Reviews of the Best Sleep Apnea Equipment Cleaning Machines

Keeping your sleep apnea equipment clean is important for its effectiveness.

Sleep apnea equipment consists of a filter, humidifier and mask that need to be routinely cleaned. It is typically worn every night and can easily collect germs, pollutants, bacteria, viruses, and even develop mold.

Even if everything looks clean, it is likely to have invisible contaminants that collect over time. Any pollutants or germs you come in contact with during the day can come into contact with your mask when applying it at night. (1)

Also, since a humidifier is used, moisture sits in the machine tubing and mask, and this can develop fungi and dangerous molds that love to dwell in moist places (2).

It’s also important to mention that you need to air dry your equipment thoroughly every day to avoid the accumulation of moisture that can cause mold and fungi.

Cleaning your equipment daily can be time-consuming and many people fail to comply (4). Thankfully, there are now cleaners on the market that can make routine cleaning easier and even more effective.

How does it work?

Many cleaners avoid the use of water to clean your machine. Some cleaners use activated oxygen and others use ultra-violet light.

Activated oxygen

Cleaners that use activated oxygen have a generator that breaks down oxygen (O2) and recreate it by combining another O atom making O3, or an activated oxygen molecule. When the third O atom is added, it turns the molecule into an oxidant. An oxidant causes a substance to lose electrons, which in this case can kill germs and bacteria.

Ultra-violet light

Ultra-violet light consists of three different bands known as UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C spectrums. Each spectrum varies in wavelength.

At certain wavelengths, ultra-violet light has the ability to break molecular bonds in the DNA of microorganisms.

Most Popular Cleaners


The SoClean 2 is the fast, easy way to clean CPAP equipment. SoClean uses activated oxygen, which kills germs and bacteria with no disassembly and no water.

SoClean 2 CPAP Cleaner

Activated Oxygen Benefits:

  • Kills germs, bacteria, and other pathogens in your equipment
  • Peace-of-mind equipment sanitizing
  • No need to take equipment apart on a daily basis
  • No water or messy chemicals required
  • Activated oxygen is used in water purification, hospitals, and produce handling
  • Activated oxygen kills germs in minutes
  • Cleaning cycle lasts 2 hours
  • Risk-Free 30 day guarantee
  • Does require annual replacement parts that cost around $30, less if you subscribe to their email
  • According to their website, they offer payment plans for as little as $29 per month

Lumin Sanitizing Device

The 3B Lumin CPAP cleaner is a CPAP cleaning machine that uses ultra-violet light to disinfect your equipment.

Features of Lumin:

  • No chemicals are used
  • Easy to use, but equipment needs to be disconnected to be cleaned
  • Free shipping
  • Offers a 2-year warranty
  • UV light does not “go around corners” . Bacteria shaded by the equipment will not be exposed to the UV light

Factors to consider when deciding on a cleaner

  • The length of time it takes to clean. This could be anywhere from 5 minutes to a couple of hours, depending on the machine, so consider this factor if the length of time is important to you.
  • Is it portable? If you are on the road or travel frequently you’ll want to make sure you can take your portable equipment and cleaning device with you.
  • Is it compatible with your equipment? Most equipment should be compatible, but some may need an extra adapter to fit.
  • How easy it is to use. Do you have to take your equipment apart to clean it or can it stay connected? How does it connect to the cleaner? These are questions to consider.
  • Cost. If you need financing, some companies offer low monthly payments. Some also offer risk-free trials to let you test it out and make sure it’s the right fit for you.
  • You also may want to make sure the manufacturer offers a warranty.
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130 thoughts on “Reviews of the Best Sleep Apnea Equipment Cleaning Machines

  1. Theresa Reply


    Cindy with NORCO in Bend, Oregon told me to wash my CPAP with either shampoo or dish soap. This seems wrong on so many levels. I’m using Dr. Bronner’s until I hear otherwise.

    Thank you in advance for your time on this matter!



  2. Charlene Reply

    Has anyone tried Clyn CPAP cleaner? My friend said this is great and I am planning to buy one recently. Any recommendation?

    • Patricia Reply

      Yes, I have used it for more than half a year, it works great, with the activated carbon filters could help remove the ozone odor left after cleaning. Hope it helps!

    • Cordick Daniel Reply

      The Clyn cz001 cleaner machine has a t-adapter heated hoser, so i can clean the mask and unit simultaneously, it saves at least 50% of the time, so I have more time to go to do the things I like.

  3. William T Brooks Reply

    how do you get new charcoal filters for a purepap cpap cleaning machine?

  4. Tammy Smith Reply

    Has anyone used the Nuwave CPAP Sanitizing machine. I have a Resmed want to make sure the Nuwave will clean and not harm the Resmed. Not sure how it would harm it.

  5. John Stevens Reply

    Thank you, and my thanks to PCH for their introduction of you and your product via their Search , through the Internet assistance.
    Briefly, I have had COPD, and asthma…
    I have used my CPAP machine over the years
    due to sleep apnea,
    A very, frightening way to be awoken from sleep
    It has been a wonderful aid to me..
    Now of late, I feel cured, and have not had
    any recent episodes of choking, or gasping for breath’ in the middle of the night.
    Again I thank you, and to PCH for their Search now, assistance
    via, the information in their guidance with your information regarding this serious illness .
    I will be saving your information.
    With my many thanks to all.
    John Stevens

  6. Rob W Reply

    My fellow Sleep Apnea friends. I have been using Blue Dawn dishwashing soap to clean my mask and tubing for 12 years. I put a small amount of dish soap about 1/2 a teaspoon directly into the tubing which is still connected to the mask. I fill the tubing with warm/hot water until the mask and tubing is full. Then plug the ends with hands and or fingers.. then agitate/shake vigously back and forth for about 30 seconds. Then flush with warm/hot water by keeping the the end of tubing the connects to the machine up close and tight to the faucet. Allow water to flush out soap for 30 seconds until all the soap and suds are out of mask and tubing.Hang over shower door or curtain rod to air dry. Wash the water chamber virtually the same way (with blue Dawn), I also use a clean not used toothbrush to clean water chamber and the tubing connector on the machine.

  7. Joe Reply

    I do not use cpap, but I sold, delivered and setup cpaps for 20 years. Probably some of the first to ever come out for home use. First of all the machine itself is only a compressor delivering air at a specified prescribed water pressure. The only thing you need to clean or exchange on the machine is the external filter. Each day you do need to clean your mask with soap and water and let it air dry. Once a week I would soak your tubing with soap/water then rinse hang up and let dry. Wash your headgear about once a week or so. If your planning on getting a cpap get a name brand, from a reputable homecare dealer. Save yourself headaches and money!!

  8. Mike Reply

    The FDA has not weighed in on the efficacy of manufacturers’ claims that either UV or ozone are effective at killing germs, bacteria, etc. satisfactorily in CPAP machines.

    Is it true, that for ozone-specific cleaning machines to kill bacteria effectively, the level of ozone required would have to be dangerously high for humans to withstand safely for the cleaning machine to be effective?

  9. Anonymous Reply

    Ozone is not a farce. It does what is advertised. And does not remain anywhere you can be affected by it after it has cleaned your equipment.
    Not sure where some are getting their info from that it will harm you. You are not using it on yourself. Morons like P H should research first then comment

  10. Ken Ganser Reply

    Thank you for your help.
    Here is my question;

    I am seeing a number of CPAP Ozone generation
    devices on the market. Are these safe and effective?

    Thanks for your help.

  11. Marcia Reply

    I’m looking at Irespirator, Respify, VirtuClean, and sleep 8 which would you recommend? I’m concerned about leaking ozone into the room, effectiveness and easy.
    Thank you

  12. Stanley Gray Reply

    My wife bought me one but we can not seem to get it to work. The service numbers do no seem to work

  13. Janice helm Reply

    I have a c-pap machine I would love to have the cleaning machine. My insurance anthem blue cross will pay 80% is there anyway you can help me with this.

  14. P H Reply

    Cpap cleaning machines are a farce, and this web site should be honest and say so!
    Ozone is produced from uv light and electronic means, neither is good for your lungs.
    Don’t be so dang lazy, you know how to clean your mask and tubing, tank.

    And change there filter when due.
    That’s all there is to it.

  15. Ruth Ernest Reply

    buyer beware. My Resmed cpap machine has been use less than 2 years and has been replaced twice and is now back to be repaired again. This time they they detected ozone in the unit, which voided the 2year warranty.

    I called Soclean about this. Soclean is going to reinstate a warranty and extend it an additional year, so my repair costs will be taken care of this time. After that, you are on your own.

    Hopefully this issue will be remedied at some point. Until then, if you use the Soclean unit to clean your cpap you will be responsible for repair costs.

  16. Patricia Lloyd Carr Reply

    I bought a new so clean machine that I have not been able to put together I think that I am missing some parts or l haven’t been able to put it together correctly HELP

  17. Susan Polcari Reply

    I wear a Dreamweaver under the nose nasal mask and have a Dreamstation CPAP unit. Is my equipment compatible with yours?

  18. Anonymous Reply

    You should sell the machine but with the notice that there is no uv or ozone cleaning process approved by FDA. Both may have some issues for the health.

  19. Jay Bush Reply

    I think the cleaning process is irritating my skin around my nose cause I’ve used a cpap for several years without and issue but a few months after I used the SoClean I’m getting some skin irritation. What can I do to solve this problem

  20. Cheryl Reply

    My so clean is bad I put in new filter but when I clean my mask the Oder is horrible. Worst than it’s been before. The smell is so bad on my mask or tubing it makes me sick. It never did this before. What is wrong with my so clean machine now ??!!

  21. Daniel Scott Thompson Reply

    I had a Solvang. After about 5 months of using it. My CPAP malfunctioned and the clinic expert said it was ruined and that it is a common problem happening more and more. I don’t know why they sell them still and Solvang should be responsible for the huge cost to replace my CPAP.

  22. Kerry Batdorf Reply

    Are any of these machines lab tested and certified to some level of “clean” or pathogen free or whatever relevant bad bugs are? What % of bad bugs.

  23. Cecilia Mattingly Reply

    I was advised to find an ionizer made specifically for CPAP machines. I am struggling to find one.

  24. Roxane McDaniel Reply

    I have Purpap and yes it has the ozone smell. I love the smell . It’s fresh and clean

  25. Ruby Mangrum Reply

    I have a so clean cpap cleaner and the lady i spoke to said it cleans the water as well. No it does not I have nasty stuff in my water after using it. I clipped the tube that goes into the water. No way to tell if it really cleans the mask or not. I usually clean the water chamber with lemon juice and wipe out the mask as well. It at least smells fresh that way


    I really don’t was to spend well over $100, that’s why I am considering either PurePap or Prime Clean Unit.They seem to use the same technologies for a lot less monies.

    • Margie Reply

      I have used prime clean for the past year and I was not happy with their product and customer lack of service when contacted.

  27. Casper J Broadus III Reply

    I just purchased the SoClean 2. I was reading reviews on it. Lot of people were saying the SoClean 2 ozone use can damage my CPAC machine. Can anyone comment on this?

  28. Pam Reply

    I am SoClean customer. If this unit is supposed to kill germs and mold, why am I getting a pink mold developing in the water chamber?

  29. Willard Smith Reply

    I have been told the ozone cleaner wold void the warranty on my cpap do you know if this is true?

  30. charles winter Reply

    does cpap make a difference with what brands my sleep center tell me to buy a lumin cleaner and other people say buy so clean witch is better and why

  31. vivian Reply

    why do you only review 2 cleaners aren’t there more on the market? These are rather expensive

  32. jeffrey allen Reply

    Why wouldn’t you mention in your article that there is no CPAP cleaner on the market that is FDA approved? This might give consumers a chance to make a more informed decision on their choice to buy or not

  33. Scott Reply

    I am also curious about pure pap and if it has the ozone smell , i would like something portable as i travel a lot

  34. Gamal Lucius Reply

    Are there any CPAP cleaners that are currently FDA approved? I’m reading that so far (as of February 2020) the ones using ozone to clean may leak causing unhealthy levels of ozone to leak into the room and the ones using UV light could either cause UV light to leak or could be inadequate in cleaning all interior surfaces of the tubing and CPAP components. I really want to purchase a CPAP cleaner but and also wanting to make sure it is a safe option. Thank you for any advice you may have.

  35. Ashok Reply

    I had one of these ozonators and it has an awful smell.
    Had to return
    Not sure why tgat is not mentioned here although many who bought complained about that

  36. Barbara Reply

    Would like reviews from people who have used the Clean Zone CPAP cleaner. I’m considering purchase of a CPAP cleaner. Also looking at So Clean. Which is better. Do not need travel option.

  37. Susan Odiseos Reply

    Curious to know how PurePap CPap Cleaner compares to others.

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