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The impact sleep has on a child goes well beyond keeping them from being tired and cranky, but is also vital in their brain development. While sleeping, your child’s brain is developing and growing which has a direct impact on memory and how he or she will learn and behave. This is extremely important within the first 3 years of life. It helps consolidate memories and learnings from the day which can be a lot in the early years It also helps your baby to grow more grey matter in the brain and also increase the amount of synapses formed, which are the connections between brain cells. These connections affect a child’s cognitive, emotional, and behavioral development. 

Fortunately, there are some helpful tools that can track your babies sleep patterns day and night, and even provide personalized insights about your baby’s patterns.   One of the new products on the market, as reviewed by the American Sleep Association, is Lumi by Pampers. Lumi by Pampers is the first and only JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association) certified baby care sensor with monitor system that meets their highest standards for safety, performance and functionality. The three part Lumi system is easy to use and allows you as parents to keep track of your child’s routines. Below is a review of the Lumi by ASA Board member and founder of  Baby Sleep Pro, Dr. Rebecca Kempton. 

Lumi was developed with the help of pediatricians to not only monitor your little one during sleep but also give you a clear picture of your baby’s  overall sleep patterns.  A small noninvasive, fully encapsulated, movement and wetness sensor is securely attached to your baby’s diaper, which tracks sleep using movement and proprietary algorithms that can differentiate between awake movement and sleep movement.  It also can alert you when your baby’s diaper is wet, taking the guessing out of whether to change your baby.

In the intuitive app, the home screen shows you when your baby last slept, ate, and had a diaper change.  You can also view your baby’s sleep pattern over the course of the day.  One of the most helpful features is a weekly insights report showing your baby’s sleep patterns day and night over the course of a week to help you determine whether your baby is getting enough sleep and to help you identify your baby’s sleep patterns and find the right nap schedule.   For example, at what times does your baby sleep the longest during the day?  What bedtime optimizes the night sleep?  One of the best features in addition to the 24-7 sleep tracking, are the personalized insights based on your baby’s age and sleep patterns.  Lumi has worked with pediatricians and sleep experts to provide evidence-based tips which it incorporates into its app  giving you tips on ideal bedtimes, routines, and other helpful sleep information.  

In addition to tracking sleep patterns, and wet diapers, you can also manually add events such as when you last fed your baby, or baby was fussy, so that all the pertinent information is captured over the course of the day and easily reviewed for patterns.  Adding a caregiver or relative who can access the camera as well as all the data is also easy using the Lumi app.  

Although there are several sleep tracking devices on the market, Lumi is the only one that provides 24-7 sleep pattern data for your baby accessible in an intuitive app, making it one of the most useful, intuitive, informative, and helpful sleep trackers on the market today. 

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