Portable CPAP

Portable CPAP

There are several treatment for Obstructive Sleep Apnea. CPAP is the most popular, successful, and immediate of the treatment choices. One of the most common complaints of CPAP is the size. The first CPAP machines were the size of coffee makers. With each year, CPAP devices have decreased in size. Now, there are PAP units that can fit inside of a purse and allow for easy travel.

CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) works by pushing regular room air through a tube into a mask that is placed over the face. The air pushes the airway open during sleep so that it can maintain proper air flow to the lungs. This insures adequate oxygenation to the organs.

CPAP has been around for decades. There are hundreds of studies demonstrating its efficacy.

Now that portable CPAP units are smaller, traveling with sleep apnea treatments is much easier. No longer must the traveler bring a separate suite case for the machine, mask, hose, and humidifier. New portable PAP devices are the size of a few decks of cards.


Philips DreamStation Go portable PAP.

  • Half of the size of Philips’ current PAP machines
  • Features micro-flexible tubing, designed to minimize bulk and improve mobility while you sleep
  • Compact, lightweight and slim profile offers convenience while traveling
  • Designed for easy airport screening
  • Available rechargeable battery for travel “off the grid”
  • Simple touch screen technology and USB port for mobile device charging
  • Convenient travel bag accessory available
    ASA is sponsored by Philips and has received funding from them.

    Portable CPAP Dreamstation Go

Traveling with portable CPAP is now an option for sleep apnea patients who want to live an active lifestyle and travel the world.