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    To all interested RPSGT’s

    Regarding the reversal of the Board of Polysomnographic Technologists (BRPT) stance towards exempted (life time) Registered Polysomnographic Technologists (RPSGT) credential holders.

    When the BRPT first introduced the recertification policy they announced that those whose credentials had been issued before June 2002 would be exempt from their new policy regarding re-certification. This was the subject of an article and interview in Sleep Review’s October 2002 issue when it was announced.

    In June 2006 the BRPT reversed its policy and stated this change was due to the requirements of the National Commission of Certifying Agencies (NCCA), their certifying agency since 2002.

    This began a period of communication between some RPSGT’s and the NCCA seeking clarification of this stance. It is, after all, well known to respiratory therapists who are also certified by the NCCA that the NBRC has had an exemption policy in place for years. Some further research revealed that the NCCA has always accepted and are currently accepting and certifying many other members with active exemption policies.

    The issue was definitely clarified when the NCCA issued the following in October of 2007:


    The Commission has confirmed that it was not the Commission’s intent to require accredited certification programs to have new policies created to comply with the new requirements apply to certificants certified prior to the revisions. The decision on how to implement any new policies associated with the 2002 revisions and the impact those policies have on existing certificants was left to the discretion of the certification body.

    This clarification was recently provided to the BRPT along with a request that they return to their original agreement, reached so long ago with their lifetime credential holders. Almost 4000 RPSGT’s are awaiting reinstatement.

    We the undersigned, along with many RPSGT’s both affected by this ruling and those who were credentialed after June 2002 continue to advocate the need to pursue continuing education. In fact a great deal of this education is being provided by these same lifetime RPSGT’s.

    We feel the BRPT would be better served by continuing to act as a vanguard in the field of testing and provide credentialing examinations that are able to document the competence of Registered Polysomnographic Technologists.

    The AAST should then advocate for us at the state level, helping to introduce licensure laws.
    The states issuing the license would then determine the amount of continuing education they would require to maintain the license. This would free up the BRPT from the role of ‘bookkeeper’ and allow them to focus on an expanded mission and better serve our needs.

    The BRPT board will meet in November and this will be a topic on their agenda. We feel the correct ethical response is obvious – void the dated certificates for the original lifetime credential holders.

    All those who have given the BRPT the privilege of their membership, their insight and their years of experience, are due this.

    Restore the exempt status of the lifetime credentialed RPSGT’s.

    Please contact the BRPT before November 17th and let them know you want them to honor their committment.

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