ASA Proud to Support Non-profit, Sweet Sleep

American Sleep Association is proud to support the non-profit organization, Sweet Sleep.

Sweet Sleep began as a response to the need for clean, safe places to sleep for orphaned and abandoned children. What started as one need in one country has turned into more than a decade of ministry in seven countries including the United States and over 24,500 beds distributed globally.

Through intentional partnerships and ministries, we’ve found the most effective delivery methods for where we work that also benefit local economics and build long-term community relationships. This allows us to maintain proper program control, establish accountability, and prove every project.

Millions of orphaned and vulnerable kids across the globe that have no option but to sleep on concrete, packed clay earth, soiled and shredded foam, or broken down pre-Soviet era beds. It’s hard to know what that feels like, but it’s easy to see that providing beds goes far beyond what would otherwise be a luxury. Even more so, it’s easier to see the smile on these kids’ faces and feel that our journey goes deeper than the data.

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