Carpenter Co

The world leader in bedding material.

Carpenter Co., spends every waking moment thinking about comfort. Carpenter Co. is the world’s largest maker of polyurethane foam and the leading processor of polyester fiber for the bedding industry. They understand the importance of continually investing in state of the art manufacturing processes to maintain high standards of quality. They insist on minimum density standards and unwavering consistency in all manufacturing plants worldwide.

Their commitment to innovation and comfort ensures their position as the industry leader. The Reinhart Technical Center located in Richmond, Virginia is devoted to improving sleep surfaces. Understanding how cushioning and support material work with the body is vital in providing a higher level of comfort and support. Their sleep research facility uses the most sophisticated technology to create new materials that give you a restorative night’s sleep. Their team of comfort scientists design mattress cores and toppers that deliver anatomically correct comfort and support sleep systems and components.

The result of their focus on innovation, comfort and the science behind comfort are value-added foams and fibers specific to the bedding industry. From new memory foam technology like Avela™ to hybrid foams that self-adjust and support like Avena™ to Isotonic®, the most trusted name in traditional memory foam, Carpenter Co’s. mission is to Bring Comfort to Your Life – every day and every night.

*  ASA has received compensation from Carpenter Co for promotion and endorsement. The endorsement was reached after an evaluation process by ASA officials.








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