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    I get really violent jerks that seem to originate from the chest aria and throat aria. It happens when I’m just starting to fall asleep. Sometimes it feels like I am having a heart attach.

    I’ve been experiencing these symptoms since 2004. I’m 35.

    The only thing that seems to help is Valium or lots of alcohol. I’m in a constant daze the next day from a lack of good sleep and the side effects of the valium and or alcohol. Sucks !

    I did a sleep study, but didn’t experience any of my usual symptoms that night so it was inconclusive.

    I have seen a Cardiologist and Pulmonology doctor and a Gastroenterology Doctor, with no results but worthless pills and expensive guesses.

    My best guess it that I have some kind neurological problem or some kind of throat lung issues.

    I’ve also woken up a few times chocking and not being able to breath. It’s a few years since that.

    I’m looking to do another Sleep study but I have no insurance so if anybody knows of an inexpensive sleep study center it would be much appreciated ? I live in Los Angeles.
    The going rate seems to be $1500 and up which seems like highway robbery for a one night sleep study.

    Comments ??



    I have narcolepsy w/cataplexy. I experience the same symptoms you describe. Sometimes it’s before sleep. Sometimes it’s during sleep. Sometimes my body shuts down and i can’t walk or sit up. Speech stops & sometimes breathing stops. Sometimes before shutting down i shake violently esp torso &arms. My head drops just like a little baby.

    Not sure how this info will help you. Maybe you can get tested for nnarcolepsy with cataplexy.
    Wishing the best for you, Angel

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