CPAP Parts and Supplies

CPAP machine parts

CPAP machine parts connect to your CPAP machine and allow you to receive your CPAP treatment. Some CPAP supplies are necessary, while others are optional and can be used based on your personal preference. 

Every sleep apnea machine is different so it is important that you consult your equipment manual or supply professional before buying CPAP equipment. Some parts are not compatible with some machines. Once you’ve purchased your CPAP supplies, remember that these CPAP machine parts are intended to be replaced regularly as they are in contact with your body or have high exposure to moisture and/or contaminants.

CPAP Machine Parts

There are three main parts that make up a CPAP machine: a motor, a CPAP hose, and a CPAP mask.

The motor brings in air from the room to pressurize it according to your pressure setting. The air is room temperature, and some machines have a water tank to moisturize the air. The motor also includes a CPAP filter to remove impurities from the air. Motors on most machines run quietly, and will not usually interrupt sleep.

The pressurized air then moves from the motor, through the connected CPAP hose to the mask. The mask, which fits snugly on your face, moves the pressurized air into your airway and lungs continuously to prevent any collapse or obstruction.

Below is a list and explanation of these CPAP supplies and other CPAP machine parts that are used for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

Air Filter

The CPAP filter is important in purifying the air that comes from outside the machine entering into your nose. There are several types of air filters. Some are reusable and some are disposable. They vary in the size of the particulate that they filter out. You can choose your CPAP filter based on the type of CPAP machine you have and the needs of your lifestyle, such as having pets in the home that may add to the dust and allergens in the air.


The CPAP hose, also known as tubing, connects the CPAP machine to the mask. CPAP hoses come in different lengths, which can help accommodate your sleeping style or bedroom setup. Some CPAP hoses are heated or insulated in order to reduce the condensation build up.


The humidifier is an optional CPAP machine part that increases the moisture of the air that is delivered through the mask. Many CPAP users complain of dry mouth and dry nose while using their CPAP machines. The CPAP humidifier reduces this problem – especially in cold, dry areas with low moisture. Many humidifiers are adjustable by increasing the heat of the water tank.

CPAP Mask 

There are many types of CPAP masks. There are masks that just cover the nose (nasal cpap mask), and masks that cover just the mouth (oral masks), and of course, nasal-oral masks. There are also masks that are attached to oral appliance mouth devices. You can learn more about CPAP masks here.

Chin Straps 

Chin straps are used to keep the mouth closed during CPAP treatment. You may find this CPAP machine part helpful if you breathe in and out of your mouth when sleeping.

Cleaning CPAP equipment in soapy water

Cleaning and Maintaining CPAP Machine Parts and Supplies

Most of the CPAP supplies above are made of plastic, rubber, and/or silicone. The cumulative effects of moisture on your CPAP equipment will damage these materials and lead to bacterial and mold buildup. Although CPAP machine parts aren’t designed to last forever and will need to be replaced over time, proper maintenance will maximize their usage length and performance. 

You should clean your CPAP machine parts after every night’s use. There are also CPAP cleaner machines that can help to keep you equipment sanitized and ready to use. Some of these machines sanitize CPAP equipment by using activated oxygen to kill bacteria.

Replacing your CPAP supplies should be done in conjunction with the manufacturers instructions. You can find the recommended replacement products for your CPAP in the manual. Many replacement parts are interchangeable between CPAP units, however some CPAP replacement products are specific to a CPAP machine.

Finding the Right CPAP Machine Parts

Once you have a prescription for your CPAP equipment, you will need to find the CPAP machine parts that will work for you. There are several manufacturers of CPAP machines, masks, and other equipment. Top CPAP supplies companies include: Philips (Respironics), ResMed, DeVilbiss, Fisher & Paykel, Viasys, Puritan Bennett, Apex Medical, and CareFusion. These suppliers also offer portable CPAP machines and parts that can be easily transported in small bags for extra convenience.

Although there are several options to buy your CPAP machine parts online, only in-person will you have the opportunity to try different masks on your face to compare how they feel. A CPAP homecare company and DME (durable medical equipment) provider often has a selection of CPAP supplies for OSA patients to view. Make sure that you know how everything works before you go home. You should feel comfortable and not intimidated with your CPAP equipment. The more comfortable you are with it, the more likely you will wear the device and get the most out of your CPAP treatment.

Keep updated with new CPAP machines, CPAP machine parts, and CPAP cleaners. Every year, there is a new selection of CPAP equipment designed to make the patient experience more comfortable and successful. It could just change your life.



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    I have unused CPAP supplies, new and still in original packaging that I would like to donate. Please send information as to the process for donating these items. Med. ResMed Mask, SML & med. mirage quattro cushions & clip.

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  28. James LaFave Reply

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    • Mary Reply

      Sonja, I have unused supplies you can have if they will work dor you. What brand is your machine?

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