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What is a PAP-NAP?

A PAP-NAP is a daytime trial that is usually conducted in a sleep center.
The primary objective of the PAP-NAP is to help patients accommodate to CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure).

Some patients have difficulty tolerating CPAP. In a controlled environment, under the supervision of sleep professionals, a PAPNAP may help some patients to become more comfortable with CPAP. Compliance is a major issue with CPAP treatment.

While there is little research studying the benefits of PAP NAP's, the presumption is that supervised daytime CPAP use will help the patient to desensitize to the negative effects of CPAP and that this will improve tolerance to the sleep apnea treatment and subsequently lead to great compliance.


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3 comments on “What is a PAP-NAP?”

  1. Been doing PAP-NAP's on every patient for the last 9 years prior to being setup on PAP. This keeps the education at the lab and not with DME company employee who is just looking for quick setup and payment. My compliance is way above the national average. I am the only independent sleep lab in KY and 100% direct referrals. We have to have provable compliance to keep physicians happy with sending patients to us.

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