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35 thoughts on “Ask the Sleep Doctor: Do you have a question about sleep or sleep disorders?

  1. Hannah Reply

    I have been diagnosed with mild sleep apnea. The position of my jaw makes my airway smaller and less easy to breathe through. While this is concerning, I am aware there are treatments for it and am currently working on finding one that works for me, so it’s not currently my main concern.
    I don’t have dreams, at least none I can remember. Now, this is not to say I only see darkness when I sleep. I have nightmares and night terrors. A lot of them. I have been alive for two decades and over that entire period I have no memory of ever having a dream that wasn’t a nightmare. I’m not saying it’s impossible I ever had a normal dream, but if they are so rare that I haven’t been able to recall a single one in two decades, I imagine that’s not the average persons nightmare to dream ratio. I only realized how odd this was recently when talking to my step dad. I just never really imagined other people had good or neutral dreams when they slept until he told me and then when I asked others they confirmed it. I know I had one memory of waking up and feeling rested in elementary school but I can no longer recall what it actually feels like to be rested or refreshed. My eyes are always heavy, and even though sleep is oft a scary place for me I never feel like I’ve slept enough. I do have anxiety and my therapist has noted some symptoms of PTSD I have, so I imagine they play a part in the nightmares. I do know that if I stop taking my anxiety medication I get sleep paralysis and it is always very intense. I’m always exhausted and ready to fall asleep, but even if I wanted to fall asleep, say during a break at school or work, I couldn’t because it takes what feels like (and has repeatedly proven to be) hours for me to fall asleep.
    Now that I know how odd my sleep is I think I can actually recognize how much it must be affecting me in my daily life. I can only imagine the toll it’s taking on my mind, especially considering the anxiety and depression I already have with out the help of this exhaustion. I really, really want to just get a full nights rest, to wake up and feel like I actually slept. Sleep, for me, almost feels like a food that no matter how much I eat, I am never full, like eating air. I have cried some nights because I was so exhausted but could not fall asleep, or when I did it felt as if I got no sleep at all.
    I just want to know who I could go to for help in this regard. Any doctors or sleep focused health organizations you could recommend, anything you could tell me to help find a way to get some restful sleep would make me incredibly grateful.

  2. Bruce M. Anderson Reply

    I have phrenic nerve damage and a paralyze right diaphragm. My CPAP keeps my AHI at 1 or 2. Since the injury 15 months ago, I am sleeping 10-12 per day and feel sleep deprived. Could the phrenic nerve damage cause additional sleep disorders?

  3. Anonymous Reply

    Ok so I had this dream it’s like I got stabbed in the back but when I woke up my back muscles twitched do you know why they might’ve done that? I’ve also been diagnosed with sleep paralysis but this wasn’t a paralysis attack. It felt like I was actually stabbed.

  4. Paul Hix Reply

    Hi! I have a question for the sleep doctor.
    I understand the importance of having a consistent bedtime, and a consistent wake time. I know that I am happiest going to bed around sundown, and waking up around sunrise. HOWEVER, a lot of my friends like staying up late around the campfire, or going to music events. I would like to do this occasionally, but I don’t know the best way to “catch up” on the sleep I missed:

  5. Claudia Clayton Reply

    How do I find a sleep doctor for a potential Delayed Sleep Disorder (based on symptoms my daughter has for the past 10 plus years) that won’t be trying to sell a sleep study and CPAP. Despite us telling doctors she doesn’t stop breathing or puff out or snore (We take many trips together where we stay in the same room) they keep trying to get her to do this. For one thing, she can’t go to sleep so they finally have to give her a sleeping pill and it doesn’t work much so we’re back to square one. We need a Dr. that can help with this so she can potentially have a normal life. She is often sleep deprived due to getting up to go to her classes etc. It takes a toll on her health. And negatively impacts her job potential and social life. Thanks

  6. Karen H Reply

    From everything I’ve read, most sleeptalking does not require treatment (unless it is disturbing to a partner’s sleep). But can sleeptalking ever be severe enough that it is interfering with the sleeptalker him/herself getting a good night or rest? When is it appropriate to seek a sleep study?

    My 16-year-old has always talked in her sleep, but it seems to be getting worse. She and I were on a trip out of town this past week and slept in the same hotel room: one night I counted 13 separate instances of sleeptalking. (Needless to say, it disturbed MY sleep — but I don’t usually have to share a room with her!) She is also very lethargic and tired during the day and has been ever since she hit adolescence (certainly not abnormal for many teenagers, but her fatigue is fairly severe — and yes, we’ve ruled out depression). She is physically fit, slim (BMI about 18.5) and does not snore. Any time she does not have to get up for an event, like school, she will easily sleep more than 12 hours. She oftens sleeps through alarms and if a person has to get involved, it usually takes several tries to wake her. As a child she was also a sound sleeper, and never once experienced a bad dream that woke her, or anything resembling a night terror. No sleepwalking ever.

    Sleep studies are expensive, and everything I’ve read about sleeptalking seems to suggest one is not indicated when sleeptalking is the main complaint. I don’t think her PCP has much experience with this, and I am hesitant to take her to a sleep doctor who might suggest a sleep study because it’s what they do… Seeking your informed opinion with no direct financial incentive!

  7. Logan Reply

    I am an insomniac and it drives me crazy. I just worry about not being able to sleep and then I cant sleep. People tell me to just stop stressing out over sleep but its not that easy! You cant really just decide to not worry or stress and then you automatically stop. Does anyone have any recommendations for how i can stop worrying about sleep and just got to sleep? It would be much appreciated.
    Thanks! -Logan

  8. Calum Robertson Reply


    I know the ideal nap time (according to NASA anyway) is 26 minutes or 20-30 mins. When is this timed from? Is it from the second I shut my eyes? Or should I try to factor in 5-10 minutes to actually fall asleep? I feel like I probably take 10 mins, so if it is this way, I’d set my timer/alarm to go off after 36 mins?

    Thank you!

  9. Vicky Reply

    I sleep with my CPAP machine every night. I routinely get check ups with my dr. I am having a fatigue problem. I thought I would check my sleep patterns using a sleep app ( auto sleep) the app is telling me I am awake 4 hours when in bed. I do take melonatona and in bed at 10 pm to 6 am give or take an hour. Getting only 3.5 to 4 hours asleep a night is not enough. Are theses apps trustworthy? If so, where should I seek help?

  10. amna Reply

    hello i have few questions that I’m looking for an answer, I’ll be thankful if i get the answers because its important.
    here are the questions:

    1. How long does it take a person to fall asleep?
    2. How does our sleeping position affect our dreams?
    3. Are there other factors that affect the quality of our dreams?
    4. Why is it possible sometimes to get nightmares even if we slept on our right side?
    5. Is it true that our brain signals us to change positions if we had nightmares?

    please help me

  11. Hildo Aurio VIANA Reply

    Hi Drs. I’m a 78 years old and I live in Brasil. In the last five years I’m really suffering with a type of severe myoclonus like a eletric shock that significantly reduced my life quality. Although I consulted several neurologists the underlying cause was not discovered, so, I need your help in this sense. (If necessary I’ve a video showing the spasms). So far I have received only unresolved palliative treatment.
    Please help me

  12. Matthew Reply

    I try to sleep at night but i end up falling asleep at 5 am and have to wake up at 7 am, then i am tired all day but the moment 5 pm hits i’m wide awake and cant fall asleep till 5 am. any ideas why.

  13. Lauren Cooze Reply

    Adding on to my previous comment, I don’t wake up from the flailing and don’t remember even doing it or having any nightmares or anything that may have brought it on. I’m often tired and sluggish in the mornings and have been diagnosed with depression.

  14. Lauren Cooze Reply

    I have been told by friends after stayung the night at their house that when I’m sleeping I’ll start flailing my limbs or I’ll punch them or kick them. There was one incident where I was sleeping in the same bed as one of my friends and I started flailing all four limbs wildly. Sort of like poubding my arms and legs against the bed. She said I was making a sort of steady moaning noise. According to her, it lasted about a minute and of course frightened the life out of her. I’m a 16 year old girl and I was wondering what causes this. Any information at all would be great. Thank you for your time.

  15. Monét Reply

    Dear Mr. Sleep Doctor,

    I have recently started experiencing sleep paralysis. Although it only happens at my boyfriends house. I went through a lot of trauma as a kid due to my step dad, and I have PTSD from it. My boyfriend and I have only been together for 5 months, and sometimes my PTSD symptoms show in our relationship (not wanting to be touched, not feeling comfortable sometimes, scared even though nothing is wrong) do you think that staying the night at my boyfriends house could have anything to do with my sleep paralysis? Or do you have any advice to help me?

  16. Cristina Reply

    Good day,
    Because of a noise which cannot be eliminated in my flat, I always sleep with a background of brown noise. I wonder if this can cause problems on long terms (i have the feeling my sleep is very light and weird). Thank you

  17. Ash Raven Reply

    I have to stay up until 12:00 – 1:00 because that’s when my parents return from work. Even when I go to bed at a normal time (8:00) I sleep for 2 or 3 hours and then I get up and go to the bathroom and I don’t fall back asleep until about 4:00 or 5:00, seeing as I have to get up at 7:00 for school, this is very frustrating. I’m not stressed but lie in bed hoping desperately to fall back to sleep, but more often mentally re-writing my work or someone else’s. I often come up with new ending for movies or new story threads for TV shows. It used to help me to do stretches or take a hot bath, once that stopped working normally if I lie very still and relax my muscles and then take deep breaths and mutter “1, 2, 3, ect.” I could fall asleep, now, I just get restless and end up flailing around. Please help me.

    • Ash Raven Reply

      I forgot to add, I don’t eat right before bed, I haven’t remembered my dreams in awhile, I don’t normally realize I’ve fallen asleep until I wake up, ive tried hot and cold showers, Ive tried cuddling with stuffed animals and sleeping with no pillows or anything. I thought maybe it’s because I’m on the computer almost all day but I have to in order to do school. I’m also afraid of the dark but I can’t sleep with a night light on, I roll and kick a bunch and I used to be a really heavy sleeper, nothing could wake me up, now, any sudden noise or people having conversations wakes me up. I seriously have no idea what to do.

  18. Dami Reply

    Hi Drs,

    I have an interesting condition that many doctors and therapists can not identify or treat.

    1. As I fall asleep, I sometimes see horrific graphic images melting into each other (women screaming, blood, gore, african masks)
    2. My dreams are highly vivid and I remember I want to say 100% of the bloody gore that I see. I can describe perfectly clearly dreams I’ve had years ago that to this day haunt me. Clowns killing mothers in a birthing ward. Botched surgeries. Products of conception. It’s terrifying. I delay falling asleep. We cannot figure out why they are happening, how to stop them, and where they are coming from. I do not know the faces in my dream although I could draw them for you I feel like. I remember everything. Why is this happening and how can I get peaceful rest?

    • Maya Hansen Reply

      Uh. I guessing this is where I ask questions? Ok. So. I’m 14 years old and have never had sleep problems until I the last time I got sick. My parents gave me two giant dayquill pills and I took them and went to sleep. Next thing I know, I’m ankle deep in a puddle outside with my dad trying to get my attention. My first time sleepwalking. And only so far. But for a week after I got better, I was really scared at night for no reason. I started waking up scared for no reason then it progressed to a little after I went to bed. I went to my mom multiple times every night BEGGING for help, pleading with her to tell me what was wrong with me. She said I was having nightmares and told me to go back to bed. I started sleeping in my brothers room on the floor. That worked. And during the day I was normal. But before that I hadn’t slept for a couple days. But after that I got a few hours of sleep every night. Then every once in awhile it’d happen again, but one or two nights and I’d move back into my room. And I knew when I was starting to feel scared so I moved into my brothers room before I couldn’t handle it. But for the past three nights I’ve been freaking out and there is little warning. The only warning I get is before bed. But I can’t go in his room to do anything until lights out because he’s awake and doing whatever. And I’m not planning on going to bed then. So by time lights are out, I’m crazy. I’ve tried turning my lava lamp off to have less light, keeping my cat on my room for the night, sleeping in the floor in my parents room when my brothers doesn’t help as soon as I want it, turning in the light in my room for the night, shutting my music off, playing different music, anything. But it won’t help. Last night I lied on my brothers floor thinking my other brothers name over and over again until I fell asleep. Sammy. Sammy. Sammy. Sammy. That helped. I rarely see him. I’m adopted which makes me see him not often but he’s a adult and in the army which is worse. He’s the only one I can talk to about anything. But since he’s been deployed to kuwait which has different times, I can’t talk to him. It’s night during may day and day during my night. He’s the only one who I can tell actually cares and is worried. My dad thinks it’s because of the pills i take for my adhd I’ve had it since second grade but have been climbing in the amount. My dad was complaining to my doctor that it “wasn’t working long enough ” but it works like it’s supposed ro. Which is to focus in school. But they use them as a calming pill. If I start acting different, I have to take a little blue one that’s cut into four pieces. Sammy thinks it’s making me act different from who I really am. Which is a little shy but will talk and be less shy the more I’m around people . But with it I’m super shy with Exeption when I’m with my friends or family and I won’t talk unless I have to anywhere else. But anyway, sleeping. My dad thinks it’s the pills, which is probably a dosage higher than what I need, is affecting how I sleep. But I’ve been taking the new dosage for awhile before it all started. Can you help since no one will or can? I also can’t explain what I feel, but I feel like I have to do something to my body while I’m freaking out. Not hurt myself, I don’t think, but something else. I’ve asked my mom to knock me out a couple times. Idk why. They never ask what’s wrong the next day or that night. We’re not a normal family. No hugs, kisses, or just family days. I think doing any of that with family is not allowed. Isn’t that getting to close? Sammy said just cuddling and watching a movie is normal to. He’s had to encourage me to say I love you to him to. Even though I do. I’ve looked that up and I think it’s called touch starved? I mean, I need to be in the floor of my other brothers room to calm even if it’s just a little down. Do i just want affection? I’ve never liked being in the center of attention.
      Sorry. I explain to much and talk about things that aren’t part of this. Sorry.

  19. Buster Buster Reply

    Xanax Dilemma

    Hello; All of my life I have been unenergetic, lazy and generally not able to keep up with others; I have always held sedentary jobs. Then one night in my mid 50’s, I consumed about 1/8th of a 25mg dose of Xanax. I slept very soundly for at least 4 hours and woke up extremely refreshed and energetic. I have never felt this energetic, even with my past CPAP therapy, the energy was astounding. I don’t believe I had any REM sleep which I fear currently occupies most of my sleeping moments. I remember thinking about what I could have done with my life had I this kind of energy that many people, like my dad, wake up with every day. I could have completed college; I could have become a millionaire. Instead I plod through every day, condemned to poverty due to sluggishness.
    There would be occasional slurring of speech throughout the following day and ‘word-finding difficulty’ for weeks thereafter where my ability to use higher level vocabulary was compromised; hopefully I have regained this function, but I feared long term use may result in a more permanent loss, so I never took the pill again. But I can’t help but think that somewhere in the chemical world lies a life changing therapy related to sleep, but without such harsh side effects.
    I have tried other sleeping medications which allow me to sleep through events that may normally disturb sleep, but upon wakening, I feel no better refreshed than a normal night of sleep.
    I have wandered if there might be breathing interruptions during a Xanax induced sound sleep that lead to oxygen deprivation or other characteristics of a ‘mini-stroke’ which may be responsible for the vocabulary loss and slurring?

  20. admin Post authorReply

    From Travis:

    i was diagnosed with severe complex sleep apnea a few years ago and I have been using a bi pap machine for the last few years to treat the condition. I currently weigh 258 LBS and I am a 35 year old male if I got down to 190/200 LBS will I be able to get off my bipap or will I have to be confined to a bipap machine for the rest of my life. I was told that once I fall asleep using my bi-pap and my OSA is treated. then it turns into central sleep apnea. but I also know that losing access weight is better for my health. and some people can come off of the machine just by losing weigh and for others its not possible. thanks for taking the time to answer my question.

  21. Kelly Garrett Reply

    feel like I am in between a dream and awake state. I do not know I am in this state until I snap out of it. When I snap out of it, it is usually in a panic. I am usually hurting myself in someway. I also awake in a place sitting up on a stairway aware I’m hurting myself. But unable to stop it.

  22. Sandy Summers Reply

    I have been diagnosed with DSPS (Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome)
    I have had many sleep studies and they all say the same thing. In one of the studies they also said I had sleep apnea. I went through HELL using that machine for over a year. Never felt any different before, during or after using that machine! I had another sleep study and was told I diffentnately had DSPS but did not have sleep apena!!! They prescribed Nuvigil and I am now up to 250mg. I do not see much of a difference with taking this. The Dr now wants to do a Latent Sleep Study.
    This condition is a “Nightmare From HELL for me”
    Do you have any suggestions? I want a life of good quality but because of the DSPS, I DON’T!!!

  23. Chad Brower Reply

    I am a 44 year old male and in great health..except that for the past 4+ years I cannot sleep without dreaming. I fall asleep easily and most times right into a dream. I can wake up in the middle of the night from a dream, fall asleep again and be back in the same dream. This began after taking Chantix. Yes I know a side effect of the prescription was vivid dreams but it was worth quitting smoking. I did not know that year later I would still have dreams every night and every time I nap. I have grown used to it but lately I am just tired of it and would love a night of sleep without dreaming.

  24. Mark Sbitnev Reply

    My topic is hypnagogic sleep disorder. I selected this topic because I suffer from it and I wanted to learn as much as possible.

    In general, is there an increase of people struggling with sleep disorders? If so, what do you believe are the causes?

    What is the most common group age where people suffer from sleep disorders?

    In your opinion, are most sleep disorders the result of physical (nature) or psychological (nurture) factors?

    In your experience, have you come across other people with regular Hypnagogia and if so, how has it impacted their life?

    Have you found this to be a chronic problem, or is there a successful treatment?

    The claim of my research paper is that there is a connection between artistic creativity and hypnagogic hallucinations. Have you observed individuals for whom hallucinations resulted in creativity and other gifts?

    Are there any close examples that you have seen this occur in your patients?

    Do you have any final comments and advice regarding my topic?

    Thank you again,
    Mark Sbitnev

  25. Keaton Reply

    Hello, my name is Keaton. I am 22 yrs old and I excessively sleepwalk. I do everything from talking to getting (sometimes jumping) out of bed and moving or doing things. I didn’t sleepwalk that much (I don’t think) before I had my son Heston who is about to be 10months old. Now I do something every night. I talk almost immediately when I fall asleep. I usually wake up when I forcefully jump out of bed to save nothing from falling, and recently I got up, grabbed some scissors off my desk and cut my comforter open because I thought Heston was inside suffocating. I’m seriously getting tired of it. My son can’t sleep in the same room and I beat up my fiance. I stay up til 3 but I get more than 8hrs of sleep, and really have nothing to stress about. Is there any way I can stop? Or at least tone it down?

  26. Ingrid Reply

    Hi, I am wondering about the benefits of daytime napping in adults. Some research suggests that napping can be beneficial for productivity and performance, and others suggest that it is detrimental to health (early death). Which one is correct? When talking about the negative effects of napping, do they mean napping for longer hours? Whereas short 30 minutes naps are beneficial?

  27. Betty Reply

    Hi. I am 68 years old. I had viral meningitis at the age of 23 and was told that I will most likely need no less than 9 hours of sleep for the rest of my life. That has been the case. However, for the last 10 years I have slept 10 to 12 hours a night. I would wake up to an alarm 3 days a week for my job but 2 months ago I retired and I am sleeping 11 hours average at night. I have been taking antidepressants for over 20 years so I do NOT feel depressed. I have been noticing more and more that my short term memory is rapidly declining. I’d like to know if the extended sleep and declining memory loss are related. I do wake up on average 2x during the night to go to the bathroom but fall right back to sleep. I do toss and turn quite a bit so I may not be entirely resting. I feel my days are short due to limited waking hours. What should I be doing to correct this?

  28. Fiona Napier Reply


    I’ve wrestled since being a teenager with problems in falling asleep. Over the years I’ve tried every ‘focus your mind’ exercise doctors could suggest as well as any medication they could suggest (and other things like melatonin) without success. I simply can’t focus on exercises, though I have no issues with concentration during the daytime and I can’t stop my mind whirring or ‘turn off’.

    I’m currently going through a period of trying to do without any help at all (I do often try this for extended- hellish- periods) but as in the past the sleeplessness seems to have no end no matter how tired I am: some nights I might find I’ve fallen asleep for an hour shortly before my alarm, other nights nothing.

    Absolutely the only reliable sleep comes with the use of an (in my country) somewhat illegal drug, which both involves smoking and is bad for your memory etc: I don’t want to resort to this.

    Could the issue be a kind of hyperactivity disorder? I’m grasping at straws and need help as doctors I’ve spoken to haven’t been able to.

  29. R Reply

    Been having a lot of sleep issues my whole life. I am in my mid twenties now, I am female, and have some unanswered questions about it. Hoping someone has some ideas.

    – really bad nightmares, I mean stuff that I could not make up (horrible graphic violence- I wont give details but they are scaring, just screaming and blood and running)
    – Sleeping pattern is always changing
    For this past week I was able to stay asleep for a couple hours each night at the beginning and then constantly waking up until I get frustrated and get up but this always changes (it can change anywhere between 2-6 weeks)
    – usually feel like I am not awake or asleep, never feel rested
    – sometimes I have insomnia and cant fall asleep doesnt usually last more than 72 hours

    – sometimes I do things in my sleep that I am unaware of and dont remember, usually sexual things I am told, its embarrassing so wont describe it but sometimes I have to be careful who I fall asleep next to, or I end up eating a lot of candy or something with sugar

    – the worst one is sometimes I can close my eyes and I start dreaming like normal but the rest of me doesnt fall asleep I can open my eyes and move my body like I am awake and aware of whats happening most of the time (not daydreaming I know the difference I actually start dreaming like a hallucination I dont have control over the dream) and I cant fall asleep no matter how hard I try for days or weeks this will happen and I cant function during the day until I can finally sleep and no one will tell me what this is

    – there are short periods of time where I do sleep kind of normal, I dont remember my dreams always which is a blessing because they are terrifying and I am not ok for the first hours of the following day, but everything seems to be getting worse, I thought I was just crazy before but I am hearing about different sleep disorders now
    – a lot of the time I feel like I am not awake or asleep
    – I was just diagnosed with pyroluria disorder (rare genetic disorder) and I have diagnosed PTSD with strong dissociative tendencies for many years now, if that helps at all

  30. Madison Reply

    My husband has a horrible snoring problem. He snores so loudly at night that it’s affecting my sleep every. single. night. I’ve told him to roll on his side and he still snores. No matter what position he is in he snores! It’s driving me crazy! We have a newborn and a toddler so I can’t sleep with ear plugs in incase they need me in the night. His snoring also keeps up our kids because it’s that dang loud. He doesn’t gasp for air or choke in his sleep. I need advice please. Thanks from a sleep deprived mother.

  31. Angela Kim Reply


    My name is Angela Kim and I am an industrial and interaction design student in an undergraduate program. I am currently working on a project to design for people who unintentionally fall asleep during meetings/conferences/class. In order to create a product that helps people stay awake in a discreet and a non-distracting manner, I was wondering if I could receive some information and advice on the stage 1 sleep.

    Thank you,
    Angela Kim

  32. Vicki Glennon Reply

    Feeling exhausted each morning even when I get some sleep of a night.always feeling tired and tried everything to help and feeling desperate to stop feeling exhausted.

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