Sleep Technologist

Department of Veterans Affairs

This position is located in the Sleep Laboratory which is aligned under the Neurology Service of the VA Medical Center in Washington, DC.

As a medical Instrument Technician (Polysomnography), your work will involve the performance of a wide range of sophisticated diagnostic procedures and therapeutic techniques representing important components. Over 10% of patients of the VA Medical Center in Washington, DC have sleep disorders which require such testing and/or treatments.


You will use state of the art equipment as you obtain polysomnograms on patients with life threatening sleep disorders. You will obtain multiple sleep latency tests on patients with possible narcolepsy or other disorders of excess sleepiness. All the testing requires online analysis by the technologist to obtain the necessary data for the correct diagnosis and therapy for the patient. Your duties may include, but are not limited to, the following:

Provide oxygen therapy including, nasal CPAP or Nasal BiPAP or nasal autopap therapy;
Recognize and describe seizures and other behavior during the sleep study that may require intervention;
Maintain guidelines on infection control for laboratory and interface with manufacturers to determine appropriate specifications with our infectious control group;
Assist in training new technologists on use of newer techniques and equipment to ensure that they are proficient.

Work Schedule: Full-Time, 4 days per week 8:00p to 6:00a including weekends and holidays.

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