VirtuClean is a CPAP cleaner that uses activated oxygen and has been shown to be 99.99% effective in killing germs and bacteria in CPAP’s.

If you have a CPAP machine, it’s a pretty safe bet that you wear it every night. And if you’re not committed to your regular cleaning schedule, bacteria, fungi, and other germs can start to accumulate and even potentially enter back into your airway when you put your mask back on.

Keeping your CPAP clean is important for your health, but unfortunately, many people fail to comply with their daily and weekly, time-consuming cleanings.

VirtuClean Cleaner

Fortunately, there are now machines on the market that can help you with daily cleaning and sanitizing of your CPAP machine.

How Many CPAP Cleaners Work

CPAP cleaners can either use ultra-violet light or activated oxygen (also known as ozone) to sanitize your CPAP machine or BiPAP machine.

Ultra-violet light. Ultra-violet light has three different spectrums that vary in wavelengths. At a specific range of wavelengths, UV light has been shown to kill molds, bacteria, fungi, and other germs that may be in your CPAP machine. This form of sanitizing is also used in hospital rooms.

Activated oxygen. These machines break down oxygen, known as O2, and add on a molecule to create O3, also known as activated oxygen. This process turns the molecule into an oxidant, which can end up killing the germs or bacteria growing in your machine and CPAP mask.

How VirtuClean Cleans and Sanitzes

VirtuClean CPAP Cleaner

Like other CPAP cleaner machines, the VirtuClean uses no water, soap, or chemicals in the cleaning process for your CPAP supplies.

What sets the VirtuClean apart from these other machines seems to be its portability and size. The machine is run on a battery so there’s no cord, and it comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. It’s small in size and weighs only half a pound.

This CPAP cleaner is easy to use. Simply plug your CPAP device into the VirtueClean and turn it on. It does the work for itself and only takes 30 minutes to clean.

VirtuClean Features:

  • The cost is $299.99 and also comes with an 18-month warranty.
  • If you have heated tubing, an adapter may be needed to fit the machine. These can typically be purchased at a medical supply store or online.
  • No add-on accessories or maintenance is needed, so you probably won’t face any “hidden charges” after purchasing.
  • The battery has a 10-year life.
  • Charging the battery takes 2 hours and can be charged with a USB port or AC outlet.
  • The manual can easily be found on the manufacturer’s website.
  • It works with Bipap machines too

VirtuClean CPAP Cleaner Reviews

Several reviews stated that the best part of this CPAP cleaner is how easy it is to travel with. The size is small and can fit in a suitcase, and since it runs without a cord it can easily fit on any nightstand.

Many users also mentioned how quick and easy it is to clean, it’s simple, and some called it a “time-saver.”

If you have sleep apnea and use a CPAP, the VirtuClean CPAP cleaner is a device to consider.

10 thoughts on “VirtuClean CPAP Cleaner

  1. Anonymous Reply

    I’ve not bought any of the cleaners, yet. Checking reviews before I do. So far, over all, the VituClean has the best reviews. I was very surprised by the bad, or less than good, reviews for the SoClean machine. I think, given the reviews, I have to go w/the VituClean. I personally have no problem going online to get the instruction manual, but, I can understand not everyone has the capability to do that, hence, the instructions should be included in the package.
    So glad I checked reviews before I made purchase!

  2. bookworm Reply

    Go to You Tube and type in virtue clean in their search window. There are quite a few videos on how to use the virtue clean. For months, I cleaned with vinegar, water & soap. Then I broke a hip, and it was time to do things the easy way. I am very happy with the virtue clean, although I do not do the water chamber with it. Twice a week, I take the water chamber out, and clean it with vinegar water, & rinse & refill it. I use the virtue clean every 2 days, and charge it every friday. Takes several hr. to charge. Battery is lithium, guaranteed to last 10 yr. So in essence, I just use it for the hose and headgear.

  3. darlene Reply

    I have had a virtue clean for over a yr. I read how to use it on their website, and also YouTube. I like it’s small size, ease of use, and no cords. I recharge my battery on a set day once a week. Nothing else to buy as it is all there in the
    one pkg.

  4. Dave C.. Reply

    I have a tobacco smoke filled cpap the whole darn thing. My cousin and her bf smoking like a freight train. I’ve ran vinegar through it. Changed all the filters. To no avail. I still can’t use the cpap. I need it. The v.a in Ohio/Michigan…haven’t seen me yet. It’s been 8 months. I’m in need of a home remedy of cleaning just the actual cpap machine. Mask strap and the hoses….np. Any ideas

  5. Amy Hildebrandt Reply

    I don’t see it stated that it cleans the machine along w/the mask and tubing or am I just not seeing it?

  6. Richard Brown Reply

    The VituClean sounds like a nice choice over SoClean. But I also wish the user manual came with the machine. But maybe that it is cheaper $300, SoClean $400.00

    • Christine Pefine Reply

      Good Day Richard,

      The SoClean 2 can be financed with monthly payments as low as $29. We also offer a 6-installment, interest-free plan. Furthermore, the SoClean 2 is HSA/FSA approved, so you can pay for your SoClean 2 with money deducted from your paycheck before income taxes are calculated. The eligible product list number is: #9274. To learn more, please contact customer care at 866-501-3705 or visit our website

      Thank you,

  7. D Reply

    How many cleaning cycles does one get per charging of the battery?
    How quiet is it?

  8. Anonymous Reply

    from info above: The manual can easily be found on the manufacturer’s website.

  9. Connie Frauhiger Reply

    I think the manual should be included with the VirtuClean machine. I have no idea how to use this.

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