Sleep Dentist Network, ASA’s dental sleep network

Sleep Dentist Network  – ASA’s dental sleep network   BETA TESTING

The goal of the American Sleep Association Sleep Dentist Network is to connect dental providers to sleep apnea patients.

There is currently no cost to join the Sleep Dentist Network. Sleep apnea patients who request sleep apnea oral appliances from ASA will be connected to dentists who have experience with sleep apnea devices.

ASA’s dental sleep network will bring additional benefits to sleep dentists in the network. Planned discounts on services and products, including sleep apnea oral appliances, will bring increased value and savings to dental practices.

Joining the Sleep Dentist Network allows for communication with other dental sleep professionals. Increase referrals by marketing your dental sleep practice. Join the dental sleep marketing system by signing up as a free member.

SLEEP DENTIST NETWORK Project is on hold until further notice.

American Sleep Association was founded in 2002 by sleep professionals and is visited by millions annually. ASA’s dental sleep network launched in 2015. It is still in the beta-testing phase.

Find a Sleep Dentist

Dentists who join ASA’s dental sleep network should be familiar with at least one of the following brands of sleep apnea oral appliances:


ResMed Narval CC

SomnoMed SomnoDent, SomnoDent Flex and SomnoDent G2

Herbst Appliance

TAP Thornton Adjustable, myTAP


Myerson EMA


Strong Dental SUAD


Panthera Dental D-SAD


MicroDental Micro2

Whole You, Respire Medical



Join the ASA Sleep Dentist Network today.





Variety or sleep apnea oral mouth guards devices
Variety or sleep apnea oral mouth guards devices


American Sleep Association Sleep Dentist Network is a dental sleep network that seeks to increase referrals for dentists who specialize in sleep apnea oral appliances.

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