CPAP Side Effects

If you have sleep apnea and were prescribed a CPAP machine, you may have noticed some of the CPAP side effects that come along with wearing it. Recognizing what these problems are can help you to find solutions so you can wear your CPAP comfortably and get a good night’s sleep. 

Common CPAP Side Effects

Although CPAP therapy is one of the most successful methods for treating and reducing the symptoms of sleep apnea, there are a host of CPAP side effects that may follow after constant use of sleep apnea equipment. If you wear a CPAP mask and use a CPAP machine, these issues might sound familiar to you.


This is the medical term for eating or swallowing air. This generally occurs when the CPAP pressure is too high for you and can result in gas and bloating.


Wearing a CPAP mask can sometimes cause discomfort when trying to sleep. The mask can feel bulky and constrictive, and the hose can get in the way of trying to sleep in positions other than your back. Exhaling can also be uncomfortable if the pressure of the sleep apnea equipment is too high.


Many people feel claustrophobic while wearing a CPAP mask because the mask fits snug around your nose. The feeling of claustrophobia can be even worse for those who wear a full-face mask that sets around your mouth and nose.

Mask Leak

If your CPAP mask does not fit properly or isn’t properly cleaned, it can cause leakage. When there is a leak, there is a high probability that your CPAP machine isn’t able to reach its set pressure.

Dry, Stuffy Nose or Nosebleeds

Having a dry or stuffy nose is a common side effect of CPAP because air from the machine is being blown into your airway. This constant flow of air can also cause nosebleeds to occur.

Skin Irritations

Because CPAP masks fit snug against your face and are worn repeatedly, your skin can become irritated. This CPAP side effect can result in skin irritations such as rash or pressure sores. 

Dry Mouth

Suffering from a dry mouth is yet another common CPAP side effect for those with a full-face mask, as well as patients with a nasal mask who breathe out of their mouths. 


If a CPAP machine or CPAP mask isn’t properly cleaned on a routine basis, infections, such as lung or sinus infections, can occur.


Although headaches are not a common CPAP side effect, they can occur if the machine’s pressure is set too high or if you have a blockage in your sinuses.

Lung Discomfort

Some patients who use CPAP therapy complain of a burning sensation in the lungs. This is often a result of dry or cold air being inhaled from the CPAP mask. This CPAP side effect can possibly be reduced by using warm humidification.


Some complain of dizziness after wearing a CPAP mask. While the mechanism for this symptom is not clearly known, some believe that this might be due to the pressure change in the middle ear. The symptom should be short lived if due to CPAP therapy.

Shortness of Breath

While another common CPAP side effect is the complaint of shortness of breath, this feeling is usually sensorial. It is merely the sensation of not getting enough air because a functional CPAP machine never reduces the amount of air that can be inhaled.

Even though there are side effects related to using sleep apnea equipment, it’s important to be compliant with continuing to wear it. Not using your CPAP mask and machine as prescribed can cause larger, more severe health problems such as fatigue, high blood pressure, heart arrhythmias, heart failure, heart attack, or stroke.

Woman confused about CPAP side effects

How to Prevent CPAP Side Effects

If you’re experiencing any of the CPAP side effects mentioned above, don’t give up on the treatment just yet. There are solutions to these common problems. Try these different strategies to reduce or completely halt your CPAP side effects.

Clean Your CPAP Regularly

Make sure that your CPAP mask and machine are clean. It is important to make cleaning your mask, tubing, and water chamber a regular habit to avoid any bacteria or fungi buildup. The CPAP mask and humidifier chamber should be cleaned daily with mild soap and water. On top of this, you should soak all of the parts in vinegar and water, using one part vinegar to three parts water. Follow this routine once a week. There are also sanitizing machines, like a CPAP cleaner, that you can purchase if you are having trouble keeping up with this cleaning schedule. 

Avoid Using Oily Products

Oily products like makeup or moisturizer can be a major cause of CPAP side effects. Remove any of these products from your face before applying your mask. Otherwise, the oil can build up on the mask if not cleaned daily.

Make Sure You Have The Proper Mask

CPAP masks are available as nasal masks, full-face masks, and nasal pillows because one type of mask isn’t suitable for everyone. Before choosing a mask, there are a few factors you should consider. Mouth breathing, claustrophobia, sleep position, and machine pressure are important areas to evaluate. These should be discussed with your doctor before choosing which type of mask you should be wearing.

Check Your Humidifier

If you’re having CPAP side effects relating to respiratory irritation, dry mouth, dry nose, or nosebleeds, check your humidifier to make sure it’s working properly. Also, as previously mentioned, make sure you’re cleaning it regularly.

Try Switching to Heated Tubing

Heated tubing warms the air traveling through the CPAP and can improve its temperature. The tube, filter, and mask are part of the CPAP supplies.

Consider Sinus Medication

If your sinuses are blocked, talk to your sleep doctor to see if you need a sinus medication to let your CPAP work more effectively and reduce your CPAP side effects.

Try Using Mask Barriers

Creating a barrier between the CPAP mask and your skin can help with skin irritations such as sores and rashes. There are barriers you can purchase that are sometimes made with gel or cloth. A hypoallergenic tape can also work to create a barrier.

Make Sure Your Strap is Secured

If your mask is strapped on too tight it can cause skin irritations. If it is too loose, it can cause a leak. Take the time to ensure your CPAP mask strap is secured properly to avoid any unnecessary CPAP side effects.

CPAP mask and machine

Adjusting CPAP Pressure to Avoid CPAP Side Effects

If the other methods don’t work to relieve your CPAP side effects, it may be time to adjust your CPAP machine’s pressure. Here are a few notes to remember when it comes to perfecting your CPAP pressure.

Make Sure You’re Using the Correct Pressure

Make sure the pressure on your CPAP machine is the pressure that was prescribed to you. If it is and you’re still having trouble with discomfort while exhaling, swallowing air, or feel the pressure may be too high, you may want to talk to your doctor to see if your pressure setting needs to change.

You May Need a New Pressure  

If you’ve gone through recent lifestyle changes such as quitting smoking or drinking, weight gain or loss, or changes to your underlying medical condition (such as diabetes), some of the original symptoms of OSA may reappear, due to residual sleep disorderd breathing.  These changes to your lifestyle or medical condition may require a new pressure setting for your CPAP or BiPAP.  With advances in technology, an FDA cleared OSA test that can be done in your home, with the results interpreted by a certified physician, remotely.  If you think you may be suffering from residual sleep disordered breathing, click here to find a home sleep apnea test provider.  

Try Using the Ramp on Your Machine

When you use the ramp on your sleep apnea equipment, your CPAP machine starts out at a lower pressure and gradually increases until it reaches your set pressure. Using this gradual technique can increase your comfort level, as well as help you get used to wearing your mask each time you put it on.

Always make sure to talk to your doctor before making any changes to your CPAP routine. Since the side effects of sleep apnea outweigh the CPAP side effects of using a CPAP mask and machine, it’s important to find a solution so you can wear your CPAP comfortably and consistently.

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182 thoughts on “CPAP Side Effects

  1. Debra Reply

    I’ve lost considerable weight. Upwards of 70lbs. I am nearing my optimal weight for my height with in 15 lbs. problem is my pressure was pretty high. I’ve been to doctor recently for my appt. it had been two years due to the pandemic. I am now filling with air and it comes out in the morning sometimes uncontrollably and embarrassing from both ends in the morning. I thank God I work alone. Lol. Anyway, she turned my pressure down a couple notches because she said it shows I’m still getting a small amount of apnea’s a night. I feel like it’s too high still as the same thing is still happening. Also, I think my humidity broke. Terrible dry mouth now the last few weeks. My machine is about 8 years old now. I know that’s generally tue first thing to go. So now a new development is I’m waking with headaches. Bad too sometimes early morning they are throbbing and wake me in my sleep. So to see if I need a machine anymore she said really the only thing I can do is have another sleep study. I didn’t want to do an in hospital study so we were going to do an at home. But then if that showed apnea’s then I need to go in for a study to see if a BIPAP would be better for me. I said I’ll just keep what I have. So hence my issues. Of course insurance sucks and it will drain my HSA. It almost feels like with this weight loss this machine is now doing more harm than good. Anyone else have these issues after weight loss? I guess I might have to bite the bullet and get the study. I could probably take the machine off and have my husband tell me if my apnea is waking him again. That’s how we found out I had it before. Sorry for rambling on.

  2. Pat Snyder Reply

    Experiencing TMJ, painful, ear plugging for hours after using cpap at night.

  3. Tommy Reply

    my cpap has a flaw has a problem by mf. u have at last helped new newebes ; by your comments

  4. Ron Russell Reply

    I love my machine! But – it does affect daytime breathing. I’m 70yo. I’ve found that I actually “under breathe” many times during the day. Many times, I find during unguarded moments esp. distractions, that I am not breathing enough. I have confirmed this with using a finger O2 monitor. I believe the tidal breathing is disturbed – maybe a lazy diaphragm. I’ve heard this from other CPAP users, also.

  5. Alan Jones Reply

    I’m having pain in the right side of my neck and upper shoulder it started very mild and is getting worse by the days. Could this be an infection caused from using my bipap? It started about the same time I started using my BiPAP machine.


    Could the heated tubing cause burns on the skin when tubing is against it for long periods of time? This is NOT a previously asked question since you didn’t give me an answer to my original inquiry!!


    Could the heated tubing cause burns on the skin when tubing is against it for long periods of time?

  8. Sandi Ritchie Reply

    I am screaming during clap therapy, waking other family members but it doesn’t wake me. Help.

  9. DeBennaugh Reply

    Last night l experienced power outages throughout the night. I may need to invest in a generator to allow my CPAP to continue operating. The sudden outages seem to tense my heart. Are there measures or discounts for generator for air device users?

    • Ron Russell Reply

      I got tired of this real fast (gasping when power drops). I purchased a UPS battery backup system. It will not support the humidifier for long periods, but it handles 95% of the power losses!

    • Anonymous Reply

      I bought a UPS (uninterruptable power supply) for my CPAP machine. It’s a 450 Kva unit and keeps my CPAP running for about 4 hours during a power outage. I suggest going to a computer store, as the stores that sell CPAPS cost an arm and a leg for a UPS.

  10. Charles Ballard Reply

    I think my cpap is causing mucus build up in my lungs. Which causes pneumonia.consantly having breathing issues.

    • Don Croft Reply

      You need inhalation therapy to cough the mucous out of your lungs before going to sleep. See your doctor for a nebulizer. The CPAP machine actually opens up your lungs. Keep it clean to avoid an infection.

  11. E M S Reply

    I visited my sleep doctor today and was surprised to hear that my CPAP was on a recalled list. I was told to continue to use it until a new one was delivered. I am scared out my wits because I take my health very serious. I am confuse on what to do. Should I continue to wear it; or stop until the new one comes? Any help?

    • Donna Reply

      Your doc is best one to decide which will do you more harm. Be sure to register your machine with Phillips. 877-907-7508.
      If you have had it for 5 years you usually qualify on ins for a new one. Do not wait until FDA approves the new foam for Phillips to manufacture more if you do not have to.
      I am another patient waiting. Had to do my own research as doc was not notified.

  12. Butu Reply

    I grind my teeth when I use my cpap. Anybody else have the same problem?
    Wonder if I can use a mouth guard with the cpap.

    • Rpast Reply

      My doctor suggested to try an over the counter mouth guard. I haven’t tried it yet.

    • Jeannine Reply

      I have always worn aoth guard with my CPAP because I also grind my teeth. I use the nasal cushion tulype of CPAP machine.

  13. Anna Reply

    I’ve been using a Cpap for 8 years. Why am I all of the sudden have ear problems?

    • Rpast Reply

      I started to develop same problem recently. Doctor didn’t seem concerned. Will see if gets better or worse. Not using my machine as much.

    • Ron Russell Reply

      I fought the “over inflated lung” problem. I wear a shapewear vest that puts gentle pressure on the torso to counter the air pressure. Now it’s a must for me!!

  14. Lyndon Davies Reply

    When I wake up and take my mask off I sometimes feel as thou I am having an electrical shock in my chest , Is this normal .

  15. Ned Christiansen Reply

    I have been using a cpal for about 6 months now. I stopped using it because after about 5 months of great success, I started being ripped from my sleep, violently shivering and it probably takes about 5 seconds to get my thoughts together to remove the mask. This happened in the first hour of sleep EVERY night so I stopped wearing it. Now I’m tired all of the time again. Help

  16. Dianna Olson Reply

    Getting water in tube causing loud gurgle noise. Keeps me awake! Why?

    • Lori Reply

      You have your humidity turned up too high. I have mine set on 4 max and it does fine and if I go to 5, I have the same issue as you so I keep it at a constant 4.


        I didn’t get we could adjust the humidity. I have never made adjustments to the machine, just had technician do it. I occasionally wake up with a mild burns on my skin where the tube lies against my side as I sleep. Has this happened to anyone else?

        • Ron Russell Reply

          I ordered and now swear by my respironics CPAP, where I can adjust everything myself. I make sure the tube is suspended preventing getting wound up with piping. I only used the heated tube when the room is cold. Summer does not require heated tubing.

  17. Lee Reply

    I have used my machine only twice. Both times I awakened
    Several times with the air so strong I couldn’t breathe.
    I turned it off and the next day I had a constantly running nose and non-stop coughing.
    The pressure was only 10.
    It’s a Z2 Auto. Any advice?

    • Ron Russell Reply

      I found 10 was good to start, but later found it was too much also. Went down to 8. I experimented by changing the pressures down until I started to snore after relaxing my throat. Then inched back up until airway was open. that is 8 now.

  18. Cheryl Southam Reply

    I’ve had curly hair all my life ( 61 years old ) I’ve been using my DREAM STATION since May 2020 and my structure / texture of my hair has changed ( my hair has got large patchers of straight dry hair ) and only since using the cpap machine . I’m a hairdresser by trade so certainly know about these changes within my hair , PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME UNDERSTAND WHY THIS HAS HAPPENED TO MY HAIR

  19. Andrea Reply

    I am having eye problems: wake up and right eye only has a “film/something over it”, and cannot see clearly for about 10 minutes or so, even if I lightly rub the eye. I’m guessing it’s due to leaks, so will try adjusting the straps tighter. Have others experienced cloud/filmy eyes?

    • Pat Hudak Reply

      Mine caused me to get dry eyes. I now have to use prescription eye drops, re-wetting drops.

  20. Larry Reply

    After 2 weeks, I have begun to experience a tingling, pinching, burning sensation from my outer left knee up to my outer left hip as well as painful swelling on my right forearm just below the elbow. Just wondering if anyone else experienced this and how they rectified it.

    • Lori Reply

      That sounds more of the way you are sleeping (on your side) as I do not see how a CPAP would cause that. I have been on one for for about 5 years and never had these issues from the machine and only from how I slept on my side and twisted. Try putting a pillow between your knees when you are sleeping on your side to align your hips & spine.

    • Linda Howard Reply

      A couple of days l would get up my leg from the knee down was tingling and numb


      The knee/hip thing sounds like sciatica pain. The arm thing might be from the position of your arm when you sleep.

  21. Joyce I Thompson Reply

    I am having trouble with very dry mouth and very sore tongue from my CPPA. I have been on the machine for over eight years. This problem has just been since in the last six months. What do you believe is causing this problem? My tongue gets stuck to the roof of my mouth.i am 82 and it bothers me a lot.
    Joyce I. Thompson

    • Diane. Bingham Reply

      Hi Joyce. My first thought is that a new medication being taken in conjunction with cpap therapy might be drying you out. It happened to me and destroyed most of my teeth, so don’t take dry mouth lightly. I don’t use the humidifier either. That’s bound to help. I didn’t know I had dry mouth until the dental hygienist saw all the tooth damage, and now that I’m in full dentures, I haven’t got a need to change my bad habits, but it can be food for thought for others. If not a new med, it just might be an old one having a new effect on you. Seriously. My mother-in-law, who is 99, has had her body chemistry change enough to land her in the hospital twice in the last 14 years. It’s come upon her suddenly, both times, and for no apparent reason, so it sounds to me as if you might want to have an appointment with a doctor to unravel your problem. Good luck and best wishes.

    • Lori Reply

      Sounds like you need the humidifier or to use the humidifier. Also, your mouth may be open as well so the air is going through your nose and out of your mouth which I have issues with from time to time. A chin strap can help with that as it will keep your mouth from opening while sleeping. Hope this helps.

  22. Bill Breeding Reply

    Thanks for the helpful comments. I learned some things that I did not know!

  23. Debbie Alonso Reply

    I use a travel pillow when sleeping, to stop pressure from the mask when sleeping on my side .
    I have a full face mask.
    CPAP has changed my life , I used to be tired all the time , I now only need to sleep for about 6 1/2 hours .

  24. Brian James Reply

    Can sleep clap machine cause none cancer mass or tumor in front part of head , running 15
    Pounds pressure

    • Della Collins Reply

      I be praying for you. Find another doctor the sleep test should tell you what you need and you the setting where it as just to you.not same pressure as all the time that’s not good for you.

  25. Diane Bogniard Reply

    For the first time and following 14 months of continued nightly use, I discovered this morning that my water level had not decreased.

    I change the filters as directed, wash the masks, tubing, nasal pillows and water tub.


    • Lori Reply

      Check your settings and make sure you have the humidifier on. I set mine at 4 and it works perfectly as if I go any higher, it builds up water and you start gurgling as someone mentioned in an earlier post.

    • Ron Russell Reply

      A good test is to check that the tank water is very warm when. you wake up. If the water is cold, then the tank heater (humidifier) has failed somehow.

  26. Russell Burkhart Reply

    I have a new design for the mask. I would like to discuss it with someone from ur company.My girlfriend has one and she is having problems with it staying secured to her face,I have an idea that is a good idea.

  27. Neville Penney Reply

    Have been using CPAP machine for a few years now. Started with the full face mask but had so much rain out I changed to a Nuance nasal pillow but after some time it was irritating my nostrils. I have recently been given a Wisp nasal mask which I thought was great. After 27 days use I have had to stop using it as I now have headaches and neck muscles are affected and cannot look to right or left without pain. Is this problem being caused by the magnets which are positioned below your ears ie each side of neck muscles and top of spine. Very concerned at the moment as stopped using Wisp two weeks ago and still in pain.

    • Andrea Reply

      OMGOSH–I, too, switched to the Wisp nasal mask, love it (for “good” mask ratings on MyAir). BUT, like you, I have experienced neck issues–extreme tightness, neck being “squished” down and now wondering if it’s the magnets causing it.

    • Andrea Reply

      OMGOSH–I, too, switched to the Wisp nasal mask, love it (for “good” mask ratings on MyAir). BUT, like you, I have experienced neck issues–extreme tightness, neck being “squished” down and now wondering if it’s the magnets causing it.

  28. Glenda Honeycutt Reply

    Can the sleep app machine cause damage to lungs. Like carbon deoxygenated which effects lungs

  29. Valerie Powell Reply

    More information on side effects on the Lungs.

  30. Theresa Reply

    Next month I will be on the CPAP. From reading some of the comments, it seems I will be worse on the CPAP. Have anyone ever been misdiagnosed with having sleep apnea because you sleeping on your back during the sleep study, but sleeps on your side or stomach?

    • Mike Petti Reply

      I think it’s possible because I use Airsense 10 which automatically adjusts according your needs. When I lay on my bac, the pressure goes way up to 11 or more, but on my side between 5.5 and 8.0. Check with Doctor.

    • Ron Russell Reply

      yes, as Mike said: Respironics Airsense 10 is best for “switch sleepers” like me. I love mine. they are called Auto CPAPs because they are adaptive. they work! But $$$

  31. Van Reply

    When I first started with my cpap, 15 years ago, I had terrible ear infections and headaches.
    Now several years later I am deaf in one ear and use a hearing aid.
    Has anyone experienced the same?

    • Terry Reply

      Yes and I had to get hear aids. The ent put permanent tubes in my ears and problem went away

  32. Thomas McDowell Reply

    why do i have a powdery taste in my mouth after a night of using my cpap machine

  33. Maria smiley Reply codependent on my machine, it seems like I can’t even breathe anymore.

    • Heather Reply

      Same!! I don’t understand it. I’ve only been on it a month. Had 16 ahis per hour last night and couldn’t get my breath & heart was racing. Idk if it’s cause I took it off cuz I was having the issue with it on and with it off I guess too cuz 3 hours later I woke up and thought I was having a heart attack ‍♀️

      • Mike Petti Reply

        Let your doctor know. When I first got my machine, I set it at 8.0 max, and I was informed I was gasping for air. So I set it to ramp up starting at 4.0, then 20.0 max. Problem solved, mine is Airsense 10 which adjusts automatically according to your needs,without a sleep study. My normal pressure now is around 7.0, but when needed it sometimes goes to around 11.0.The app let’s me know my results in the morning so far less than 2, usually less than 1 episode.

    • Ron Russell Reply

      Maria, I wonder if. you’re talking about DAYTIME breathing. this is something I am beginning to see (70yo). I become semi-hypoxic because of what it seems like a lazy diaphragm. I forget to breathe. It is becoming a conscious process to do tidal breathing. My doc blew if off. It is affecting my brain’s central breathing system.

  34. Judy Reply

    I have had machine 8 yrs and I seem to be continually having chest problems like ashma wondering could it be the machine usually clean wkly driving me insane

    • María Fernandez Reply

      I have no energy in my lungs to speak or read aloud. It is exhausting and it feels like I do not receive enough air in my lungs. Why do I feel so short of breath. I have been with the CPAP machine.

      • Della Collins Reply

        Yes take a sleep test setting is most likely. Wrong

    • Lori Reply

      My instructions were to clean it daily, which is outrageous as who has time to clean it every day. You may have bacteria building up in it while it is sitting all day and only cleaning weekly. About a year and a half ago I bought a SoClean and it cleans and sanitizes every day and no issues. I was skeptical at first as I heard some bad things about it so I waited until it was on the market for a while and then gave it a try. They have coupons for XX amount off periodically so look for one of those if you consider getting one.

  35. Wendy Reply

    This does not address the question of becoming dependent on the cpap

  36. Eileen Reply

    I have vestibular syndrome and after using my cpap for the first time last night I’m feeling very dizzy and lightheaded, is that ok? I’m eyes are tearing up too.

    • Haywood Jablomi Reply

      Yes that is usually the case and experts state to gradually go deeper until you fully have it back far enough to stick out your tongue and reach the stems base .

    • Barbara Mallick Reply

      Ive been using mine for 3 months and the same mask is so tight i cry just thinkiof putting it on. You know medicae1 mask every 3 or 6 months,i forget.

  37. JUDITH Panicucci Reply

    With CPAP, my breathing and fatigue during the day is debilitating. I feel short of breath and too tired to do anything. By 4 in the afternoon it disappears and I have energy and normal breathing. Adjusting the ramp and pressure makes no difference. I’ve told my sleep doctor that nothing is working and asked for a different type of machine. He keeps advising the same advice, fiddle with the pressure. This has been going on for 5 years.

    • Kathy g spencer Reply

      I was so short of breathe after taking the cpap off in the morning I thought I was going to die and in 1 year had 6 calls to 911.

      I have stopped using the cpap and feel great. I can walk to the mailbox. I think I was misdiagnosed. No apnea but perhaps an infection?

    • Lori Reply

      I was the same way and after about 1 1/2 years, I spoke to my sleep doctor and expressed how exhausted and unmotivated I was and he ended up prescribing me Armodafinil which is a generic for Nuvigil and it has been a life saver. I was wanting to take naps and my brain was constantly in a fog. After taking this, which I still continue to for about 3 or 4 years now, I feel like a new person. I have so much energy, I can focus and my mind is clear and can think straight now. Not saying this should be your step but something to talk to your doctor about as you may have a medical condition that you would not be a suitable candidate for. If I go a day without taking it, I know and feel it and I have never been one to take pills but this one was WELL worth it for me.

  38. Judy Suggs Reply

    why does the machine use very little water some nights and a much larger amount other nights?

  39. J McMahon Reply

    Jeff made what sounds to me to be an excellent point. “Aren’t you breathing in your own co2?” when you exhale you do so into your mask and breathe it back in again.
    I suffer from lightheadedness all day long after using my CPAP all night, Jeff’s question is about the only thing which may account for my issue.
    Any thoughts?

    • Bill Hlavaty Reply

      I believe that rebreathing co2 from exhaled breath is a big problem. My sleep doctor doesn’t even consider it a possibility. I’ve switched from an F20 back to the Mirage Quattro and can breathe better. Maybe try other masks.

      • Ron Russell Reply

        You are spot on! I have nasal pillows that do not allow passive air circulation to keep re-breathe air from becoming a problem. to remedy this, I actually drilled some small holes in the pillows holder to allow more circulation. Works perfectly, now. Also, the air exit mesh tends to get clogged, requiring regular thorough cleaning. That helps too.

  40. Nfow Reply

    If you have a fresh brain blood and it is thought to be a stable brain bleed, will the cpap with a very high 25 lb pressure cause more blessings in the brain, if one goes back to it using it when home from the hospital?

  41. Kristina Reply

    I have Aerophagia from my cpap device and although my physician does not agree I believe the air pressure is too high causing horrible side effects. Periodically I wake up with dizziness, vertigo, loss of taste, swallowing difficulty’s and I’m lethargic with little control over my arms/hands and a terrible headache than I just have to sleep most of that day than those symptoms will last almost 24 hours.
    Is there anyone who suffers from sleep apnea and using a cpap machine gone through this or similar symptoms. I just know it’s the device the pressure is too high but I can’t convince my doctor to change the pressure SO I stopped using it in November 2020 and I have not had any episodes since I discontinued using my cpap. Please if you have or know of someone who has experienced these same symptoms respond back with your story.

    • Sylvia Reply

      I have similar problems. I have terrible headaches after 8 months use. Have blocked ears all the time for already 3 weeks.zIts affecting my hearing.Seen my GP twice since then for my problems.

      • Polly Reply

        Hi Sylvia.. I’ve been suffering pressure headaches for 11 weeks. After being hospitalised.. my CPAP was set too high… it has been tuned to 16 from 20 ..and I’m only keeping it on for 6 hours a night. .. my normal was 8 to 9 hrs .. headache have gone…..however I am getting a sensation of a swollen neck… good luck Polly.

    • Linda R Reply

      I’m a new patient on a cpap machine. I’m swallowing air and choking, too. Dr is changing me to an apap machine. Hoping this helps w/ choking. Also, I have a nose mask, but think a full mask might serve me better.

      • Darlene Cain Reply

        I wake up choking on several occasions using my cpap ? told my cpap provider and she didnt know what the problem would be ??Its like i inhale water ??

  42. Peter Nilsen Reply

    I have been using the ResMed AS 10 for about 8 months. after a couple of months, I developed a fairly acute shortness of breath ,exacerbated by any vigorous physical activity. I had a complete medical checkup to see what the problem might be. I got a clean bill of health along with some medication for very mild asthma. My condition still persists. Is this just a coincidence, or do other cpap users complain of this?

    • Jennifer Reply

      This is exactly what is happening to me! My doctor has ran so many different tests and when I told her the problem wasn’t as bad when I went a few days without my machine, she was more worried about me not using my machine and had me do an echocardiogram. I’m currently looking at seeing another doctor to get a second opinion since the one I have now doesn’t seem to want to listen.

    • George Reply

      Hi , I have the same symptoms, I find that I wake up in the morning short of breath with a bad dry scratchy throat, Iv been going to the doctor for help but he says I’m fine.
      Iv noticed thou when I clean my machine and mask regularly I’m not as bad. I’m not a doctor but try washing your mask and tube daily and then let it hang to dry outside on a hot day. It helps kill the bacteria. What we could be suffering is.. bacteria build up and dry throat combined.
      I hope that help solve your answer

    • Judy Reply

      Yes i have been having what I thought or think is ashma but now I am wondering if it my machine it is about 8 yrs old but sometimes I have breathing problems and cough so I understand

    • Anonymous Reply

      Just came up with shortness of breath. I have been using a c pap for the last ten years. I haven’t had this issue previously, wondering if using the machine is causing it. Have to admit it does not get cleaned everyday, but at least weekly.

    • Kyera Reply

      I had a similar thing happen when I had a cold. I had trouble breathing during the day, and was lethargic, could barely speak. I went off the machine for a couple of nights and it cleared up. Talking to my CPAP provider, they said that if you have a cold, turn off the humidity (kind of like adding moisture to pneumonia). I did go back to humidity after a while and haven’t had any issues.

      I do need the machine and if I go too long without it my fingertips loose circulation and deep ridges appear in the middle fingernails. The next machine I get will be a travel machine with a separate humidifier.

    • ROSA Reply

      Yes i have been on cpap for two months now and am having shortness of breath during the day.could it be i dont need it?

      • Heather Reply

        Same question. I feel like it takes me a couple hours to catch my breath. My heart started racing probably because I couldn’t barely breath and getting anxiety from it

  43. Mike Brinkley Reply

    8 years using my nasal pillows, recently I wake with an awful burn way back in my nose that will cause me to sneeze all day. Tomorrow might be nothing, next day might be on other side. Trying to find the cause and possible med to relieve the burn.

    • Audrey Grover Reply

      Have you tried using ayr nasal gel. It helps keep more moisture in my nose, than just the humidifier alone.

  44. Maria Steff Reply

    I was introduced to Herbal HealthPoint and their successful COPD Herbal treatment, i immediately started on the treatment for my 6 years long Emphysema condition. The herbal treatment is incredible, my severe shortness of breath disappeared within the first month. Go to HealthPoint official web page w w w. herbalhealthpoint .c o m. This treatment improved the quality of my life and i am Emphysema free!  

  45. Jacqueline Reply

    To Commenter: “Soul be Free” I laughed my head off at your comment but am also concerned.

    Are you okay? Your comment just made me laugh!

    I have red eyes from my CPAP. I got a proper fitting but the red eyes are just hard to clear up.
    Using refresh but feel better but still red.

  46. Jeff Hinke Reply

    My biggest concern of using a cpap mask is: when you exhale aren’t you breathing your CO2 (carbon dioxide) right back in? I suspect this is what causes dizziness, a chief complaint, as well as some of the other side effects? I don’t see anyone else bringing that up, but it would stand to reason that when you have that mask on, it’s forcing air into you, but when you exhale you are blowing it back into the hose, but then it blows back into you… all night or until you take it off. You aren’t really getting any fresh air! At least that’s how I see it, I don’t see any valves for air you exhale to escape to allow only fresh air in.

    • Glenda Honeycutt Reply

      I have thought the same thing. I have been on sleep app for years. But now I am have trouble breathing. My oxygen drops down to 85 . So know I am on oxygen during the day. They say I am going to have to add oxygen to my sleep app

    • Frieda Ellis Reply

      There is a co2 valve. It should remain uncovered for exhalation while sleeping.


      Use Distilled water as tap water furs up the machine.

    • Ron Russell Reply

      I use only tap water. It evaporates into the innards as a pure water. Drawback is you should dump the water when waking and refill at night. There will be some buildup of minerals in the tank, but won’t hurt anything.

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