CPAP Cleaner

There are several products available that can help you to keep your CPAP machine, mask, and tube clean. As you breathe out of you nose into your CPAP mask, moisture and bacteria are sent back into CPAP device. The cumulative effects of moisture and bacteria into your equipment include foul-smelling bacteria buildup and possible equipment deterioration.

On other pages, you can find other resources on how to clean your CPAP.

Below are some products that assist you in cleaning and sanitizing your CPAP. Most of these products are portable and can be brought along with all of your CPAP equipment.

It is important to clean your mask, headgear, and tube regularly.

CPAP Cleaner equipment
CPAP Cleaner equipment

The most important part of cleaning is simply rinsing the equipment with water. You can use a faucet and run water over the equipment for a minute. There are some cleaning fluids that may be acceptable for your device. Check with your instruction manual before performing any of these tasks.

The 2nd most important part of cleaning your CPAP and CPAP supplies is letting the equipment dry properly. Make sure that standing water can drip out of the tube. You can hang your tube so that it drapes down to the grown allowing all water to drip out of it. Manually drying exterior surfaces will speed up the process.

Keep in mind that CPAP masks and CPAP tubes are not designed to last forever. Many sleep professionals recommend that CPAP masks and tubes be replaced yearly, if not sooner. The CPAP machine filter should be replaced even more frequently Some recommend that CPAP filters be replaced monthly.

Bacteria and moisture are the enemies of your equipment. Clean your CPAP machine, mask, and tube regularly. Replace your CPAP filter as directed in order to increase the efficacy of your sleep apnea treatment regimen.




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  1. Richard S Liles

    How do I know if using a cpap cleaning machine, such as SoClean 2, is safe. I believe there are questions about the safety of using ozone to clean my cpap.

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