        • Nedine Reply

          Dear Julie. I also had a very scary experience last night. I was asleep and woke up feeling scared. I looked to the end of my bed (on my husbands side) and it looked like a dark bold male figure was on its knees or leaning of our bed staring at me. For minutes i was unable to move and tried everything to get my husbands attention to wake him up. When i eventually managed to make a sound my husband woke up and sat up, but as he did the shape disappeared under the bed. I was scared and crying and 100% sure there was something there but my husband got up and walked through the whole house and couldn’t find anything out of place. Im now at work still shaken and barely able to keep my eyes open still trying to figure out what happened in our room last night.

    • Anne Crudup Reply

      I have experienced different sleep problems for years including sleep paralysis. The most perplexing thing is events that occurred that, to this day, I don’t know if they really happened or if it was a dream. Is that a common thing? I also dream that I have awakened and perform everyday tasks, but when I really wake up I realize that didn’t really happen.

      Anyway my best friend called me tonight in tears and very frightened. She has been having sleep paralysis episodes lately. Her husband recently died, so I attributed it to all the stress she has been under. I slept over one night, and she was so scared, she slept with her hand on my arm so she could squeeze it and I could wake her up. It was pitiful because she was crying in her sleep, and she never cried.

      Tonight was different however. She thought she was awake and the lights weren’t working and she was walking through the house. When she got to her bedroom she said she saw herself in the bed and freaked out. Then I guess she woke up and called me hysterical. I thought to myself that it sounded more like a hallucination,so Ive started to do some research. She is on antidepressants and is addicted to pain medication which she is on methadone for. She has been on these medicines for years and never had anything like this happen before. Sorry this is so long, but I am very worried about her, especially the part about seeing herself in the bed. Has anyone else experienced this? Would this be a case of sleep hallucination? I don’t know what to do to help her. Thank you.

      • roxanne Reply

        I took a nap on my couch and in my dreamt that I was on my couch taking nap. Lighting was the same in the living room. I was awake but sleeping. I THINK WE ASTRAL PROJECT, FIGHT DEMONS IN JESUS NAME AND THERE IS A SPIRITUAL WORLD THAT IS UNSEEN. I DONT DO DRUGS, OR MEDICATION OR EVEN DRINK.

  49. SleepyAllDay Reply

    This sounds like narcolepsy. I don’t experience the difficulty breathing but I do have the excessive day time sleepiness with vivid nightmares almost every night. If I take a nap they are worse. They will be reoccurring dreams that I can’t wake up from and when I finally do wake up, I’m terrified and disoriented and have been profusely sweating on occasion I’ll wake up briefly and be paralyzed. I also hear rock music playing at night when I first lay down. When I lift my head the music stops and when I lay my head back down it starts again. I’ve woken in the middle of the night to loud banging on the door and jump out of bed to see no one is there and my dogs aren’t barking. It’s apparently all in my head but it seems as real as anything else in life. I’m experiencing short term memory loss. I have been having automatic behaviors a lot. I’ll know something needs done and when I go to do it, it’s already been done. But I have no memory of doing it. I lose about 15 minutes or so every morning while getting ready for work. I’m guessing that I must be dozing off and not realizing it. I feel like I’m awake the whole time though only noticeable event is the time lapse of about 15 minutes. Ask your doctor for a sleep study.

  50. Carol Dean Reply

    I experience sleep paralysis quite often & have for years. I actually feel like I’m going to die due to not being able to breathe. It always, always scares me so bad. It always happens before I go to sleep, not when I’m waking up. It doesn’t just happen once when it happens, it’ll happen at least 3 to 5 times in a row in the same night. What will happen is after I wake up & then go back to sleep after the first time, it’ll happen at least 2 more times if not more. I absolutely hate it & it terrifies me to the point I honestly think I’m going to die. After these “episodes” happen, I’ll have to get up, walk around or stay awake for at least 30 minutes & hope it doesn’t happen again.
    I also have vivid, detailed nightmares almost nightly. They’re truly awful & will make me hyperventilate, cry or scream out loud. I usually hate going to sleep, but as I’ve gotten older I don’t lay there & think about it, I simply say my prayers & close my eyes & go to sleep & pray I don’t have nightmares & pray that I wake up.
    I don’t know what to do to make my sleeping easier for me. I’m always tired during the day, don’t feel rested & sometimes the nightmares will stay on my mind for weeks. I haven’t had a decent full night’s rest in years. I wake up at least every 2 hours, but during that 2 hours I’m able to go into a deep sleep, which I couldn’t do years ago at which time I always felt like I was only lightly sleeping or pretty much awake but sleeping. It’s hard to explain. Anyway that was a long time ago.
    Thank you for your time. If you could give me some insight or helpful hints I’d greatly appreciate it.

    • PMD Reply

      Go get a sleep study done…

      You are probably suffering from sleep apnea
      Not enough oxygen reaching the brain and not achieving true REM

      If you don’t want to dream talk to your doctor about amitriptyline hydrochloride

      Everyone is unique and have their own details that will give you the correct diagnosis

      Try sleep study and doctor for amitriptyline hydrochloride.

      If don’t work no harm no foul

    • K. Ritter Reply

      I feel like crying while reading these posts. While I have so much sympathy for all of you, it is comforting to know that maybe I am not crazy after all. We all seem to experience the same symptoms. I hate to go to bed after years of these things happening. I don’t drink, don’t take any drugs besides aspirin yet doctors and therapist always ask me about substance abuse. One told me the auditory hallucinations are called”exploding head syndrome ” and then said i needed antidepressants. I don’t know what we need…

    • Ruth Reply

      Cancels Omg exactly happened to me everything you said is true
      I am always scared to go to sleep I might die .
      Have difficult breathing The minute I fall sleep and wake up screaming I do not know what to do but leave any fears

    • Louise Reply

      Carl Dean, I had the same symptom you describe, exacty; had a sleep study and it was sleep apnea, as suggested. Once I was fitted with an oral device and sleep apnea mask, all symptoms stopped, completely.

    • Dmitry Reply

      I very regularly get sleep paralysis, mainly when I’m having a siesta in the afternoon and sleep for about an hour, and then try to wake up.

      I can usually open my eyes and see the room, but other I am paralysed. The hallucinations I get during sleep paralysis are usually somewhat related to real life. Such as I have loud auditory hallucinations people shouting in the corridor, or shouting outside my room in the garden, which I am sure is real. I try to get up and that’s when I realize I am paralysed. Or alternatively, I imagine that a cat has jumped on the bed. Generally I don’t find the experience to be very bad or frightening, and I am used to it as it happens a lot for me. Sometimes I realize that it is just sleep paralysis while it’s happening. It usually takes what feels like several minutes, but I am then able to get out of the paralysis and to move and wake up . Sometimes I fall asleep again.

      It is uncanny after you wake up and are not paralyzed, to realize that the noises or other hallucinations were not actually real. But I do feel people must exaggerate the symptoms, especially claiming them to be negative – because as someone who has experienced sleep paralysis hundreds of times, it doesn’t feel all that strange to me and I usually relax and don’t panic about it, or have negative feelings during it.

    • Alice Priestly Reply

      hi carol, would you be interested in being interviewed for my school research project on sleep and dreams?

    • s Reply

      I experience these as well. I havent my entire life but in the past few years they have become worse. One thing that I have learned to do is fight back. It freaks my wife out and she has to remind me its a dream. Im not sure if its a direct connection to my job, as a police officer. I have been a cop for 11 years and have been shot at twice recently. I’d like to think thats the orgin of these but not sure. All I know is they are scary but when I fight back and yell or scream commands to “get back” or “stop resisting” as I punch the area usually on the floor I feel impowered and the objects back down. It started off with insects like spiders and scorpions but now are weird things like moving towels and objects that seem to come at me quickly but once i fight they are on the ground and im punching the living hell out of them screaming…

      • Np Reply

        Hi S, I’ve been experiencing the exact same hallucinations for years. It’s actually got me so frustrated and it’s scaring the crap out my husband almost every night now. He’s afraid that I’m going to give him heart attck one day. But i can see that he’s becoming very annoyed by it. Don’t know what to do…..I’ve been under so much stress at work the last couple of years…don’t know if triggered it but i do know that my mother had the exact same issues with hallucinations….

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