Reply To: New Sleep Lab Accreditation-gctid172



While I have been a many decades long member of the aasm – I am intrigued by your idea. And not surprised by what you heard.

My sense is that the politics of expansion/self preservation have infected their outlook and policies. The loss of their ability to credential sleep docs put the need for their very existence into question. Now they have only accreditation and education left with which to support themselves. Not a good combination. The incestuous relationships with the brpt and aast are another troubling facet of this…they own the trademark for the aast 😯

The future must also look shaky to them – as more and more docs are certified in sleep by the abim, those docs will have no allegiance to the aasm. They will most likely not tolerate the interference of a ‘foreign body’ messing with their ability to do business.

I agree there is a need for a new accreditating body to better represent the future of sleep medicine.

The intense lobbying of insurance providers to reimburse only aasm labs is not a fait accompli – private non aasm labs have the advantage of contacting all their contracted providers and negotiating new contracts with a waiver for not being aasm. Many providers are more than happy to continue doing business with a lab they are comfortable with and which provides good service to their customers. Ours are.