Oravan by OravanOSA

Oravan is a sleep apnea oral appliance from OravanOSA. OravanOSA is a privately held company based in New Jersey.

Oravan comes in two models. The Oravan Herbst comes with a telescopic adjustable arm.

Oravan™ is the first FDA cleared, patented, intra-oral device for the treatment of snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea with a truly open anterior design. This dorsal fin appliance has no hidden retainers, splints or maxillary guards. Separate top and bottom clear custom acrylic pieces allow patients complete comfort and the freedom to open and close their mouth and lips, speak clearly, yawn, drink, and most of all…smile with the look and feel of their own teeth.

Oravan features no anterior or incisal coverage and less bulk, encouraging natural protrusion of the tongue, better air flow, and the highest patient compliance of anything on the market. In fact, our clinical tests have shown a dramatic surge in patient compliance over other MADs with over 92% of patients continuing treatment after 12 months of use.

Also enjoy no interference with any anterior dental cosmetic work, leading to less clinical chair time required at the fitting session.

Oravan™ is custom made for each individual from premium grade materials. Each appliance is manufactured in a US FDA registered facility using quality systems uniquely designed to meet strict FDA requirements. Quality checks are performed on each appliance to ensure your patients receive a superior, safe and durable appliance. We confidently offer a two year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Oravan is composed of two separate pieces. The bottom component has two dorsal fins on each side. The fins engage with the titration mechanisms, which are located on each side of the top piece.

To advance the jaw forward, insert the key into the adjustment mechanism and turn in the direction of the arrow. Each turn is 0.1mm with a total of 6mm in advancement.

Oravan is made by OravanOSA. Oravan is a trademark of Oravan and is not affiliated with American Sleep Association.

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