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    Hi all,

    I am an adult sleepwalker with a mild condition (recurrent sleepwalking but not leading to any injuries/danger to myself or others).

    Since there is a relative paucity of information about what causes sleepwalking, what affects it and what treatments are the most beneficial I started to collect all that information regarding my case.

    As you are probably well aware there is a lot of data about sleepwalking in the medical literature but here is why I qualify it as a paucity of data:
    * Most of the cases reported/studied are about extreme sleepwalking (cases with injuries, danger, crimes, etc…). Very few are about the mild sleepwalker that just goes up for 1 minute and then back to bed. Or even less active than that.
    * No longitudinal study in a home setting has ever been conducted (to my knowledge). Which would be the best way to determine what correlates with sleepwalking and what affects it.
    * There is no drug approved by the FDA or the EMA (to my knowledge) for sleepwalking. All the drugs currently prescribed are approved for insomnia or other type of sleep disorders. Which have different characteristics and most likely different underlying causes.

    Luke Sleepwalker.

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