Tools for Diagnosing, Monitoring and Treating Insomnia



With nearly one-third of Americans suffering from insomnia, it is not surprising that trouble sleeping is a common medical complaint. In this article, Dr. Matthew Goldenberg discusses the intricacies and new updates to the diagnosis of insomnia. Both physicians and patients can benefit from taking the additional step of accessing the specific aspects of sleep impairment that are discussed. These specific factors can both serve as treatment targets and objective signs for monitoring improvement.

One tool which can aid in the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of insomnia is a sleep log. This article provides guidance and links to sleep logs that can be used to monitor and improve your sleep. There are specific disorders including sleep apnea, restless legs syndrome and medication side effects which are discussed, as they can cause or worsen insomnia. If you are considering speaking to your doctor about your trouble sleeping, this article is a great place to start… read more here.

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