SoClean Cleaner Reviews

The SoClean 2 is a cleaner and sanitizer machine that automatically cleans and dries parts of the sleep apnea equipment by using activated oxygen.

If you use a machine for sleep apnea, you’re already taking a step on improving your health. But part of having a machine involves routine cleaning, otherwise, you may be harming your health, rather than improving it.

Sleep apnea equipment generally requires daily cleaning of the water chamber and mask, and at least weekly cleaning of the tubing, depending on the manufacturer. Cleaning usually consists of warm water with a mild soap, and always letting the parts hang to air-dry thoroughly to prevent bacteria or fungi from forming.

The amount of time it takes to clean and completely dry can be time consuming and because of this, many people with machines are not compliant with daily care.

Fortunately, there are now cleaners on the market that can clean and sanitize your machine for you, and in a lot less time.

SoClean 2 Cleaner and Sanitizer

The SoClean 2 is a cleaner and sanitizer that uses activated oxygen to sanitize, just like in a hospital setting. When this device generates activated oxygen, it pumps it through your equipment. Activated oxygen is known to kill germs and bacteria it comes into contact with.

SoClean 2 Cleaner and Sanitizer

What sets the SoClean 2 apart from other cleaners is the ease of use. To use, you simply place your equipment inside the SoClean device, close the lid, and it will start cleaning and sanitizing automatically.


The SoClean 2 Cleaner and Sanitizer easily connects to most devices, and if it is not compatible, they offer an adapter you can add onto your purchase, with no extra charge. Their website offers a list of common machines and whether it will need an adapter or not.


SoClean Cleaner Factors:

  • Cleaning cycle time of 2 hours
  • The manufacturer offers a 30-day risk-free trial and free shipping
  • Financing is available
  • A cartridge filter kit needs to be replaced every 6 months at a cost of about $30, less if you subscribe to their email.

SoClean Coupons and Discounts

Merchants sometimes offer coupons and discounts. If there are any live coupons or deals, we will try to list them here. With the increasing popularity of CPAP and increasing awareness of sleep apnea, equipment manufacturers regularly try new marketing tactics in order to gain market share. Machine discounts and coupons are one of the ways that they try to compete.

SoClean 2 Cleaner Reviews

One thing many reviewers of the SoClean 2 agreed on was the ease of use. It’s very easy to set up, as well as easy to use on a daily basis. Some reviewers also mentioned that it’s great for some elderly people that don’t understand technology since all you have to do is open and close the lid; it does the work on its own.

SoClean 2 CPAP Cleaner

Many SoClean users admitted they weren’t in the habit of cleaning their machines as much as they should, and the SoClean was “worth the money” and is now helping them be compliant with daily cleanings.

One SoClean purchaser mentioned that he’s always struggled with cleaning and drying the hose, and sometime’s he would wake up feeling like he was “drowning in water.” He stated that this machine has solved all of his problems and now he sleeps like a baby.

Other benefits mentioned from using the SoClean 2 cleaner are fewer respiratory infections, improved cough, and a fresher smelling machine and mask. There are other techniques that people can use to clean the machine.

SoClean FAQs

Does SoClean use water?

No, SoClean does not use water. It uses activated oxygen to clean and sanitize

Is SoClean 2 cleaner covered by insurance?

Every insurance policy is different. Many insurances do not cover SoClean and require it to be paid out of pocket, however it is eligible for FSA or HSA reimbursement. You might also be able to deduct it as a healthcare expense.

Is SoClean covered by Medicare?

No, generally sleep apnea equipment cleaners are not covered by Medicare

Does SoClean work with ResMed Mirage, Airfit, Philips DreamWare, Wisk, AirSense and Others

There are adapters available that work with the most popular sleep apnea equipment.

SoClean Filter: Where can I get it? When should it be replaced?

You can get a replacement SoClean Filter Kit directly from the SoClean website. The SoClean filter should be replaced every six months, if you use your SoClean once daily.

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254 thoughts on “SoClean Cleaner Reviews

  1. Randal Schoon Reply

    I received a so Clean2 for Christmas. I really like it but the lid latch has broken and about 6 mo. later the nub on the lid broke. I would like to know if I can get a replacement ?

  2. Ron ulrich Reply

    I no longer have the smell of ozone coming from my so clean but do have a pungent smell that I do not like. Want to know how to get rid of this problem as I do like the work free bit that it offers.

    • Robert Kopp Reply

      Yes. It has an adapter that can be purchased separately if you use the Dreamstation 2 with a heated hose.

    • Anthony D Reply

      Insurance does not cover the cost. However, you may use your FSA if you have that.

  3. Peter Caruso Reply

    After 3 months of use on a daily basis my so clean displays indicates it is time to order a replacement, does this mean I should replace it now even though it should last about 6 months; or will there be another notice at a later date indicating that the filter has expired.

  4. Pam Coomes Reply

    i replaced my water cyclinder and did not get the proper lid. talked to my cpac supplier and was told that i had to go to soclean. i want the top with the cpac connector can you help me with this problem? also need to order cleaning fluid thank you

    • Gary Reply

      After using the SoClean there is residual ozone in the hose and that is what you’re smelling when you start up your CPap. To rid your CPap of the smell prior to using it turn on your CPap and let some air blow through the hose for approximately 20 seconds to flush the ozone from the system. That should correct your odor problem.

  5. Ralph Derouen Reply

    I have been using the product for about 2 years now always has a strong Smell whenever I turn The so clean on. I have called in but Not anybody Can explain to me why the smell It is not a clean smell Almost gags You

  6. Joh Brown Reply

    I bought the So Clean for my wife. The cleansing process creates an Ozone environment within the machine. This produces an AWFUL ODOR that lingers in the C Path mask that is so bad it is unbearable to breath through. Terrible product. Ruins and possibly voids warranty of C Path machine. Save your money.

  7. Bill Slezak Reply

    My ResMed associate has told me that using the SoClean2 will void the warranty on my ResMed 10 Cpap machine. Is this true?

    • David Reply

      The SoClean is fairly loud including the machine and the bubbling in the humidifier tank. I set mine to come on after I’ve left the room and closed the door. It has a timer and you can set the machine to come on routinely at any time during the day. It will NOT come on if your mask is not in the chamber, so there is no risk of setting it for daily use.

  8. Hazel M. Davis Reply

    Can AirTouch Mask Cushion be cleaned in SoClean 2 without damaging the cushion or the cleaning machine?

  9. Brenda Reply

    I have read the comments below but there is no response from So Clean to answer any of the questions/problems. My machine stopped running and the message is “ Hose not present-cycle will not run”. What is the problem?

    • Dennis R Gingras Reply

      The machine requires the passage for the hose to enter it be filled on both sides. One side will have your mask/hose going through it, the other side must have the provided hole plug in it. Check the side opposite where your hose is and you will probably find the hole plug has fallen out. This happens if the plug is bumped when the lid is open. Without both side switches in the holes pushed down, it will not operate.

  10. james Reply

    I could not tell you if the machine is worth it or not. I bought it on 4_Jan-21, only to learn I require an adapter for my cpap machine. I tried calling only to learn I am way down in the queue. Sometimes up to 150th in line. I also sent e-mails to their INFO address. No replies. If you cannot support the number of your customer’s inquiries, you should do something to correct it.

  11. Marlon Carter Reply

    SoClean is to good to be true. I am a person who cleans all the time being ex military and afraid of germs since the Gulf War. I have sleep apnea and insomnia, yes that’s crazy to be diagnosed with snd to deal with, but I made sure I cleaned my Cpap daily!! And it was exhausting!!,

    having to work everyday and make sure my CPap was clean and ready for my next us was draining and took a lot out of me all buy it self. So Clean truly helped me and I’m greatful for the inventor of this amazing device.

    • Toni PETTY Reply

      Marlon, do you have an issue with odor in the mask after using the SoClean?

      • David Reply

        SoClean recommends running the CPAP with the mask off for 20 seconds. I’ve found that’s not quite enough for my tastes. I usually run my CPAP until it gives the “Mask Off” alarm twice before using. There is still a bit of the sweet ozone smell, but it is no longer overwhelming.

  12. Anthony S. Midiri Reply

    Good product but poor to non existing customer service. No one answers phone calls.

  13. Steve Minnick Reply

    I am interested in purchasing a SoClean 2 sanitizer for my Resmed Air Sense BiPap.

    Can you tell me, do you put the water tank, hose and face mask into the SoClean 2 all together so everything gets sanitized?

    If not, how does it sanitize all of your CPAP parts?

    Thank you for your quick response.

    • Charles Reply

      For my resmed 10 i had to purchase a special top section for the water chamber. There is an included adapter for the hose but based on your configuration it may not work to clean your water chamber. My soclean has become a dresser ornament due to the residual ozone smell.

      • Dennis R Gingras Reply

        I have the same comment about the disgusting smell. I found that if you remove the mask/hose from the Soclean and lay it down, then turn your CPAP machine on for a minute or so, most of the odor purges out. This works on my current machine. My old one would shut down within 10 seconds if there was a large leak detected, so this may not be possible on all machines.

  14. George M Gallo Reply

    Mine works great, one thing to avoid is do Not put your headgear in the So-clean machine. The Ozone will break down the foam padding on the headgear. I started noticing brown residue in my clear hose, and discoloring on my headgear straps. Since I have stopped putting my headgear in, no more residue and the headgear looks new.

    • David Reply

      If I don’t put my headgear in, I start to get irritation from bacteria buildup on the headgear after 3-4 months. Since insurance will only pay for new headgear every 6 months, I use the SoClean to disinfect it. It’s never broken down to the point that it won’t properly hold the mask.

      • Regina Reply

        I usually wash my headgear in a net bag in the laundry about 2-4 weeks to keep it clean – no problems so far.

  15. Vernon Byron Reply

    My SOCLEAN machine just abruptly stopped working!

    The error message is “Hose not present – cycle will not run”.

    I have a ResMed machine and everything was working fine! I checked the hose, AND my machine (BOTH ResMed AND SOCLEAN) etc. SEVERAL TIMES and it still doesn’t work!


    What is the lroblem

  16. Steven Rice Reply

    I have been using a SoClean for about 2 years & shortly after starting to use it I started having sinus problems. I went to my Family Doctor who sent me to a Ear, Nose & Throat Doctor. No one knew what was causing my problem. It eventually was causing Throat problems. Two weeks ago I stopped using my SoClean & things seem to be improving.

  17. steve mccollum Reply

    So clean has no customer service on weekends at all, only 830 to 730 mon thru friday. Just hope you only need help during these hours.

  18. Lisa Reply

    Can you tell me if using a “So Clean” voids the warranty on my CPAP Philips Dream Machine?

  19. Allan Zieber Reply

    Our CPAP supplier is telling us that using the so clean 2 to clean our Resmed 9 and 20 units will void Remed’s warranty.

    Is this true ???

  20. Brenda Brittingham Reply

    Is this cleaning machine good for a cpap Philip’s dream station.

  21. Robert E Turner Reply

    I recently began having problems with my Resmed 10 and my provider said it was caused by using my SoClean. I had to get a new machine. I am still using my old machine to run my SoClean through as I don’t want to damage my new CPAP machine. I swap the hose back to my new machine each night. What does SoClean say about this and what problems will using without water in the reservoir of the old machine and would caused breathing problems? I think SoClean should warn users that it will damage the CPAP machine.

  22. Tom Kennedy Reply

    You keep saying “clean”. Ozone may sanitize to a point, but only soap and water actually clean. Maybe you should put out SoClean 3 which is like a dishwasher that floods the whole headgear in a warm soapy water, rinse, dry, then ozone.
    I have a SoClean, but I still occasionally take the headgear in and scrub it up in soapy water.

  23. Eric Watkins Reply

    Since using the SoClean, I wake up with my sinuses totally congested. It’s been going on for months. Is this due to the use of the SoClean?

  24. Gary Jones Reply

    Has anyone reported headaches/migraines after prolonged use of the SoClean machine?

  25. GuitarRebel Reply

    I’ve been using the SoClean 2 with my ResMed AirSense 10 for a year, and with another unit for a year before that, so I’ve been using the SoClean 2 for 2 years.
    I read the FDA News Release dated Feb. 27, 2020. In it, they claim to have received 11 reports…..let me state that again, 11 reports from 2017-2019 concerning possible adverse effects using equipment similar to and including the SoClean 2.
    Now, considering SoClean has sold thousands of these units, 11 complaints would have to be well below .1 percent. Still, they advise to discontinue using the units until they’ve been deemed safe.
    To date, I’ve had no adverse health issues and this is my routine.
    I use the SoClean 2 every second day. I make sure the reservoir is filled to the full line with distilled water before I start the process. When the process is completed and I see the green light, I remove the tubing and turn on the CPAP for about a minute to dispel any leftover ozone. I do not disinfect my nasal pillow. I remove it daily and use CPAP wipes to clean it before reattaching it. I give my tubing/mask/reservoir a regular cleaning approximately every 2 weeks and place it all in a Hurricane CPAP dryer to thoroughly dry it. This is especially good for drying the tubing, which can take days to completely dry under regular conditions.

  26. Justin O. Schechter Reply

    The weak link of the So-Clean-2 is the lid latch. It is a small tab that fits into the body of the machine when closed. It does not have any electrical function. It simply keeps the lid shut during cleaning. I have had two units, both of which had the tab break under normal use. There is no replacement part for repair and the only option is to pay $200 for a replacement machine from So Clean. This is unfortunate since the machine works fine. I could find no fix on-line for this so I came up with a solution. For a few pennies and a few minutes, put two Velcro adhesive pads on the lid and the machine body and use a velcro strap to keep the lid closed. It looks makeshift but Is better than paying $200 for a broken piece of plastic.

  27. David Wagoner Reply

    I spoke to my supplier about obtaining new gaskets due to the color change caused by using my SoClean machine. She informed me I have voided my warranty on the machine due to the FDA not approving the SoClean machine. I looked on line at and sure enough, though it ponly states the FDA is reviewing things. Now, as of February 1, 2020, ResMed has indicated that ozone damage will void the CPAP manufacturer’s warranty. ResMed is recommending that SoClean not be used with ResMed CPAP/APAP machines. I am in a quandary since the machine does a wonderful job in cleaning the entire unit!! What is the big deal since no one is sharing that part…

    • David Reply

      ResMed clarification did not say not to use a SoClean. It also did not say that the warranty was voided if you did. It said that if the damage to your machine was caused by ozone, they would not pay for it. That’s a large difference. Additionally, it is my understanding that SoClean will extend a warranty for the AirSense 10 for any ozone related damage that ResMed will not cover.

  28. Harry J Hodges Reply

    I am a fan of SoClean but there is something users and prospective buyers should know. SoClean makes a point if using the term Activated Oxygen. This is actually a pseudonym for Ozone (O3), which is very effective at killing germs (over 99%).

    One word of caution. If you have silicon components (soft nose pillows of your mask and silicon seals), the ozone interacts with silicon and will, over time, cause the surface of the silicon component to turn brown and change in texture. This doesn’t change the effectiveness of the mask but the change in surface texture can cause skin irritation like contact dermatitis if you have sensitive skin.

    The semi-conductor industry uses ozone to help cleanse silicon which increases semiconductor efficiency

    As of February 1, 2020, ResMed has indicated that ozone damage will void the CPAP manufacturer’s warranty. Therefore, it is recommended that SoClean not be used with ResMed CPAP machines.

    • Webster D. Reply

      I think you’re a bit confused and therefore confusing anyone reading your comment. “Silicon” is a METAL used in various kinds of processors and microchips. “Silicone” is a soft rubbery material, completely unrelated to silicon. I promise you that your nasal pillows are NOT made of silicon! And they are NOT pronounced the same. Silicon ends with an “on” sound, as in the word “con”. Silicone is pronounced with an “O” ending that sounds like “cone” as in an ice cream cone.

  29. Joanie Reply

    I have used a So Clean machine for years and love it. I do not put any water in the hose due to Psudemonas infections that I have had and I am also allergic to mildew and mold. I change my tubing out monthly. The FDA send letters out to docs talking about the ozone. Now I know you are not supposed to breathe it in. I use it with my Resmed machine and the So Clean w that will ruin ones warrenty. This week I noticed a smell in my room and the lid was not closing tightly. So I need to find another machine and am not sure what to use. The Lumin bullet uses the light, but the FDA has not approved it either for lack of data there. So I am frustrated.

    • Bry Reply

      They will replace in the 2 year warranty period no matter where you purchased it.

  30. Bill R Austin Reply

    My Doctor tells me that the So clean machine that I use has been declared to be a safety hazard by the FDA. I cannot find anything about the caution on the FDA site. What is the real story?

  31. D Reply

    We purchased a So Clean machine after April, 2020. So Clean was aware that Resmed stated in April that use of So Clean would void the warranty for the machine. So Clean did not convey that message to consumers. So Clean does not appear to be an honest company. They refused to take back the machine.

  32. Laura Reply

    When ordering this machine, It’s offering a free adapter and requires me to pick one. How do I find out which one to choose?

  33. James Reply

    What about the smell left in the hose and mask, are there any dangers? I find the smell to be strong enough that I am afraid to use the cpap machine.

  34. Vincent vasely Reply

    The area under the rim of my facemask is causing a very painful irritation on my skin can you help me with what is causing it or what I can do to relieve the pain

  35. Ahsanul Reply

    Is there any short or long term risk of using Soclean, I have been using for few months, one of my friends told his equipment supply company representative told it has health risk for long term. Is this device has any data to support your possible claim, Thanks

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