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I am one of those techs that go from lab to lab. When I first became a tech, I was trained by a tech who just started sleep 3 weeks before me. I worked part-time on Fri and Sat nights. I was making 9.50 a hour. I met other techs from other labs and found out they were making alot more than me. So, I decided to leave that place after a year of working. I went to another company that paid double of what I was making at the other place. This place had contracts with several labs across the state. Shortly after I began, they hired a supervisor who in turn hired her friends. She scheduled them to go to labs that were close to their homes, while I had to travel up to 2 hours away. I got tired of that, then left for another company close to my home. When I started, I was preparing to take the RPSGT exam. My clinical coordinator was not a RPSGT and had no intentions on taking the exam. After I passed, I asked if I could help with scoring and daytime work, but also work 1-2 nights a week (at the time I worked 3 nights). She felt like I was trying to take her job. She tried to make my life miserable, so I quit and went to work at another lab. I’ve been there 2 months, and as of yesterday, I left my 2 weeks notice. They hired me to run their lab, but the only thing I was running was the studies. I feel like they lied to me and told me what I wanted to hear to get me to work there.

I am a good tech (not to toot my own horn), but I just can’t seem to find a decent lab to work for.