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    Good morning. I am new to this site and I am hoping to find out some information. I am an RN specializing in Emergency Medicine. I am certified in pediatrics, but my job exposes me to emergency and trauma. This is more along a personal line though. I have an 8 year old son that has recently been suffering sleep disturbance. Specifically he has suddenly started waking in the night, coming to my husband’s and my bedroom and wanting to sleep with us. He claims he is having nightmares but has not said specifically what he is dreaming about. When he comes to us he is disoriented and does not want to return to his own bed. He is our middle son. We have four children, three boys and one girl (who is the oldest). Our three son’s share a bedroom by their request. The child I am referring to has just started doing this recently. He has always stayed in his own bed, no problem in the past. There has been quite a bit of stress on him recently and he is the type that bottles up his emotions/stress. I am very concerned. My husband and I are trying to find the root of the problem, especially with the sudden onset, and find information or suggestions on helping him get back to a healthy sleep pattern. I am concerned also about the quality of sleep his is getting. He doesn’t seem rested (obviously because he is awaking so much during the night). I don’t want to make it seem like a big deal to him because I am afraid that will only make it worse. We want to help him and figure out what is going on that is causing this problem for him. If anyone has advice or know of resources I could utilize, please point me in the right direction.


    Nan in Can

    You’ve probably already found your answer but because of the vast amount of reading I’ve done on sleep issues lately and the fact that my own sons have done this I can tell you it is a sleep terror. They are very disoriented, confused, upset and they stare right through you as if you are not there. Lasts about ten minutes and then they fall back asleep. I always thought they were just crying about something at first but then when I’d get around to thinking they weren’t awake (after about a minute or so) I’d ask them how old they were and when they couldn’t answer I knew they were having a sleep terror. Most literature suggests they will grow out of this by the time they are about 12 though rarely it continues into adulthood. HTH

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