Ask the Sleep Doctor

Ask the Sleep Doctor

We occasionally have a live Questions & Answers from a sleep doctor. These are scheduled sporadically.

Until the next ‘Ask the Sleep Doctor’, please check out the forum, where professionals and public discuss sleep issues and answer questions.

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3 thoughts on “Ask the Sleep Doctor

  1. Feeling exhausted each morning even when I get some sleep of a night.always feeling tired and tried everything to help and feeling desperate to stop feeling exhausted.

  2. Hello,

    My name is Angela Kim and I am an industrial and interaction design student in an undergraduate program. I am currently working on a project to design for people who unintentionally fall asleep during meetings/conferences/class. In order to create a product that helps people stay awake in a discreet and a non-distracting manner, I was wondering if I could receive some information and advice on the stage 1 sleep.

    Thank you,
    Angela Kim

  3. My husband has a horrible snoring problem. He snores so loudly at night that it’s affecting my sleep every. single. night. I’ve told him to roll on his side and he still snores. No matter what position he is in he snores! It’s driving me crazy! We have a newborn and a toddler so I can’t sleep with ear plugs in incase they need me in the night. His snoring also keeps up our kids because it’s that dang loud. He doesn’t gasp for air or choke in his sleep. I need advice please. Thanks from a sleep deprived mother.

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