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Quest for the Best Mattress, Beds and Sleep Products

American Sleep Association Begins the ‘Quest for the Best’ Mattress, Beds, and Sleep Products Campaign

Lititz, PA – August 30, 2015. In an effort to explore the relationship between good sleep and sleep products, American Sleep Association has launched its ‘Quest for the Best’ Mattress, Beds, and Sleep Products Campaign.

Since 2002, American Sleep Association (ASA) has provided information on all topics relating to sleep. This new effort is the latest effort to help people sleep better.

During the campaign, ASA will utilize a scientific approach to evaluating products that relate to sleep. Investigated products will include mattresses, beds/bedding and bedroom furniture, sheets, pillows, electronic sleep digital devices, sleep apps, snoring apps and other products.

Part of the evaluation will incorporate surveys that aim to assess satisfaction from current customers. Customers will be asked to rank products based on several variables.

The ASA website will provide a directory or resources and products. Pictures, evaluation, rank, cost, and description of mattresses, beds, sheets, pillows, sleep gadgets and electronic products will be searchable. Tips for testing and buying the best mattresses, as well as other bed and mattress guides are already available on the website.
American Sleep Association reaches millions of visitors annually and features information on sleep and sleep disorders, as well as product ratings and reviews from customers.

Founded in 2002, American Sleep Association has over 5000 members in over 20 countries. Membership remains free of charge. Primary funding for ASA is from grants, donations, and endorsements.



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