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    My husband (DH) has done odd things in his sleep since he was a child. His mother talks in her sleep, as does his sister. His grandmother walked in her sleep and went out a second story window into a tree.

    DH had a sleep study done years and years ago (Something like 15 years ago). I wish I could remember all the details. I seem to remember something about how he did not go in and out of REM sleep the way normal people do. I have to see if I can dig up the study.

    It was worse when he was younger. He would walk in his sleep a lot, talk a lot. It peaks during stressful times. Examples: When we had our first baby, he slept in the room with me. Our baby roomed in. When the baby woke crying, I woke him and asked him to get the baby for me. He left the room muttering something about fixing the wires and I had to page a nurse to get him. Another time, at home, he tried to give "the baby" a bottle. I noticed she was still crying and realized he was feeding the bottle to a pillow. After that he was not allowed to take care of the baby.

    Over the years it has had periods of better and worse. The walking has definately improved. He rarely does this anymore. The talking goes through periods of frequency. We are currently in high frequency. It doesn’t seem to fit any definition of sleep talking though. DH will appear wide awake. The talking ranges from gibberish that doesn’t sound like it is even English to a full range conversation. The conversations are definitely the creepiest. Somewhere in the middle of it, I will realize he is not awake and tell him to go back to sleep. He does immediately. The next day he will have little to no recollection of the event. His eyes are always open, though rarely blinking and wide. He often accompanies this with spastic kind of movements – usually involving odd hand gestures or suddenly sitting up in bed and laying down. He frequently gets agitated Some examples of recent conversations: The other night, I was reading in bed after he had fallen asleep. He jerked up and peered over my shoulder. He asked "What was that noise???" I said, "What noise are you talking about." In a kind of panicked voice he said, "You know, that noise. THAT NOISE". When I glanced back I saw his eyes were wide and unblinking and I told him to go back to sleep.

    Last night was a nonsensical talk. He did not get up or thrash around, and his face was buried in his pillows. He was saying something like "tuka, taka" but in a cadence that was like speech, though it clearly wasn’t understandable.

    In the past he has asked me about tax reciepts for fish I have never bought (humorous – he is a CPA) and told me I would "only be outside for a few days" (creepy). He has also tried to save me from a non-existent fire that he thought was in the house.

    Right now I am not getting much sleep because my body is programmed to wake when he does, then (needless to say) it takes me a while to get back to sleep when he does. I have looked up the standard definitions of both sleep walking and sleep talking, but this seems to be a bit different. Any guidance would be helpful.



    This sounds like a chemical imbalance in the brain. How are his vitamin D3 levels?
    Has he ever been tested for parasites? What about damage in the spine?
    I am not sure what you believe in or not, so I will keep this brief in saying, has he ever been cursed by someone or been in contact with someone who does "spiritual" crafts?

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