What is Sexsomnia?

Sexsomnia is a recently described parasomnia, or unusual behavior that occurs during sleep. Sexsomnia has recently been added to the DSM -5  or Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders which lists most recognized mental health disorders.

Individuals who exhibit sexsomnia symptoms often demonstrate sexual behaviors during sleep. Moaning, body thrusting, and self-pleasuring have been described with this condition. It is believed to occur during slow wave sleep, when most parasomnias occur. Because it occurs during the deepest stage of sleep, those associated with sexsomnia often are unaware of their unusual behaviors. It is usually observed by bed partners.

Sleepwalking is another slow wave sleep parasomnia that occurs during deep sleep. Like sleepwalking, the individual is usually completely unaware of night time events.

Diagnosis is made by health professional based on symptoms.

Like other parasomnias, the potential danger of sexsomnia is related to unintentional injuries that occur during sleep movements.

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3 Replies to “Sexsomnia”

  1. Mike

    My wife and I both believe that I have sexsomnia and after nine years of marriage and two wonderful children my nighttime antics have taken a toll on every aspect of our life. She has been repulsed by me for over a month and today she told me she is no longer in love with me due to what I have done, might have done and could possibly do when I am asleep. and the thought of losing the love of my life over this is crippling. I don’t know what to do and I am at the end of my rope, and I just pry I can find the help we both desperately need to work through this large rough patch in our life.

  2. Becky

    My partner has this, any way I move his body move the same way in our bed so my back is usual towards him most nights. He seems to be aroused all the time, Day and night. I get so tired of it. I yell at him to leave me alone, it becomes a turn off then becomes to not wanting sex no more. Sometimes I want to please him so he’ll leave me alone about it but I just end up telling him to hurry up. I feel bad. I don’t know what to do.

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