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    Nan in Can

    I had my sleep study done the other night. They have not called my disorder anything in particular yet. They just went over the various waves with me and agreed with me, "This is a bad night’s sleep… extremely fragmented." And that was on a whole sleeping pill (Zopiclone.) Without it I get little to no sleep from all of the jerking and tremors. All of this started after I had a bout of labyrinthitis and consequently lost a great deal of sleep due to the vertigo. I have had some kind of sleep disorder for the past 4 years or so… undiagnosed though. Definitely sleep phase related as it always happened at the same exact time every night and would be a perfect repeat of the nights before.

    Anyways, since being sick and losing so much sleep I now have so many muscle twitches all day long (including more frequent hiccups) in every imaginable muscle in my body. They are not constant and they are not repetitive. My nose may twitch for 15 seconds or my eye, or a group of muscles in my arm or my chin or my leg or foot or butt. This can happen throughout the day but definitely when I’m more tired and definitely as I’m falling asleep. And often I am woken during the night by a tremoring sensation usually in my arms (but sometimes in my head/eyes – they feel like they are shaking.)

    I found Excessive Fragmentary Myoclonus and read the description and it sounds like a good possibility. If anyone has had this, can you tell me what they used to treat it and if it was successful, etc?

    So tired of being so tired!

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